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Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
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RACES in Stash: Human, Dryad, Trulloc, Lukoi, Catfolk and more to come.

Posted by Frogdice (Creator)


Before we get into the update on races, I have some announcements!

Twitter Dev Q&A: Thursday, August 14, 1pm EDT - I will be doing a developer Q&A on twitch with Indie. He will show our video and then I will take questions about Stash. Please join us! Spread the word and if you know anyone on the fence, have them join the stream.

MetalCanyon's cool Stash Video - MetalCanyon is a youtuber/let's player and he made a nice preview video about Stash. Check it out!

Spread the Word About Stash!

At the time of this update, we are a hair under 50%. From now on it is completely up to us as a community to build interest and keep momentum going. How to help:

  • Social media: Post your own messages and RT/share ours.
  • Word of mouth: Nothing is stronger than speaking directly with a friend and telling them all about Stash. 
  • Reach out to bloggers or web sites you follow. This should be done in a natural way, not an organized spam campaign. Reach out to them via email or twitter. Tell them about this cool and original game called Stash and ask them to cover it. I believe this goes over better when they hear about it from players.
  • Do you have ideas? Share them!

These are all hugely effective ways to spread the word. Everything you do multiplies the actions of everyone else. It is a team effort!

Races in Stash

Your race selection most significantly impacts your character's roleplay and cosmetics. There are gameplay effects as well that you should take into consideration.


Known for their versatility and adaptability, humans populate all the regions of the world. Humans come in all shapes, colors, and forms. They are the most common humanoid race and are distinguished primarily by their varied cultures.

  • Stat Modifiers: 2 points to spend on the stat(s) of your choice
  • Possible Abilities: enhanced leadership (buff while partied), fast learner (short term XP earning boost on a long cooldown)


A mysterious race of women, dryads hail from the ancient forests of the world. They carry the beauty of nature with them wherever they roam.

  • Stat Modifiers: +2 Charisma
  • Possible Abilities: fascinate (mez enemies), forest attunement (faster regen and movement in forests)


With their stone-like skin, trullocs call the mountains and deepest regions of the world home. The texture of their skin reflects the variety of the earth. Trullocs are of course renowned for their great strength and massive size, but they are also known for their precise hihn architecture: a complex science and art involving higher mathematical principles.

  • Stat Modifiers: +2 Strength
  • Possible Abilities: indurate (toughen stone skin temporarily)


Lukoi are a bipedal lupine, ursine, or canine race also known as lupkyn, archaically. Their social structure is pack-oriented. Much like their canine cousins, the lukoi exihibit a wide variety of appearances. They fight with determination, fierceness, loyalty, and unbridled joy. They are distrustful of catfolk with whom they have a many millennia old rivalry.

  • Stat Modifiers: +2 Constitution
  • Possible Abilities: harry (distract an opponent in battle), scent (detect nearby creatures)


Catfolk are a bipedal feline humanoid race, possessing tails and fur with markings. Having long endured racial oppression at the hands of the lukoi, they feel they are now, at last, entering their Golden Age. Sleek and powerful, catfolk prowl the land seeking mystery and adventure. Their feline appearances span a range of color.

  • Stat Modifiers: +2 Dexterity
  • Possible Abilities: perk (listen to nearby sounds, communication), filet (filet a fish with your claws)

Potential Future Races

The following are all humanoid races that are part of the world of Primordiax. One of our many long term goals is to someday have all of them in Stash.

Dwarf: A human-like race, short, stocky and dense. Stoic and hard-working, their culture centers around mining and building.

Kestrel: An avian humanoid race with bird-like facial features including a beak. They are also feathered and possess wings, although they are flightless.

Leklek: A short human-like race, different from extinct gnomes and present-day dwarves. They are renowned builders and inventors with advanced tek.

Salamae: A bipedal salamander-like humanoid race, possessing tails and a highly refined sense of direction. Their culture is tribal and sometimes xenophobic.

Scorpien: A bipedal scorpion-like humanoid race, possessing exoskeletons and tails. Antennae-like protrusions adorn their heads, and their culture is highly regimented and militaristic, placing extreme emphasis on child-rearing.

Talayi: An elf-like, humanoid, demi-aquatic race, possessing webbed hands and feet. They are theorized to be the distant descendants of the extinct elves.

How Do Races Affect Stash?

Stats: There is a small stat effect based on your race. That is explained in our STAT update

Abilities: You will gain a handful of interesting, but not overly powerful racial abilities. These definitely add variety to your gameplay but are not a huge balance changer.

Cosmetics: They are significantly different in look and silhouette. They have their own armor looks, animations, sound effects, etc.

Roleplay: Some NPCs will react to various races differently. Some players may decide to play their character with prejudices, biases, or affinities towards certain character races.

Classes: All races can choose all classes. This is true for the four primary classes, but there may be racial restrictions for some of the future classes. We do that with great caution, however, because we like to maintain as much flexibility and variety as possible.

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    1. Jake Hattwell on

      Dual wielding hunter just made my day!

    2. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Jake Hattwell: Abilities are specific to each class.
      But there is some cross over on things like dual wielding, shield use, etc. There may be a few abilities that cross over as well.
      Warriors and hunters can both dual wield, for example. Warriors and healers can both use shields.

    3. Jake Hattwell on

      Sorry for the double post, but will skills be limited to specific classes, or will each class be able to use skills, but just less effectively? I think skills are class locked, but unjust wanted to check?
      Cause dual wielding seems too awesome to pass up. So I might end up going for warrior instead ahahaha

    4. Jake Hattwell on

      @carl yeah. I think I'll be choosing my character for role play over racial bonuses.
      Human hunter style character has always been my build of choice in any rpg.
      @frogdice could the next update include info on how items work?
      Pretty please? (If you don't have anything planned for it yet)

    5. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Zachary: Thanks! Glad you're excited! I think we have really cool races as well. 20 years of combined efforts of our writers and our players have given them all a very rich lore.
      I conferred with our lead designer. Ursine lukoi are apparently super rare. Perhaps a special unlockable? Lots of possibilities!
      RE: Long term effect of racial stat modifiers:
      You hit the nail right on the head. Eventually the stat modifiers between races become relatively insignificant. That is by design. We don't want it to be a choice that haunts you, or that you regret much later once you are heavily invested in the character.
      We don't want there to be a situation where people are saying "Well, I made a catfolk warrior. Found out later that STR and CON are more important for tanking, but now I'm level 76 and don't want to reroll. So I guess I'm just gimpy."
      By that time, the difference will mostly show itself in things like minigames or roleplay oriented things. Like arm wrestling or playing darts.

    6. Zachary T. Sullivan on

      Oh, very exciting! The Kestrel and Scorpien(despite the rather simple name,) sound sooo cool, I can't wait! In the meantime, I like the idea of an Ursine Lukoi--that means I can be a bearman, right? Trulloc also sounds interesting, I like a lot of the race options, good work!

      Now for a game with no maximum level, and theoretically stats as high as your level is, won't a +2 stat gain become unnoticeably pointless in the later portions of the game? Have you considered changing to a percentile increase as opposed to a static increase so it grows with your character and always remains relevant?

    7. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Robert: To figure out what happened to Gnomes, you'll need to read up on The Sundering. I believe we have some information on the old Primordiax wiki, but beyond that you will have to find lore spread around the world in Stash. :)

      (note: that wiki was mostly written for a mud we released briefly a few years ago, but most of the lore is for the Primordiax world in general)

    8. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Carl: That's the main way we like to use races: for roleplay, lore, flavor, and cosmetic purposes. But we don't want them to be pure window dresssing, so we give them some gameplay effects as well.

    9. Robert on

      The gnomes ate extinct? What happened?

    10. Carl D. Price on

      Thanks for this! I have so many character ideas flowing through my head already. Human Warrior at launch. Then when we get other classes Human Paladin, Lukoi Paladin (howl yes!), and Human Necromancer. When Dwarves hit, I might be convinced to do some of those, too.

      The point is with Frogdice games I find myself wanting to create a character of a certain race more because of the roleplay opportunities than any sort of stat or utility power difference. This speaks volumes about the way Frogdice handles this sort of thing that tabletop games have been the only ones to find success with. Also, glad to see the Scorpien back. I thought they were a wonderfully atmospheric part of Threshold and would hate to see that gone later in the ongoing events of the game world.

    11. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      Indeed, Jake! I especially look forward to the back stories people create using the racial lore we will release over the next few months and post-release.

      Player creativity is always a wonderful thing to observe.

    12. Jake Hattwell on

      It's awesome to see the race mechanics!
      It will be interesting to see the way players choose their race and the distribution of races once the game launches