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Bringing Fresh, Delicious, Compassionate Food to the People! Taste the Frisch Difference in Vegan Cuisine!

Frisch is a Compassionate Eatery, opening soon in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City was recently voted the "Next Great Vegan City" by Veg News magazine.  We are excited to bring our take on vegan eats to our city!  We will offer fresh, healthy and delicious food for lunch and take-away.

All of our recipes are animal-free and we will support local farmers and other local vegan business.  We also plan to recycle or compost at least 80% of our waste.

We've got an amazing, historic building right by a beautiful park. 

It's a gorgeous, bright, colorful space with room for casual dining and ample space for food prep and expansion in the future.

We're securing all of our licenses, found local distributors, and we've worked out a wonderful menu!

("Nomelettes"  Bite-Sized Kale & Mushroom Fritattas) 

We're having a social media blitz, and will be advertising/spreading the word on several vegan blogs and local papers.

(Green Chile' Navy Bean Hummus)

Here's what's happening next:  In order to open our doors we do need to make some equipment upgrades so that we can bring this delicious food to you!

(Gluten Free Almond Butter Crispies)

We will use our kickstarter funds to make plumbing upgrades in the kitchen to bring the space up to the standard we need.  We will also purchase some larger appliances (like a convection oven, a cooler, stainless steel counters, shelving etc.)  I've found quite a few supplies that I can save money on by buying "gently used".  We will also use our kickstarter funds to make our first purchases of AMAZING FRESH FOOD  from some great local suppliers and farmers.  Then, I will TRANSFORM them into delicious salads, soups and goodies! 

(Technicolor Tempeh Salad with Golden Beets, Kale & Tamari Almonds)

That's where you come in!  You have a unique opportunity to be a part of this project!  Kickstarter provides a venue where folks can make a pledge toward a fund to make our cafe a reality.  You can make whatever size donation you like.  The more supporters the better so please spread the word.

(Enlightened Egg Salad)

It's super quick and easy!

Step One:  sign into Kickstarter.  Enter an email address and create a password. 

Step Two: Sign into Amazon (if you already have an account you're already super cool and can go on to step 3)

Step Three: Make a donation of any amount you like ($1 or more)Your card will only get charged if and when we reach our goal.

Step Four:  Follow our progress here, our website, twitter and facebook.  Reap your rewards! 

Here's what's in it for you:  First and foremost....warm fuzzies knowing that you are helping bring our dream to life (and that it will all be done without harming any little animals)

We've also set up some great rewards for you!  Free food!  Free Merch!  And for our most generous donors, a Friends & Family Soiree and a menu item named after you!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our Kickstarter project!!!  We really appreciate your support!


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    Warm fuzzies and viral fame when you receive a special Thank You shout-out on our FaceBook and Website!

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    Thank You shout-out, Handwritten Thank You card, bumpersticker AND a Free Lunch with us at the cafe! (must be in SL)

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    All of the above but with lunch for 2 and your name on our "Wall of Gratitude"

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    OUT OF TOWNER REWARD!!! Friends, family and potential backer NOT in the SLC area...So maybe you can't come have lunch with us...but if you make this pledge you will be rewarded with: warm fuzzies & viral fame, a handwritten thank you card, a groovy bumpersticker and a totebag!

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    All of the above, AND an awesome screen-printed tote-bag with our logo!

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    All of the above AND you will be invited to our EXCLUSIVE friends and family "after hours" Celebratory Soiree!

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    All of the above AND an item on our menu named after YOU!!!

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