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Bringing Fresh, Delicious, Compassionate Food to the People! Taste the Frisch Difference in Vegan Cuisine!
Bringing Fresh, Delicious, Compassionate Food to the People! Taste the Frisch Difference in Vegan Cuisine!
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Now that we're open...

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Soooooo cloooooose!

Greetings backers! We've Been super busy getting the cafe ready to open and.....we are almost ready! A few "minor setbacks" that kind of go with the territory of being in an old (early 1900's) building....this week, we're doing the inspection thing! Passed health with flying colors, and finished up some electrical work today. We are *hoping* to get the paperwork from the city tomorrow or Thursday and maybe even serve some lunch this weekend! If you are on Facebook, be sure to follow us there for updates and a BIG announcement when we open! Also, you can expect to receive your pledge rewards (coupons, tote bags, bumper stickers etc.) in mid July!

We Want a Pony (wall)

We just realized how long it’s been since an update was posted! We’ve been busy! We promise!

The front dining area of Frisch is pretty much done. Sure, we need a few more tables, but we can handle that. The art is all posted and looks great!

The kitchen area is a whole other story. The previous tenants stopped carrying a certain major soda company’s products, so said soda company refused to move their dispenser. We had this hulking machine sitting in the middle of our kitchen for close to two weeks before we dragged it outside and called them to tell them they either pick it up, or we hang a free sign on it. The came three hours later! Then the “ick” factor hit us. The machine had been leaking. There was rancid soda syrup all over the floor where the machine had been. Rachel created new swear words, and we set to scrubbing!

Then the real fun started! While installing the three section sink, the faucet broke. Turns out the “free” faucet that came with the sink was a throw-away cheapie model made over-seas. That free faucet had to be replaced, but we learned a lot!

This is probably a good time to mention Jerry and Wade. These two have been friends with Leigh since the 80’s. (no, none of them feel old!) Both of them have been out several times to help out, and we really appreciate it! Wade knows his way around wiring, and Jerry and Leigh have a psychic connection that allows them to build things together, like this pony-wall that separates the food preparation area from the customer service part of the kitchen:

It’s made from reclaimed closet doors that we bought from ReStore. ReStore is a building salvage thrift-store that sells materials from building demolition and remodeling projects. All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity, so not only are we cutting down on “raw” materials, we’re helping a great local charity! The service counter that Leigh and Jerry are working on had been an old mantle piece that Rachel found at ReStore for $30! As you can see, it's come a long way!

We are so very close to opening. We have had our eyes on the middle of June, and HOLY CATS! That’s right around the corner!

Progress! Sort of...

Biggest news first! Our Kickstarter Project was successful! All told, our backers pledged close to $9,000 to move Frisch to the next step! THANK YOU!

Now, the waiting begins. We will receive the funds from Kickstarter in about 17 days. Once that comes in, we get to start with the bigger purchases for the kitchen. Until then, though, we're keeping busy!

The good people at Rico's left the building pretty clean, but you can't really scrub a place until it's empty! Luckilly for us, Molly works for room and board.

Once she gets the tables and chairs done, she should be paid up through June!

The dining area also got a fresh coat of paint. The whole front of the shop is very warm and inviting!

Finally, this past Saturday we got our window signage! We like it! We have another sign coming on the south side of the building. Next up? PICTURES!


We are pretty bowled over! We just hit our Kickstarter goal today, 72 hours ahead of our deadline. We were pretty optimistic, but we had no idea our tasty little pipe dream would ignite so much support! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all of you!

Now comes the tough part: We hit our goal. We have just under three days left. We are debating a possible stretch goal, but we're really not sure if we want to! $8,000 in 17 days is pretty amazing!

Again, thank you all. We couldn't have launched Frisch the way we invisioned it without you. With your support, a truly unique, one of a kind dining destination is about to hit Salt Lake City. We can't wait to share what you helped make possible!