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Fuel the production of the Megadungeon Rappan Athuk for both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game System, and Swords & Wizardry Ruleset.
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Frog God Games

1,003 backers pledged $246,541 to help bring this project to life.

New Bonus Goal $100,000

We are beyond excited about the support from our fans - We just broke $60,000! Therefore we've added a new bonus goal: $100,000 Bonus Goal!

If we reach this bonus goal all of our backers who pledge $40 or more will receive a "I Went Down The Well" Rappan Athuk Button featuring Orcus. $40 & $70 backers will receive the PDF version of the Players Guide to Rappan Athuk. Backers of $100 or more will receive a softcover copy of the Players Guide, plus the "Rappan Athuk Battle Maps" and the PDF versions of the "Cyclopean Deeps" bonus modules. For backers who pledge $250 or more will receive a 2nd Bonus Module: "Cyclopean Deeps #1: Down to Ques Querax", and a 3rd Bonus Module: "Cyclopean Deeps #2: Cult of the Khryll", plus a D20Pro Digital Mapset and Hero Lab Data files. All backers at the $650 or more pledge will receive a custom hand drawn image on the inside cover of ONE of the copies of the Rappan Athuk book by Artist Chris McFann, signed and dated.

Please note that for the higher pledge levels you will receive additional copies of the "Cyclopean Deeps" bonus modules, players guide and softcover book of maps (i.e. $500 Level receives 2 copies, $650/$1000/$1200 Level receives 4 copies, $2000/$3000 receives 8 copies, $5000 level receives 10 copies, and $10,000 level receives 16 copies).


    1. Creator Aaron on May 7, 2012

      Makes me wish I could afford the $650 mark, but that is, alas, beyond the stretching point of my wallet. The art looks awesome!

    2. Creator Machpants on May 6, 2012

      Haha, I thought who's that spammer! Nice work though and an AWESOME bonus for the 650+
      I may have to buy d20Pro tho...

    3. Creator RKDN Studios on May 6, 2012

      Oh..I am Chris McFann..the artist for the $650 level and above. I wan't just randomly spamming the update. RKDN Studios is my imprint. Look forward to drawing in all your awesome books!

    4. Creator RKDN Studios on May 6, 2012

      Hey Folks!
      You can check out my art and what I am up to at: