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Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
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ARMOR: Upgrading, Customizing, Staying Alive!

Posted by Frogdice (Creator)

Above you will see a suit of Draconic Plate. Throughout this update I will show you other variations of it so you can see some of the customization and armor dye options. Click on any of the pictures for a full size version.

How Does Armor Work?

Armor provides partial mitigation. Every type of armor has resistance to these three damage types: slashing, thrusting, and blunt

Which Classes Use Which Armor Types?

The armor options for each class are important for establishing their available roles and also providing every class a distinctive look. The armor types in approximate order of defensive potency:

  • Plate Armor: Warrior
  • Chain Armor: Warrior and Healer
  • Ringmail Armor: Hunter
  • Leather Armor: Healer and Hunter
  • Light Armor: Elementalist

Armor Customization Options

Armor dyes can be used to change the primary and secondary colors for your armor. With an enormous amount of color options you can definitely create your own look.

Crafted armor can be enchanted with just the right stats and buffs you want. Masterpiece armor can hold more potent enchantments, which makes skilled crafters extremely valuable.

Masterpiece armor is created when the crafter plays the crafting minigame (and gets a good score) rather than doing simple creation which is just recipe + materials.

Time to Ramp Up the Grass Roots Promotion

At this stage of the game, there is not much more we can do as developers to spread the word (not that we aren't still trying!). The biggest push has to come from the community. 

  • Bring your friends. There is absolutely nothing better that making sure every gamer you know has backed. Even a small pledge helps.
  • RPG gaming sites or communities. Anywhere you are a member of the community, implore them to get involved and pledge.
  • Keep emailing the video game, RPG, pen-and-paper, and related web sites and blogs. We've seen that work really well at getting good coverage for Stash.

We will support anything you do. We are available for interviews, Q&As, sending people graphical and video assets

60% with 20 days to go. We are definitely in great shape. We just need to keep pouring it on!

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    1. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Paul: We have a wide variety of looks, and with the costume slots people can look exactly how they want regardless of which armor they wear "for stats." Some of our armor is not so ornamental as this and is more purely functional or realistic. People who prefer that look can definitely go with it.
      The "eye candy" style armor makes for more impactful graphics when promoting the game, which is why I posted those here.

    2. Zachary T. Sullivan on

      Looks cool, and I know this isn't directly related to armor, but the her butt looks weird.. Too big, maybe? Anyway, I'm sure this is far from final product. :) I look forward to more updates, keep up the good work!

    3. Paul Drager on

      @Carl: Still seems quite a bit like eye candy to me. *shrug*

    4. Frogdice 6-time creator on


      We have a wide variety of armor at the exact same protectiveness level and amount of buffs/stats. Or you can craft your own and customize the stats on them.

      Some are all about looks. Some are all about protection. Some are more realistic.

      And since you also have a costume slot for gear, you can look exactly how you want and also have the exact armor you want for protective purposes.

      We tried to crate a variety of cosmetic looks so everyone can look awesome to themselves. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      John Burkhart on

      So the rib cage is protected... not the fragile spot right beneath the neck? Ick? Needs *something* in that hole. :\

    6. Carl D. Price on

      When I play an RPG no matter the type (JRPG, ARPG, MMORPG, Pen and Paper, etc.) I am practically obsessed with what armor I have on my character(s). This explains why I am so psyched that you posted this update.

      I plan on not only gathering several armor 'loadouts', but also crafting it. I like the idea that you are putting in a player skill component to armor crafting and allowing those that wish to be better than average crafters a means to that end. Are you making it so there are gender/race/class specific armors? Also, what about ARPG style rarities for armors? Will these be a thing? If so, would it be possible to craft different rarities? Final crafting question: Will I be able to craft a unique items that bear my character's name?

      I absolutely love building a tank that focuses on damage mitigation. Of course, this brings up the question in my mind, is damage mitigation the only stat that changes with different pieces of armor? What about evasion or magical defenses?

      Also, let me go ahead and praise this design for female armor. It is not the typical bikini armor that is so prevalent in other MMOs. It is cute, but manages to be relatively modest. All in all, I have to say I am very pleased with this design. If this is indicative of the kind of armor design that will be prevalent throughout this game, I can say that female players can have a character that is both feminine and not 'armored' like eye candy. Kudos!

    7. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      With that said........... as a fan of history I still find that info interesting, Jordan. :)

      It just isn't a priority for us when designing game armor.

    8. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      Yeah Jordan, but this is a video game not SCA. :)

      We choose our armor types primarily for game design, game balance, and fun reasons. Reality and real world armor evolution is darn near close to irrelevant to us.

    9. Kallimina on

      So gorgeous. I don't know which one I like best!

    10. Jordan Simerson on

      My main concern are the tiers of protection. Between platemail and chainmail should definitely be scalemail. Scalemail is basically what is referred to as lamellar. It is an intersecting coat of plates that distributes both cutting and blunt force effectively and all but blocks piercing blows altogether. It was typically worn by scouts of different armed forces all the way up to the 17th century when firearms rendered armor all but obsolete. Basically in any universe where platemail existed the logical and necessary step between chain and platemail would be scale.