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B is for the Barnacles...

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

Continuing on the letter B—B for betrayal, bastard and broken, we come to the Barnacles. In truth, many consider the Barnacles a part of the Great Lyme River, less a district than a grandiose parish, a fortress isle that links to Between.In truth she warrants her regal status as District purely for what she leads to—the great Between colonies of the West and East.There are two huge warehouses built into the Barnacles, both owned by the Royal Between Company (see below for more information); the East and West docks. The East Dock is housed in a huge natural tidal cavern, within which hangs the gateway to the Castorhage East Dominion. The portal to the Castorhage Western Province and Slave State (a.k.a. Hope) broods in the West Dock…

If ever something could be considered a human termite mound this place is it. It is a single large isle of granite, infested with buildings that cling or thrust from its surface.This place is fortified, and drowning in ships which seek solace from the isle’s embrace. Beyond, countless bridges reach outwards to land, groping madly at a cluster of warehouses, beyond which is a gigantic man-made wall.

Not so much a single place as a state within the city, the Great Docks are where the two stable accesses to Between, and from where the city present enjoys its vast wealth, are entered. Two great docks have been created within the Barnacles, and herein are the two portals. Other portals come and go; ships full of settlers and eager captains are sent into them—most do not return, but those who do—assuming the portal remains stable enough for them to do so perhaps years later—have their fortunes made for life.

A constabulary state, the Barnacles is a mad paranoid frenzied testament to the struggles between business—and the Illuminati in particular—and the state. The Queen, in theory, owns everything discovered by her subjects and these in turn become vassal states. The two states linked here, the Castorhage East Dominion and the Castorhage Western Province and Slave State (known more commonly as Hope), are vassal states of Castorhage and as such considered legitimate conquests. Other places that come and go are also subject to the same need to pay homage (and taxes) to Her Majesty, but collecting taxes in far flung outposts is very difficult—particularly when such posts come and go. Business is therefore about as unstable as it can be, with trading houses and families and businesses coming and going. Warehouses suddenly find a gateway to somewhere, expeditions are sent through and exploratory results returned (if they are lucky). At any given time at least half of the Barnacles and Great Docks are empty, but the casual appearance of gateways or reappearance of gateways or sudden materialisation—or forcing of new ways (see sidebar)—means the Barnacles are always likely to be the hub of the business side of Between. They hope…

The Barnacles is also home and fortress of the Royal between Company…

The Royal Between Company

A mysterious group of zealots wield true power over the company, whose remit is to explore, exploit and enslave any aspects of Between that might prove profitable. In getting on for a century of pillage, the company has swelled the royal coffers beyond imagining, and whilst the cost in human life is high, it is considered a worthy risk by those whose only risk is financial. Company livery consists of a banner or herald depicting an iron fist smashing a circular mirror, the uniform is violet with gold trim and troops from the Royal Between Corp are tough.

True power in the company is almost impossible to unravel; a clever rouse by its members to achieve a level of anonymity, but dozens of nobility make up its ranks.

…and if time is kind, we’ll return to those two stains upon Between in a future update…


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    1. Richard Pett on

      ...keep watching, there's a long way to walk yet before we even know the façade of this swollen sister city-state....and please yes let's get this funded, my sanity can't take it. Yarp.

    2. Jeffrey Osthoff

      This definitely needs to get funded!

    3. Anders Bonderup Kirstein on

      Such a cool update! The Barnacles sounds REALLY great. Man, the entire City-state sounds so evocative and cool, rife with inspiration!