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Stash is bringing the magic back to MMORPGs: turn based combat, awesome housing, and a fantasy world that will become your second home.
Stash is bringing the magic back to MMORPGs: turn based combat, awesome housing, and a fantasy world that will become your second home.
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Class Highlight: ELEMENTALISTS

Posted by Frogdice (Creator)

Elementalist: These magi manipulate the basic elements of the world in mystical and magical ways. Earth, air, fire, and water all answer to their call. Primary role: Damage + Crowd Control.

Elementalists have a lot of choices available to them for where they will focus their elemental powers. Will you specialize highly in a single element? Perhaps two? Or will you mix and match from them all to be an elemental generalist? Experiment with different combinations of abilities to make your elementalist unique. 

The strengths of the four elements are:

  • Fire has no CC but a lot of AoE damage. 
  • Earth has some stuns and good single target damage. 
  • Water (which includes ice abilities) has a nice mix of damage and status effects. 
  • Air (which includes lightning type abilities) has single and AoE damage with a little bit of CC. 

Elementalist damage scales with their weapon and their Intellect. Both of those will be a high priority. They have the lowest armor and health of all the classes. Having party members to protect and tank for you is a good idea.

The Basics - Tier 1, 2, and 3 Elemental Spells

Fire Blast - Tier 1 fire spell
Fire Blast - Tier 1 fire spell

Tier 1 Elemental Spells: For every element there is a basic attack that has a chance to add an element specific effect.

  • FIRE: Fire Blast - chance to ignite
  • EARTH: Pelt - chance to stagger  
  • WATER: Ice Blast - chance to chill
  • AIR: Zap - chance to shock
Blaze - Tier 2 fire spell
Blaze - Tier 2 fire spell

Tier 2 Elemental Spells: These can always be used, but they are more powerful and efficient if used on an enemy with a Tier 1 effect already on them (ignite, stagger, chill, or shock). 

  • FIRE: Blaze (extra damage if foe is ignited)
  • EARTH: Vine Whip (extra damage if foe is staggered)
  • WATER: Ice Knife (extra damage if foe is chilled)
  • AIR: Charged Bolt (extra damage if foe is shocked)
Hurl Boulder - Tier 3 earth spell
Hurl Boulder - Tier 3 earth spell

Tier 3 Elemental Spells: These require the elemental effect (ignite, stagger, chill, or shock) and they CONSUME the effect as well. These tend to be very powerful spells. Use them wisely!

  • FIRE: Bloodboil - direct damage + a strong damage over time as your foe's blood boils)
  • EARTH: Hurl Boulder - direct damage + a short stun as your foe is knocked unconscious
  • WATER: Cryobeam - direct damage + a short hold as your foe is frozen in place
  • AIR: Thunderstrike - direct damage + a short mesmerize as your foe' nervous system is shut down temporarily

Other Spells and Powers

Elementalists have many other abilities outside these tier elemental spells that provide additional damage, utility, and occasional CC. A few examples:

  • Wall of Stone: Create an impassable stone wall on the battlefield that your enemies must go around.
  • Ice Slick: Cover the ground with a large patch of ice that can slow enemies and cause them to fall down.
  • Brilliance: Buff the Intellect and Mana of an ally or yourself.
  • Cinders: Cover an area in burning cinders and ash that has a chance to ignite multiple foes.
  • Shockwave: Send a powerful blast of energy in all directions that damages foes and has a chance to mesmerize them.
  • Lightning Bolt: Launch a powerful bolt of lightning that damages all foes in a line.
  • Frost Breath: A cone of frozen breath that damages and slows your enemies.
  • Wall of Flame: Create a wall of flame that damages enemies that dare walk through it.
  • Lightning Field: Electrically charge an area on the ground. Anyone who walks through it takes damage and has a chance to be stunned.
  • Thorn Burst: An explosion of thorns that radiate from the caster, damaging enemies and causing them to bleed.
  • Fireball: Do I even have to explain this one?
Fireball - Burn them all!
Fireball - Burn them all!

Last Day of the Campaign

We are closing in on the last day of the campaign. This is the traditional time where we make our final requests to you all:

1) Take a look at the rewards and consider increasing your pledge. If you see something cool a little higher or just want to help the campaign, please consider raising your pledge. As we explained in a previous update, every dollar of the funds we raise will be put directly into the game to make it as amazing as possible.

2) Spread the word. Get those gamer friends to jump on board before the campaign ends Monday, 11/23 at 11pm EST. You can also help us with a coordinated social media blast by linking Facebook and Twitter to our Thunderclap campaign:

3) Join the forums and stay in touch with the developers and the community.

Thank you!

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