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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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G is for Gyre…

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Tempting as it is to go for the peculiarly large number of Gs along the Great Lyme River, we’ll take a trip today to one of her most noticeable landmarks, the Gyre…

The Gyre is one of many places in the Blight that I feel cries out for an adventure to properly explore her; her twisted shipwreck feel longs for exploration, her streets yearn for PCs to stagger along them in stormy seas as they interact with the dubious briny that call her home, her fractured edges hunger for combat as they gradually fall apart in a final battle with a terrible BBEG during a thunderstorm...

The Gyre is presented in her Pathfinder version for your delectation.

LR2 The Gyre--The Town of Flotsam and Jetsam

A town of flotsam dances in eddies in the river, trapped by a whirlpool current and spinning slowly in the oily slick. That it exists at all is strange, somehow the place floats, its streets and debris timbers holding together and rising into curious bleached buildings. Piers grope away from this strange settlement, and colorful boats hang from these nervously.

Spiritual home of the briny, the Gyre is a town built upon flotsam, formed above a slow whirlpool in the river which rotates with the slowness of hour-hands upon a clock. That it floats at all is remarkable, that it is a thriving settlement with buildings, boardwalk streets and piers is unbelievable. From the shore figures can be seen moving gingerly along the boardwalks, smoke drifts from chimneys and hundreds of colorful boats are visible clinging to the turning shore.

The Gyre is held aloft on the wreckage of an arcane galley called the Gull; an early and disastrous attempt to infuse an aquatic devil into a living ship. The ship was nicknamed the Unsinkable, but the devil within lapsed into madness and smashed itself to bits as it slipped from the harbor, ripping at a dozen other vessels nearby and tearing them apart. The matchwood that is left is infused with some of the devil’s innate buoyancy and was initially left to sink, which it steadfastly refused to do. Over the coming months a mass of flotsam gathered from the ship and remnants of the ships blighted by the devil’s touch, and became a semi-permanent feature which, in time, became a favorite haunt for pirates, smugglers and rogues. In time these rogues were usurped by the briny, who found the home to their liking. For the past 302 years the Gyre has remained in place, her base timbers loaded with timber settlements and still—so far—staying above the waters.

The Gyre operates as a fishing village, but also has a lurking underclass of those who have good reason not to be in the city. While the majority of occupants are briny, there are enough visitors and other races to allow others to blend in. The ruler of the Gyre—Mother Salt (N female briny druid 6) is a repulsive old fish-wife who spends her days wandering about the place complaining of feeling sea sick, remonstrating with the youthful members of the isle, and demanding that they settle down and have large briny families. She has a disgust for wererats, and the briny here are merciless in their obsession with killing rats. An overly large amount of ugly (mostly with mange) whippets and terriers wander the Gyre, and surly ugly cats lurk in the spaces below the boardwalks of the place. A rebellious youth Grathen Crake (CN male briny rogue 2/wizard 2) is broodingly rousing a few of the briny to rebellion; a quiet type of revolution that involves abducting and killing strangers, extorting money from their families, general smuggling and mutilation.

One of the greatest sea captains Castorhage has ever produced Uriah Wrack (N male briny guide ranger 10) now lives in retirement on the Gyre. He is frequently seen in one of the few drinking establishments in the township, the teetering, floating (and sometimes almost sinking) Old Mother Bore, a curious inn that is crammed with relics of Wrack’s adventurous past and surely the only inn in the whole city that has a constantly sinking wet floor.


N village

Corruption -1; Crime -1; Economy -1; Law -1; Lore -1; Society -1

Qualities Insular, Notorious

Danger +10

Government Autocracy

Population 200 (180 human, 20 others)

Notable NPCs

Mother Salt (N female briny druid 6)

Grathen Crake (CN male briny rogue 2/wizard 2)

Uriah Wrack (N male briny guide ranger 10)

Base Value 650gp; Purchase Limit 3,750gp; Spellcasting 3rd

Minor Items 2d4; Medium Item +1 human bane harpoon

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tom Knauss on

      So I take it that real estate values are kind of down right now in The Gyre. Good time to buy I guess, huh?

    2. Richard Pett on

      Huzzah! Keep spreading the madness chums.


    3. Jeffrey Osthoff

      I think I see Uncle Bob....

    4. elorebaen on

      I'm with you on the crying part! Really interesting place that is aching for adventure. Well done, Mr. Pett.