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C is for Castorhage - Meet the Royal Family...

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

The Queen – Her Royal Highness Queen Alice

"The figure staggered into the room spastically, taking great strides with the aid of two sticks, making her look like some four-legged spider in a crooked web. Her face was veiled ‘to protect the queen's sensitive eyes’ they had said.

Her breaths came in sharp rasps and her voice was like breaking glass, often calling for the beheading of her subjects. But for now, she was happy just to look at us, it seemed. I could not help thinking of the spider once more, was she watching us and waiting to strike, or was she waiting for us to walk openly into her web? "

At seventy-nine years of age, demented Queen Alice is the puppet ruler of Castorhage, drowning in the acid advice of her advisors the Crown Justices, who have poisoned many members of her own family against her. Queen Alice is a puppet in every sense of the word, her body kept upright through alchemy, which has long since chased away her wits. Cruelly her majesty occasionally has lucid moments, but these moments are becoming increasingly rare. Perhaps more cruelly, her majesty has also recently developed a habit of killing and eating flesh, her moniker of ghoul is becoming more appropriate with each passing day. She is no normal ghoul, however, the Queen is no bestial creature, she is capable of grace, but nowadays she is so drugged that she is little more than a walking corpse who smiles vacuously from behind a black veil, a mourning garment she still wears in public to honour her long dead husband Marram…

The continuation of the Queen is good for practically everyone, who fear a civil war should she die.

The Distended Royal Family - The Terrible Daughters

Fractured and lacking any kind of cohesion, the royals are as varied as their subjects, with loyalists, Illuminati members, fanatics, devil-worshippers and even rebels in their number.  A thousand different versions of royal lineage have been drawn, each supposedly more true than the last, yet each is argued and none are agreed upon. These facts give the lesser houses-and particularly the Borxias, the Tredicis and a dozen minor families with big dreams-hope and hunger and ambition...

Alexandra—The Unseen Princess. The rumours of a grotesque abhorrence that was the queen’s first daughter refuse to go away, and tales of a locked room in the highest steeples of the Capitol containing the princess are strangely persistent. That staff who attend it are blind and deaf is regarded by almost all as just a rumour

Princess Eleanor. The queen’s (public) eldest daughter is not acknowledged as such by her sisters, who contest that she was sired by the Devil. Eleanor is icy, and her greatest and only desire is to rule the city-state. She weaves countless plots to achieve her aims, despises her husband Crown Prince Rorth, but admits the union is useful for appearance.

Princess Geneve. The grotesquely fat Geneve takes countless lovers and has birthed a dozen (known) heirs. Born a matter of seconds after her twin Eleanor, she hates her crooked sister(s) with passion. Her second passion is poison, her first is manipulating suitors with her poisons.

Princess Lilly (deceased). Some say she was murdered, and unfortunately Lilly knows who did it; her sisters Eleanor and Geneve, in a rare act of family togetherness. They didn’t expect her to come back to haunt them, but by night she wanders the Capitol, singing and slowly driving her sisters mad with fear…

Princess Rebecca of Mourney.The young and beautiful darling of the crowds is the public face of the royal family. Rebecca has a thousand would-be suitors and has turned down countless proposals of marriage….

Princess Mercy. If ever a child was wrongly named it’s the violently unstable Mercy. Mercy is no sedate royal who takes a back seat, she is a figure of action—murderous action. Mercy courts the lords and masters of the army, whispers to them, brags to them...

Princess Rachel (deceased). Murdered in her sleep by poison administered by her sister Geneve, Rachel’s sobs are still heard in certain parts of the attics of the Royal Palace.

Princess Sarah (deceased). Died in childbirth. The child, they say, was monstrous and killed and burned. They are lying…

Princess Lenora. Is the youngest surviving mortal daughter of the queen, and regards herself as the most stable. Her lovers are wizards and those who know secrets, and she is often found in a carriage rattling along the cobbles of Booktown on some mission.

‘Princess’ Alicia—the ‘little queen.’ The terrible nine year old little queen is one of the newest royals but has rapidly achieved a high station in life. The queen herself anointed her as her chosen heir just a few years ago. She is doted on by her mother, but despised by most other members of the royal family.

Spoilt, violent and sadistic, the nine-year old has a reputation amongst the servants for terrible callousness, her cries of ‘off with his head’ ring through the Capitol when she is angry (which is most of the time) and her orders are carried out by guards too afraid to question her.

The Royal Blessing

All the royal family (and many bastard royals) have a bone-wasting disease that cripples them. As they age, their limbs contort and they end up walking like dislocated spiders. Many royals have to be conveyed in personal carriages or seek magical or alchemical means to remain mobile.

That this sickness reaches a terrible conclusion involving a final change is a rumour the royals dare not allow to become public, nor can they ever allow the common folk to draw any conclusions between the likeness of spiders and the sickness.

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