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Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
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CLASSES in Stash: Warrior, Healer, Elementalist, Hunter and more to come.

Posted by Frogdice (Creator)

Your character's class is possibly the most significant element of character creation. Your class is the source of most of your abilities and largely determines your role in a party. 


The backbone of any adventuring group is the warrior. Warriors provide excellent defense for the entire group and learn special tactics to keep the attention of foes upon themselves and away from their allies. This is especially important for members with limited defenses or with the need to channel arcane or mystical powers.

The heart of a warrior is one that strives for perfection with arms and the glorious challenge of physical combat. As straightforward as the duties of this profession may be, mastering the way of the warrior can be as complex as any other class.

  • Tanking and Melee Damage.
  • Plate and Chain Armor.
  • Shield Use.
  • Great Weapons. 
  • Dual Wielding. 
  • War Cries. 


The heart of every adventuring group is the healer. With a healer in the group, other classes are magnified in effectiveness. In addition to the healing powers they possess, healers are able to grant a variety of physical and mental enhancements to themselves and their group.

The manipulation of life energies also allows healers to stun or hold enemies, and to be particularly dangerous to undead. The most powerful and gifted healers can even breathe life back into the bodies of their fellow adventurers.

  • Healing, Crowd Control, Buffing.
  • Chain and Leather Armor.
  • Shield Use.
  • Spells.
  • Bane of Undead.


Elementalists manipulate the basic essences of the world in mystical and magical ways. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water all answer to the call of these spell casters. Elementalists can specialize in a single element or dabble in multiple.

  • Air Elementalists specialize in stunning their opponents and damaging them with bursts of air or storms of lightning.
  • Fire Elementalists specialize in spectacular bursts of fire that can set multiple foes ablaze.
  • Water Elementalists specialize in summoning torrents of water and ice to batter or drive an enemy away.
  • Earth Elementalists call upon the ground itself to trap or bash their foes into submission.

Their mystical abilities stem from inherent talent are strict training. Only those who truly feel the calling can climb to the highest levels of power.

  • Ranged Damage and Crowd Control.
  • Light Armor (dusters, robes, bracers).
  • Spells.
  • Powerful Area of Effect Abilities.
  • Elemental Walls and Pools that change the battlefield.


Hunters are agile fighters who strike with precision and skill. They are masters of both ranged and close combat and use a variety of weapons and tools for the job. They can be deceptive and unpredictable in combat, and have the ability to severely hinder and harry their foes.

Hunters possess an uncanny knowledge of living outdoors whether it the city or the wilderness. These survival skills can be incredibly useful for themselves or a party. Through training and innate talent, they can live in harmony with their surroundings.

  • Ranged and Melee Damage.
  • Debuffs and Utility.
  • Ringmail and Leather.
  • Dual Wielding.
  • Stealth.
  • Combat Pets.

Why Four Classes at Launch?

We want all four launch classes to be really fun and awesome, with many build options and ways to specialize your character. We want our classes to play very differently from each other and have unique roles on a team. We also want each class to have a distinctive look, with varied silhouettes and ability animations.

Why These Four Classes?

These four classes cover all the most vital areas: tanking, healing, crowd control, buffing, debuffing, utility, and damage. They also fit the lore of Stash very well and provide a great foundation for future classes and hybrids.

Our design process at Frogdice is to build basic prototypes and then iterate like crazy on them. That's the same strategy we have for classes: build four amazing classes, and then iterate on that by adding more.

Classes on Our Drawing Board

We already have a bunch of classes on our radar for future development. Some of them even have quite a bit of design behind them. We have no ETAs for these at all, but I will share them so you have an idea of where we are headed.

  • Bard: Incredible buffs, supplementary healing, good debuffs, some damage, and some fun roleplay oriented "fluff" abilities.
  • Alchemist: Damage, buffs, and debuffs through chemistry and mixtures.
  • Paladin: Tanky warriors who can also heal and provide buffs or debuffs via auras.
  • Necromancer: Students of the power of death, they use undead servants to do their bidding. They also utilize tainted elemental conduits to wield spells and magic.
  • Psion: Damage and debuffs by attacking the minds and molecular structure of their enemies.
  • Monk: Hand to hand combat specialists who primarily dish out damage. They are not tanks, as they lack abilities to control enemies and the battlefield, but they are very hard to kill.

We are also open to ideas and will certainly respond to the interests of the community.

With our max party size of 6, the potential combinations of classes and roles are enormous. You can play to the strengths of your party when choosing where to explore and how to fight. Multiple tanks? Lots of healing? Little or no healing? Tons of crowd control? Tons of buffs and debuffs? Massive damage? Balanced? You are not locked into a specific combination of classes or roles when building an excellent and highly effective party.

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    1. John Robertson

      When doing your iteration how about working on a thief and an illusionist?

    2. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      Yes, we intend that every class should be able to clear dungeons fully. Not EVERY dungeon of course, but some dungeons. :)

    3. Adam Lyon on

      Being able to play solo is mentioned, but are you planning on it being viable to complete dungeons solo as every class (perhaps with some higher player skill required for non-combat-focused classes)?

    4. Robert on

      thats what I was hoping to hear Frogdice.

    5. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Robert: Robert, those are very interesting ideas. Right now we are still working on core systems. It will be quite some time before we are busting out all kinds of specific content.
      Once core systems and building tools are done, then we will start cranking out the content. All the hand built dungeons and stories, etc.

    6. Robert on

      Are there any plans for class-specific dungeons. A sort of Warrior proving grounds, or Healer cloister of trials. (Hunter arena and Elementalist Labrynth) Where the dungeon is tailored to one (or a party) of one class going in, trying to complete it, possibly with a class specific final reward?

      I know this isn't the race update but the same question applies, are there plans for racial-specific dungeons?

    7. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Zachary: Great questions.
      1) Party Comp Q#1: We are designing all of our encounters with the assumption that a party has at least 1 tank and 1 healer. *However* the nature of our game, and the nature of turn based combat in particular, is that you can definitely work around that.
      In a real time game, group combats typically have monstrous amounts of damage being dished out quickly, with healers desperately trying to counter that while big beefy tanks are the only ones who can survive long enough for the heals to arrive. That's not how turn based combat works at all.
      In turn based combat, retreating, swapping aggro, moving other people in position to take hits, etc. are all very viable strategies. So all sorts of alternate "tanking" and "healing" scenarios become available.
      So while we are going to design things with certain assumptions about a "typical party", we are not going to make that typical party mandatory, and the nature of turn based strategy is that other alternatives will be very viable.
      2) Party Composition Q#2: As you can see from the sneak peak, there is a lot of utility in those future classes. Two can heal, many can buff or debuff.
      There will not be a class that can heal better than a Healer (that would be weird, considering the name, right? :) ), but that doesn't mean a party with a bard and a paladin couldn't provide plenty healing to get the job done.

      3) Hunter Q: Our original design document for Stash only had Warrior, Healer, and Elementalist, actually. I later added Hunter because I wanted a physical damage dealing class, and I wanted something that fulfilled the stealthy, tricky type fighter.
      Two other options for that class that we strongly considered were rogue and ranger.
      We decided against rogue because we wanted this 4th class to have bow use as a strong option. Archery is extremely popular right now, largely thanks to the Hunger Games and the return of Legolas in the Hobbit franchise.
      Ranger was really, really close. We liked that term also. But in this case, I think the fact that Ranger is a D&D class stood against it. We did not want people to have too many preconceived notions about how this class would operate.
      There are other games where Hunters have melee skills. Both WoW and LOTRO, for example. Granted, in both WoW and LotRO, the melee aspect of the Hunter was the smaller part of their kit. There was, however, a popular blog for a while where a pure melee WoW hunter would share his experiences.
      Then there is Legolas himself. He was obviously awesome with a bow, but he could wreck you in melee as well.
      Our Hunter will have a lot more (potential) capability in melee than those hunters. However, you will have many options in how you build your Hunter. If you want to focus heavily on ranged combat, you can do that.

    8. Zachary T. Sullivan on

      Oh! I have another question!

      What was the reason for deciding on the name "Hunter" for the dexterity-based class? Traditionally, Hunters are more akin to a ranged playstyle, the only melee Hunter I can recall is from Left 4 Dead! I presume you had a list of names you were considering bestowing them with, so what made you choose the Hunter? Thanks for reading, I anticipate your response!

    9. Zachary T. Sullivan on

      Hello Frogdice, I'm loving the updates and looking forward to more in the future! You mentioned at the end of the update about a party of 6 and a large variation of team compositions. My question would be, from a design perspective, do you intend to make a Tank and/or Healer necessary aspects of a successful party? Or do you want 4 elementalists and 2 Hunters to be a viable composition as well?

      Changing the subject a little; I'm looking forward to some of the sneak-peek classes, but I hope that there aren't too many damage dealers. I don't want to "have to" role a Healer if I want to be supportive and heal my group, I want there to be more than just one option while damage-dealers can choose between like 6. The same goes for tanking. I'm not saying that's what you have down, just a premonition of a disappointing hypothetical scenario.

    10. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Carl: Yes, healers will have some life drains and some other offensive abilities, but not tons. They will have nice buffs to put on themselves to help them with melee combat. Remember: they have chain mail and a shield. They can actually hang in the thick of combat a little. :)
      Necromancers: Our take on Necromancers will be similar to Threshold, but with some undead minions added in. I think people like this take on Necros because it makes them a very unique class that plays different from other classes.
      Expect a little D2 inspired stuff too. Bone Wall, Bone Spear, those kind of things.

    11. Carl D. Price on

      This. This right here. I appreciate this approach to classes. I have two points that I would like to inquire about:

      Healers: Will they be able to effectively damage fools with something other than strikes with a weapon? I'd be cool with just weapon strikes as I'm the type to build a 'Warpriest' variant as I am a huge Paladin fanboy and play Pally even when I am not. Dig? However, I imagine others would want to be able to play a game of keep away while destroying foes even when they don't have a Warrior to tank. I would like to make sure they are able to get their groove on.

      Necromancers: The only fantasy archetype I love more than Necromancers is that of the Paladin. However, for the love of Gary Gygax why do fools insist on making me be focused on minions? Will I be able to play an effective Necro and never once bring in a pet?

    12. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Robert: The 4 Elements are really a very key element of the Primordiax game world. We like to feature that whenever we can.

      Our Elementalists do more than just your standard wizard tapping into "magic." They are tapping into the 4 elements that shape all of creation. So we want them to have a name that reflects that.

    13. Robert on

      Oh. Questions, sure. Sorry, still loving that a duster is a legit type of armor.

      Why did you choose the name elementalist rather than the more traditional wizard?

    14. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      I forgot to include the link to MetalCanyon's youtube video in the update again! :(…

    15. Kallimina on

      You MEZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzd us with how detailed and thorough your update was.

      But I loved it!

    16. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      You all make me nervous when you don't have a lot of questions.

      Did I write too much?

      Should I write less and then wait for questions? :)

    17. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Kallimina: WHO BROKE MEZ!!!!!! Kick him from the group!

      @Galit: woo :)

    18. Merethien on

      I definitely don't understand youzz! Oh, *mezzing*, right, right.

      Classwise, I'll guess I'll have to play a warrior for now, but MONK, I am looking at you! ♥

    19. Anthony Davis on

      So many people don't understand mezz. :(

    20. Galit

      One word...... AWESOME!! =)

    21. Anthony Davis on

      YES Robert! I felt the same way. The hunter looks very creepy. I wouldn't ask him for a high five.. ever.

    22. Kallimina on

      I am ready to mez the heck out of the bad guys and keep my party topped off.

      I really miss games giving fans of crowd control tools and abilities to ply their trade.

      "SOANDSO BROKE MEZ!" was the thing you did not want to hear on party chat after a wipe. SOANDSO was bad!

    23. Robert on

      Dear Elementalist,
      You had me at duster.