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Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.
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    1. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Now that Stash has fully and completely launched, we will very rarely check this page. For all future Stash information, check these links:

      Thank you!

    2. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Stash is out of Early Access with a free client on Steam. Also: Weekend Event!

      This post includes instructions on how to get your rewards as well. :)

      We do not check this page very often so please reach out to us directly by the methods in that above update post.

      See you in game.

    3. Bradley Strout

      So how do I get access to the game? I am a backer from the original Kickstarter and haven't received a key.

    4. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Please check your spam filters. So far everyone who didn't get their key it was in their spam folders.

      If you still don't have it, message me here for our contact email address.


    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wice on

      Hi there, I also haven't received my Steam key for the game.
      The second to last communication I received in my e-mail said to expect a Steam key by e-mail, then 4 days later I received the project update about linking to Thunderclap, but nothing about a Steam key.

    6. Joshua Johnson

      I have not received my steam key yet, I sent you a message a couple days ago, what should I do?

    7. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Latest update posted:

      Quick Tour of STASH video, Closed Beta #2 dates, and more!

    8. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      @Bradley @Chance @Joel:

      The best place to follow news and updates is the forums. With multiple kickstarter capaigns, comment threads, comments to updates, etc. it is harder to follow things here.

      But we check the forums every single day.

    9. Joel Mack on

      Curious as well. We're almost to a year beyond the original beta start...

    10. Chance Griebel on

      I haven't seen an update from Frogdice in a while. What's been happening the past couple of months?

    11. Bradley Strout

      Is this game still in alpha testing, or is it live and I missed my steam key?

    12. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Thanks for helping us fund a followup campaign!

    13. Dave Killingsworth

      I am loving this game it has all the elements that I like - mmo feel with turn based system. Gives me happy new feelings as well as nostalgia for things like baldurs gate and pool of radiance. Love it have been enjoying the alpha a lot

    14. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      New super secret backer only update posted! :)


    15. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Backer only update coming in the next few days! You'll dig it!

    16. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Tastes great or less filling?

    17. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Alpha 3 is open! Download the client according to the instructions in your email. Enjoy!

    18. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Alpha 2: March 19-23

      I am so excited for you all to see how far we've come since Alpha 1.

      @Speedster: June might be a little optimistic. We will probably have our final alpha in April, then do maybe 2 betas, then launch. Something like that.

    19. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      "Stash looks pretty good, I haven't played an MMORPG in quite a while, should be fun to give it a go again. :) "

    20. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      Found another Linux gamer who is interested in giving Stash a try at public release... if alpha 1 was in feb and alpha 2 is in march, are we looking at a public release sometime in June?

    21. Brian Scott on

      Cory have you checked out the Stash forums? There is a post on this subject I believe wanting screenshots of this.

    22. Cory Benjamin

      Chrome is stating that "" is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it". False positive, or is there a real problem?

    23. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Alpha #1 Emails have been sent! Check your email. Check your spam folders (though you really should already have whitelisted!) :)

    24. Rephantes on

      Love it, want it, own it, play it!

    25. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Alpha news coming soon! :)

    26. Kallimina on

      Sean is home! We're fine-tuning Kickstarter access now. Hope to have an update this week on Alpha!

    27. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      Is Sean coming home about now? It sounded like he was planning on it…

    28. Kallimina on

      Alpha will get started as soon as possible. We want to make sure that Sean is back to deal with any server-side issues and that we have some basic documentation for you guys.

    29. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      @Samuel: The Frogdice forums are super active, and we strongly encourage everyone to get involved in other parts as well (like the non-game related forums).

      The most important thing at Frogdice is COMMUNITY. That is what we are all about. Our games are awesome of course, but what binds them together and really makes them shine is the community around the games.

    30. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      Sounds like alpha will start when Sean gets back, so depends on the weather...

    31. Samuel Jones on

      I originally created an account on the Frogdice forums, but there was so little activity that dealt with the KS at the time (I think it was DoE) that I stopped checking long ago. Since then I've pledged several more projects but still haven't revisited the forums largely because I don't think they would have anything for me.

    32. Samuel Jones on

      any idea when alpha will be with the delay?

    33. Frogdice 5-time creator on

      Make sure you head over to the Frogdice forums:

    34. Frogdice 5-time creator on


      I just wanted to add a comment since we haven't had one here in a month. :)

    35. Chris Angelico on

      Brian, I'm very much glad it isn't March yet. There's a lot of December that I'm eagerly waiting on, and I'm not talking about those horrible social engagements that cluster around the 25th. But hey! If you want to go into a time portal, skip Christmas, and wake up when Stash exists, go for it! I'm fairly sure the Once Upon A Time folks can help with the details.

    36. Raymond Acker on

      Join us on the forums :D

    37. Brian Scott on

      Wondering if it's March yet!
      *looks at calander*
      *screams* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      *closes eyes and weeps*

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