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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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What is Between?

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Mechanically—and mechanically is really not the right word—it’s a place that touches the Blight, and only the Blight. It’s a skin-thinness away, and yet can seem impossible to reach, or more usually escape from, like being on the wrong side of an unbreakable mirror. It is looking through a dark glass at a demented reflection. To some it is also cornucopia; the land of milk, honey and unimaginable wealth...

It’s a place that is as much consciousness as geography, where strong emotion shapes and births. It’s an uber-nature, lying a step away, a grotesque caricature of a reflection in a mad mirror, a changed place, yet not a still one. Between has a role to play in the Levee adventure path, it’s fingers grope outwards and drag the PCs in during the AP, but often spit them out, leaving them back in the mundane city—a city they never see in the same way again. Between is demented, feral, twisted, but with its hands tight around the throat of normality, making it seem familiar and yet unpleasant; cloying, sweaty, dirty and dizzy.

It’s also home to several relatively stable places that the Castorhage royal family (and we’ll come to those lovely inbred ladies soon, I promise) have claimed and exploited. Yet this is not normal colonization, this is invasion, this is blighting somewhere incredible—and incredibly dangerous. Those who head into Between know that if the gate behind them closes, they’ll be staying, for no one comes back once the doorway ends, or is slammed shut. Even the mirror mages and Between thieves know they are on borrowed time here, and don’t outstay their welcome…

For GMs, Between offers you a feral place just a skin-thickness away; it’s the wolf outside the lamb’s door, a demented aspect where emotion shapes reality and twists it. Between is a dark mad fairy tale gone wrong, a thing that has grown appendages and mouths and casts a shadow the wrong way; it can leech, it can hunger, it can want.

Between also gives you a new Bestiary to deal with, the Blight Guide and Levee have many monsters birthed in or broken by Between—the Caul Cuckoo and the Hyme rub shoulders with the Lyme Aboleth and others touched by the taint of Between. There are templates and suggestions for opening up this new avenue of monsters into your game, and new monsters bring new terrors…

For players, Between is somewhere to be avoided—but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to for too long. Between is like that, it grapples and leeches on bright young minds, hungers for them, sometimes devours them and uses their imaginations to make new things. It seems all so familiar at times, but is unavoidably preternatural; a trick of the eye given breath, a lurking corner hiding a blind thing with too many faces and joints, a stalker who wakes only as you sleep.

For everyone in the Blight, it’s a neighbor that lurks nearby, a part of life some never see, but everyone knows of—the wolf at the door. To others it’s their daily bread, with the ever-present fear of entrapment and attack—or worse. Its brooding presence weighs heavily on everyone in Castorhage, but its wealth can also bring power…

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