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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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D is for Dwarves…

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

There have been one or two folk out there who have a slight concern that the Blight takes a step away from traditional fantasy. Well, one step maybe, but Castorhage must work hand in glove with the Lost Lands setting, and as such, her soul rests in the heart of traditional gaming. As someone who grew up steeped in the City State of the Invincible Overlord, and Vault of the Drow, the influence of such awesome works is front and center. Traditional fantasy lies at the very heart of what the Blight is about, and that includes slightly quirky takes on the traditional fantasy races. So amongst the Briny-Boys and the Swyne you’ll find Traveler Elves, Alchymyst Gnomes, Sorrowful Half-elves, Shadowlamp Half-orcs. Oh, and lots and lots of halflings…

Here’s a taste of one of those alternative race-packs.


…Toilers, SprawlMason and Salt-o-the-Earth

Dwarves in the city vary little from their normal cousins, but still show the common characteristics of hard work and a strong sense of justice. This leads local dwarves to a powerful sense of community, which is seen by some as insular. However, the dwarves are anything but that, and their feelings of exploitation by the mill owners, particularly those who use the Lowest of the Low, has led many dwarves both to engage with Anarchists and form strong bonds with other workers.

Typically, Blight city dwarves are slightly (but not much) more fashionable than their more common counterparts, and their traditional simple styles may be dressed with a modest amount of silver filigree work or jewelry, the odd large collar, or the occasional hat. Many dwarves in the city shave their beards as the grime in the city air makes them dirty quickly, some dwarves have taken this to an extreme and oil their beards into unusual points or curls, many have handlebar moustaches. A few dwarves, notably those who toil many hours, have let their beards simply grow uncombed and unshaved, such dwarves are known as dreaded on account of the rather fierce nature they give their appearance.


Many dwarf families came to Castorhage seeking work, and the reputation of their spirit of toil has gained many employment. This dwarf variant comes from a recent generation of arrivals whose immediate parents came to the city. Fighters and Clerics make good Toilers.

Toilers come from a family with a strong professional reputation—characters are adept at any one Craft (any), Profession (any) or Knowledge (local), treat these as class skills in term of advancement and take a special +2 bonus. However, as a second generation dwarf in the city the dwarves hatred of their traditional goblinoid enemies mellows somewhat; remove one type of monster from the +1 attack bonus (goblinoid or orc subtype) but choose one type of enemy from the following list for a +1 attack bonus—Between creature, constructs, lycanthropes, undead—or you may choose to have a hatred for an organization, cult or group at your GM's choice (such as the Justices, Thieves Guild, or Anarchists for example) and apply the bonus instead.


Dwarves are masters of stone-cunning, and these dwarves have a particularly strong background in all things connected to building…

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    1. Richard Pett on

      It's entirely down to your group Robert, my take would be no, but some groups will want to have more balance, and that's also splendid. A group of PCs generated within the optional systems for all races within this campaign setting will be internally balanced, but if you're playing a wider campaign such as Pathfinder Society then the balance needs to come back in as a straight swap.


    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Manley on

      Does the +2 Craft/Knowledge/Profession skill for Toiler dwarves replace Greedy (+2 Appraise)?