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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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At last-I have the key to the Frog's domain...

Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

“Hmmm, what’s this? Vaughan seems to have left his pantomime horse costume behind the trapeze on stage, and what’s this in the pockets? The key to the Frog’s Controlling Chamber! One quick tweak and, gosh! I’m in...

Eurgh! What’re all these things lying about? Discarded somethings and empty whatnots, so many unpleasant stains and such foul graffiti about Vaughan’s prettiness…

Hang on, what’s this? DANGER! The Blight Grimoire. Do not open, use only a morsel at a time in case of madness. Heh heh, we’ll see about that…”

So, as winter is upon us, and we reach the halfway point of our kickstarter (and thank you for your wonderful support thus far), it’s time for us to take a closer look at the Blight, at Levee, and the moods and tricks and muses of both wicked ladies. And as our friends out there have wisely suggested—let’s have more updates. So, from now until the end, we’ll take a daily look at a facet of our tale and home, please spread the word chums, and as Christmas approaches and the New Year gulps her first breath, keep an eye on these pages for regular updates and disturbances beneath us…

Rich Pett

Let us begin today, with the Artists’ Quarter in winter…

The Artists’ Quarter

“The snows always fall on the Blight in winter—they’ve also fallen several times in summer by the way—she has an odd effect upon the weather does our beloved Sister Womb. Remember the time when it rained black frogs? And the noises in the sky the other night—the terrible screeching. Nothing is normal here, that’s for sure.

“Right now, so close to our seasonal celebrations, you’ll hear little above the noise of children in the Quarter, dashing between the puppeteers. It’s a fine thing that they can see the shows and not read their true message, for some say there are those who can hear the second voices of a few puppeteers as they perform….

“Me? No, never heard them, don’t want to. I don’t want Old Grim Hemlock to be seen looking too hard, either by the city watch or anarchists—and especially not by the Fetch.

“It’s a fine place in winter—as fine as any facet of this seething swollen slum can be, her countless performers jostling—sometimes fighting—for attention. Skim the surface, however, flick the decayed paint away and you see something dark behind the smiles and screams of joy—the seething underbelly of Chi’en and Gtsang Insectum triads, their endless wars with the Fetch—the undead populace of the Blight—Beltane’s smiling children thrive here in civilization; especially the ghouls—and the angry hands of the anarchists asking, nay demanding, your attention and sympathy in their struggles with aristocrats and each other…

“While I have your attention, friend, let’s take a quick look at something, only a minor aside, a sidebar and morsel, but one that might interest you…”

Infamous Puppet Shows

In the Blight, the fine art of puppetry is much more than a children’s entertainment; it has been honed into something satirical, and the ability of the performers to vanish into the city has spawned a thousand stories.Puppetry has one distinct advantage over many other satirical art forms; it is portable, quick to set up and mingles well with other more traditional puppeteers; indeed there is some truth in the legendary closeness of puppeteers. The oft mentioned Infamous Puppeteers, the guild of puppeteers, has one of the strictest and most brotherly (and sisterly) of all guilds. The guild swear a binding oath never to incriminate a fellow puppeteer, and in essence for a portion of the guild to provide cover for those who seek to make their voices heard satirically.

A liberal amount of gaseous form and invisibility potions do the rounds amongst the more anarchistic of performers, and tales of vanishing puppeteers are part of the fabric of the city—particularly here. Commoner performances usually involve the Life and Times of Master Mabb, the famous Crackling and Salt shows involving the nefarious and illegal activities of terrible Mister Crackling and his wife Olive Salt, a crocodile, a watchman and a string of sausages dragged around the city by a dog. Such acts are commonly seen on most street corners and the puppeteer is surrounded by a crowd of eager children. Darker satire takes shows into another place; the Infamous Tale of Jack Sprat—about a man forced to eat his family to avoid starvation, and the Tragedy of Mister and Mistress Wedge and their adventures as slaves to the royal family are only rarely seen, yet exist. Home-grown variations abound and the brave puppeteers of the city continue to be a thorn in the sides of the aristocracy and the establishment. That the puppet shows have come to sinewy life from Between and their characters now walk the streets is another rumour that is totally true

The capture and ‘trial’ of infamous puppeteers is a big deal in the city and the rewards for some; for example Slanderous Lucy (reward 5,000 crowns), Smiling Jacob Slight (reward 3,000 crowns) and the infamous Teacher (reward 6,000 crowns) make puppeteering big business, it continues to be conjectured that a dark guild of puppeteer-hunting rogues (The Cut String and Severed Hand) lurk somewhere in the dark underbelly of the Thieves Guild, but little proof has ever been given.Again, like most urban myths here in the Blight, it is totally true.[1]

[1] It is suggested that in a place so close to Between that the mere act of thinking something can make it take on life. Numerous examples of fantasy, art and nightmare becoming real exist, and continue to burgeon. It’s also correctly conjectured that actually, the more terrible or outrageous or achingly emotional something becomes, the more certain it is to grow flesh and become real. Various short-lived cults and cabals have sought to prove this as fact. Mysteriously, almost all those cults who were considered close to such proof vanished shortly thereafter...

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