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Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
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Stats and Food in Stash

Posted by Frogdice (Creator)

Time to talk some game mechanics! Please note that everything we discuss about game mechanics is subject to change both during development and play testing. We certainly have a strong design vision for the game, but we are also open to input from our players! 

The 7 Core Stats

  • Strength (STR) - Physical strength, physical damage resist, shield blocking.
  • Dexterity (DEX) - Agility, dodge, parry, physical crit chance.
  • Intellect (INT) - Spell crit chance, trap/secret detection, elemental damage resist.
  • Will (WILL) - Bonus to mana pool, crowd control resist.
  • Constitution (CON) - Bonus to health, faster regen, bigger stomach to eat more food before you get full, slower to get drunk.
  • Charisma (CHA) - Bonus to leadership skills, bonus to interaction with NPCs, better prices from vendors.
  • Luck (LUCK) - All sorts of fun things throughout the game. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!

Primary Stat

Every class has a primary stat. That stat is the primary one used to amplify the effectiveness of their abilities. For example, Warrior abilities gain more damage from Strength. Primary stats:

  • Warrior - Strength
  • Elementalist - Intellect
  • Healer - Will
  • Hunter - Dexterity

What is the max you can have of a stat?

The maximum you can have in any stat is your character level plus or minus any racial bonus or penalty. Humans have no bonus or penalty, so a level 20 human can have a 20 in every stat. Trullocs have +2 strength, -2 dexterity, so at level 20 they can have a 22 strength, 18 dexterity, and 20 in everything else.

Characters start the game with 10 in every stat (+/- racial modifiers). This means for your first 10 levels your stats are already maxed. This is an example of how we like to layer difficulty slowly as you play the game. Early on you don't even have to worry about stats. 

How do I train stats?

In addition to providing out-of-combat healing and regeneration, your stats increase by eating food. Different foods will increase different stats. We wanted food to be a big part of the game and this felt like a very logical effect of food. 

How does this work?

The exact numbers here are made up for the purpose of a simple example. 

You have 10 intellect and you are level 15. You have a lot to learn! Behind the scenes, you also have 0 "intellect xp". You need 1,000 intellect xp to increase to 11 intellect.

You eat a sturgeon filet. You now have 100/1000 "intellect xp" behind the scenes. If you eat 9 more of them, your INT stat increases to 11. 

To max all of your stats, you would need to eat a wide variety of food. Depending on your class and build, you might only care about a few stats and can focus on those. You can always catch up later if you'd like.

Our Design Goals


  • Meaningful choices and options.
  • No stress.
  • No feeling that you have to follow guides or cookie cutter builds.

We wanted stats to be a meaningful aspect of character development, but we did not want it to be stressful. We did not want players to stress out when they gained a level about where to spend their stat points, or feel they had to follow some guide or cookie cutter build. Since it takes time and effort to consistently eat the right foods, players need to make choices and create personal priorities. 

Every stat has at least some benefit for every character, regardless of class. This also makes all stat buffs valuable to some degree.


  • Make food important to everyone.
  • Make food fun.
  • Make food something people talk about.

We wanted food to be a meaningful and fun part of Stash. In real life, eating is a hugely important and enjoyable activity. People share meals together, talk about foods they like, and it is very social. We wanted to attach significance to food so players would care and think about it. By connecting food to stat training, we have given food some major significance.


  • Make food crafting important.
  • Create real benefit to being a food expert.

We are always looking for ways to make crafting important to the game. Since food is super important, we have created the ability for players to specialize in being great cooks and knowing everything there is to know about food. We look forward to there being food experts who can tell you which food to eat for optimal stat training. Fantasy nutritionists!

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    1. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      Food is the only way to raise your stats.
      Obviously gear and buffs will raise your stats while in effect, but your base stats can only be raised via food.

    2. Zachary T. Sullivan on

      Thank you for answering my questions earlier, but alas another has approached! Just something that came to mind as I was reading over this again--will food be the ONLY way to raise stats? Or is it intended to be more of a bonus?

    3. Carl D. Price on

      Frogdice, you just made my day with one word; Paladins. Here's hoping to have a tough face tanker with the ability to heal in a pinch.

      That said, you are correct that turn based combat is different. I am relieved that you mentioned the potions. Let's face it, I will probably get into situations that I didn't plan on having happen and need something to use as an "Oh Howl!" button. Having potions on hand should provide for that.

    4. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Carl: Potions are for in-combat healing. Also, you have to keep in mind that turn based combat is very different. You aren't going to be under a constant barrage of hundreds of attacks.
      Also, from a pure game design perspective, in combat healing is just another way to increase a character's effective health.
      Your effective health in any rpg is basically:
      base health * armor/resists * healing (including regen) per second
      Those things all go together to create an effective health for your character. If damage exceeds effective health, you die. :)
      But anyway, we do have healing in combat (potions) though we are going to shy away from too many self-heal abilities. We want to make sure the healer class has a very viable role there. Plus, future classes (like bards, paladins) will probably do a little bit of healing to make them special. If everyone heals, that might get lame.

    5. Carl D. Price on

      I read here that the food is for out-of-combat healing. Coming from Threshold, this leaves me a little leery of the implications. As a warrior type character, I had a self healing skill that I relied on. However, I could use food to recover in-combat as well as some food that was only usable outside of combat.

      The biggest question this raises for me is with the idea that all classes can solo, what sort of healing will be available for an individual character that isn't a Healer? I would hope this isn't the case of a system where one is expected to survive the fight with whatever abilities they had available to them and then heal after the fight. This means Elementalists, Hunters, and Warriors might be without healing until the fight ends, and I really hope that isn't the case.

    6. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      Because Stash's combat is turn based, there is very little connection mechanics-wise to Threshold or Primordiax. We have some abilities that are similar (names, basic effects) and things like that. But the mechanics are completely different.
      I mean for example, there are many even level battles where you are going to be able to kill a monster in just 1-3 hits. That's unheard of in a real time game.

    7. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      This STAT system has virtually zero connection to Threshold and only a small similarity to Primordiax.
      STASH got its own core systems developed, with influence and inspirations from Primordiax.

    8. Rephantes on

      INT, WILL, LUCK Elementalist. Perfect. I need another glass cannon.

    9. D# on

      Out of curiosity, for a game like this, how much of the system is co-opted from the two big previous games in the world (Threshold and Primordiax)? I know at least the choice of stat names carries over, but what about under the hood? I'm curious from a game design standpoint. I know there likely has to be some stepping back from previous incarnations since the combat works totally differently, but has it been a challenge to develop the physics underneath everything for this new style game while at the same time maintaining the spirit of the old?

    10. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Zach: There is no max level. Stash has no level cap. There is also no "end game." Instead, you get to enjoy the entire game. So power leveling and ignoring stats is really not a terribly wise move, but you can choose to do it if you want.
      Yeah, I could consider CON, CHA, and LUCK as pretty important.
      CON: Everyone always needs health, and health/mana regen are quite nice.
      CHA: NPC interactions and better vendor prices are always a big win.
      LUCK: This one is hard to quantify, because frankly, we keep this relatively secret. But for reference, Threshold has a *ton* of things in game that check your luck stat.
      WARRIOR TANK: Required? No. It really depends how you want your character to play. If you want to be a massive face tanking immovable, unstoppable beast, then yeah you will want STR, CON, INT, and WIS because they all provide some kind of resistance.
      But if you play a more agile tank, dodging and parrying stuff, then maybe STR, DEX, and CON will get the job done.
      And if you literally just want to be a maxed out powerful as possible at a given level, then max everything. You will be making a lot of choices: do I want to rush that new ability that is 3 levels away, or do I want to really focus on getting all my stats maxed?
      There are a lot of options.
      Good questsions, Zach!

    11. Zachary T. Sullivan on

      Hey guys, this is my first Kickstarter campaign that I'm really interested in, and I'm hoping to play a role in making the game the best it can be! I do have some concerns and questions about the stats and food, I hope you don't mind them.

      On food: Only thing I fear is a scenario involving quickly leveling to maximum level, ignoring food in the meantime, and then sitting in town for 3 hours just stuffing food down your character's mouth to capitalize on "necessary" stats. Since food is playing such an impacting role in character growth will hunger be an aspect as well?

      On stats: Would you really consider CON, CHA, and LUCK core stats? They seem more optional to me, especially CHA and LUCK.

      On a different note, will a Warrior specializing in tanking be required to build into a large variations of stats to get a balanced blend of defenses, even though they're supposed to focus on Strength? How do you see that playing out, and how are you planning to tackle it?

    12. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Jake Hattwell: More coming!

    13. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Chris: We haven't decided whether it will literally be in the description of the food, or if you will have a section on your character sheet showing your progress on training your stat that will let you judge each time you eat food.

      Or perhaps a message whenever you actually eat the food.

      We won't leave you totally in the dark. That last one is actually the most likely, so you learn by experimenting.

    14. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @James: I was thinking about talking about classes in my next update. If you don't mind, let me hit that in the next update so this one can stay all about stats and food.
      I totally get how there is a lot of cross over though.

    15. Jake Hattwell on

      Awesome :)
      Looks great!
      Keen to see more mechanics

    16. Chris Angelico on

      Will there be a way of knowing what stats a piece of food will buff, or are you expected to "just know" that fish is brain food and will buff INT?

    17. Missing avatar

      James Claypoole on

      Have you conceded hybrid classes? Or maybe allowing for split classes as you reach certain levels?

    18. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      I forgot to include a link to this really nice preview video from MetalCanyon on youtube:

    19. Frogdice 6-time creator on

      @Morgan: As promised back when we closed Primordiax, a lot of those game mechanics are being used in Stash. :)

    20. Morgan Leecy on

      As one of the players of the much missed Primoridax, none of these mechanics are new to me ;-). Good job