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Frog God Games reveals the next Lost Lands piece with The Blight, for Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, (and now!) 5e.
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Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)

You have spoken and we have listened. We have beaten all the trees and shaken all the bushes and managed to round up our team of crack 5e converters. With the resources in place and a clear demand from the fans, we are committing to creating a 5e version pdf of The Blight (and its ancillary add ons and stretch goals for which multiple versions are being made, as stipulated in their descriptions). We cannot update the wording of the pledge levels themselves (they are locked once the Kickstarter launches), so just be aware that anywhere that it gives the option of a Pathfinder or Swords & Wizardry pdf, it now also includes the option for a 5e pdf that can be chosen on the BackerKit survey at the end of the KS campaign.

That does not mean we will be doing a physical copy of the 5e version (though it doesn't mean we won't, either). Basically making a print version of the book in 5e will add a substantial cost to the production of the book (somewhere in the area of $25,000 as Bill mentioned in a recent comment). Before we can even look at doing that, we've got to get the book funded for the PF and S&W versions that we've already launched the KS for. Once we get there and have the initial funding assured, then we can look at a stretch goal to try and reach the funding to print 5e as well.

So what this means for all the 5e fans who really want the book but only in the 5e version of the rules? You can go ahead and pledge at the Squire ($50) level for a 5e pdf of the book. Then when we hit the campaign goal and are able to add the stretch goal for a print version, you can just add $85 to your pledge to bring it equal to the Veteran ($135) level which includes a physical copy plus the pdf. Then if it doesn't make the physical copy stretch goal, before the end you can reduce your pledge back to the $50 level if you want so you don't end up getting a hard copy in a version that you don't want. However, like Bill mentioned, DON'T pledge for a 5e PHYSICAL BOOK yet. We've got make our initial goal on primarily the PF and S&W pledges, since those are what we've committed to printing already, before we can take on the additional cost of a third printing.

Believe me, we want to make this a 5e book as much as you want us to, and as long as we reach our initial goal of $75,000 there WILL BE a 5e version of The Blight in pdf form, which is already more than we initially thought we'd be able to do. We're happy to do it and want to make the physical book as well, but we've got to make the initial funding goal for the whole project first. Help us get there; spread the word and come on in to join us in The've just entered the wrong side of town. :-)


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    1. Randy Crockett

      I also think that if you take a look at where the funding is going on the Skulduggery Kickstarter, you'll see where the trend is going in a big way. (GO 5e!!)

    2. Randy Crockett

      I dropped Pathfinder when 5e came out. S&W and 5e, the only books I look at any more, so great to see it added.

    3. Phill Everson on

      5E is why I have backed this now.

    4. Roland Volz on

      Ditto to what others have said. I'm a huge Richard Pett fan (his Dungeon adventures are the best scenarios I've ever seen for D&D, IMO) but I need to manage my resources and right now I'm focused on 5E, so it took this to get me to pledge.

    5. J Michael Lanaghan

      This news is what made me decide to back this now.

    6. Rob Klug

      Woot! Very excited.

      Thank you.

    7. Nomad Terrain on after Emerald Spire and Rise of the Runelords campaigns are done this will be my group's first foray into 5e. Very excited!

    8. Anders Bonderup Kirstein on

      Way to go Frog Gods, way to go! :) (I am in for Pathfinder personally though)