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Posters of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more! Now with metallic gold ink.
Posters of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more!
Posters of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more!
397 backers pledged $20,869 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      CL 6 days ago

      Big sob story and another promise to fulfill and.....nothing. Could at least understand if he’d just say he is stealing our money and get lost.

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Rudicil on February 13

      It's one thing to have personal difficulties. It's another thing entirely to steal the money from those who have provided funds to you for goods. Rob, you are stealing from us. Charges will be made if you do not make us whole either by refund or by shipping the darned posters you claim to have had for the past 6 months. Stop being preposterous and own up to your responsibilities.

    3. James Murray on February 9

      No poster and no response to my repeated messages about a refund. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given this guys track record. What a waste of money.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ohad on February 9

      Anybody received the poster following the last update?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Barrios
      on January 14

      This is supposed to be Kickstarter Gold "WOW". I guess they are going for our Gold!!! Would be nice if Kickstarter would step in, and do something.
      As we know all they do is sit back, collect their commission and wash their hands if there is a problem!!!

    6. James Murray on January 6

      I would prefer a refund please. I no longer want the poster.
      Please return my messages.

    7. Missing avatar

      on January 3

      Good luck, Rob, I wish you all the best!

    8. Trevor Stach on January 2

      Rob, depression is a serious condition and I am happy that things seem to be getting back on track for you. I look forward to my poster, all the best on your recovery.

    9. James Murray on December 22

      Should we spread the word on social media? Maybe then one of the two principal parties will notice and do something.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou
      on December 22

      Having checked the web site it seems all stock has been sold.
      My guess is the business has closed down.

      the sad part is this was not an impulse buy, I really wanted the poster.

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott Rudicil on December 22

      My multiple posters, frames, plaques, etc. never shipped, and I am surprised at KickStarter for having done nothing considering they advertised the heck out of this campaign. This is an extreme disappointment, and it is disheartening to know that we as buyers have very little recourse in having our money refunded from Rob or KickStarter. I am going to contact my credit card company to attempt to get a refund. Theft is not something that they take lightly, Rob & KickStarter, and I will be sure to provide the Secretary of State of IL with a notice about Rob's business practices.

    12. James Murray on December 21

      It's very sad Charlie. I feel the same way. I tried contacting Rob (ironic name given the situation) but I haven't gotten ANY response. And Kickstarter has done nothing.

    13. Charlie Hall on December 20

      What a joke. Still waiting for

      A) My poster
      B) A refund
      C) A reply

      I contacted Kickstarter and they told me to try contact Rob.
      I, and I'm sure many others, have tried contacting Rob numerous times with no reply.
      This was a Kickstarter GOLD project and was advertised for weeks on Kickstarters frontpage.

      I will most likely never back anything on Kickstarter again, shame.

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul S on December 14

      I argued the point that this was a "Gold" project and they blew it off. Kickstarter couldn't care less than they already do. Also emailed him twice with no responses. I won't be funding on this shit show ever again.

      Since they promoted the hell out of this and slapped it on the front page there is liability on their part.

    15. James Murray on December 12

      Kickstarter recommends we try to contact him. I know some of you have tried that already. But if all of us send him an email, maybe he'll take a second to update us.
      Or we could all form a Kickstarter to fund legal action? :)

    16. Missing avatar

      on December 12

      Has anyone tried emailing him?

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Meyer on December 11

      I filed a complaint with my credit card company and they issued me a refund. That may be an option for some of you.

    18. James Murray on December 7

      I don't understand how Kickstarter can ignore this, as it was a "Gold" project. I realize we take a risk, but seeing this campaign still labeled "successful" is like salt on a wound.
      I'm sorry the guy is depressed, but you know what, so am I. "Major Depression" is what my diagnosis was. Yet, I manage to keep my promises and fulfill my obligations, no matter how bad I feel.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ohad on December 1

      It happened to me last time and the response from Kickstarter was the same. If I don't get it, for me it's the last time I support as well

    20. Missing avatar

      CL on November 27

      Or, someone can drop in and pay him a visit...
      2811 N Pine Grove Ave, Floor 1
      Chicago Illinois
      60657 United States

      Info from his website. I’m sure I could find someone in Chicago to help us out

    21. Dan Bodenstein on November 27

      Hi all, I'm just a backer but I did a little investigation and wanted to report that *maybe* there is a *eventual* silver lining. I was able to confirm with VGKids that the posters were printed and delivered in early September. I say this, not to beat up on Rob, but to say that it looks like his logistics/shipping issues still persist however, so do the posters. Hopefully when Rob sorts out his personal issues, we will all see our really cool posters (+/- the framing that I ordered).

    22. Missing avatar

      James Hagen on November 24

      What REALLY bothers me, is that I REALLY wanted this poster. I think it's very cool, and would look great hanging on my wall. While I don't appreciate losing the money (which I'm sure is gone), I'm more PO'd that I won't be getting the poster that I really wanted.

      I've reached out to Rob several times, with no response. I reached out to Kick-me-in-the-ass Starter, and received some BS response that says they're not responsible in any way.

      I'm done with KS and will definitely tell all of my friends to steer clear of this website.

      It's disgraceful.

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul S on November 22

      I pushed this with Kickstarter since they pushed this as a Gold project thereby elevating and promoting it. All they say they'll do is reach out to him and push him to respond. What a bunch of BS. They need to take more responsibility since they take a cut of the proceeds for simply letting it run on this platform.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ohad on November 11

      Still no news I see. That's too bad. My 2nd project that went sideways-out of a few
      Too bad, won't be backing anyone soon... From past experience, Kickstart won't to anything. Again, really sucks

    25. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou
      on November 10

      Unfortunately it does seem we have been ripped off.
      Notice how everything fell silent once the survey went out - the one asking if you wanted to buy anything further so you would be charged more.
      Upset that this has not come to fruition and that my money has been wasted.

    26. James Murray on November 9

      Agreed Charlie. Have you reported this project to Kickstarter? Not that there's anything they can do, but they should be made aware that we've all been ripped off.

    27. Charlie Hall on November 6

      Can I please be refunded? This is despicable.

    28. Missing avatar

      phil wade on October 24

      Im checking in! Unfortunately Im just a backer.

    29. James Murray on October 23

      Since this is a Kickstarter GOLD project, you'd think someone would check in once and a while.

    30. James Murray on October 22

      So, is there anyway we can get our money back? This is very disappointing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rishab Mukherjee on October 22

      Think I'm gonna have to write this one off. There is no refund option and no update from Rob or any rep either. I completely empathize with his situation and wish the best for him. But this money is hard earned for me too. And unfortunately, this "default" has created a general distrust in me against Kickstarter as a whole.

    32. Missing avatar

      CL on October 21

      This is the second “Kickstarter Gold” that I backed that was a complete failure or scam. Kickstarter won’t give a sh!t and should just chalk it up to another loss. His excuses are not valid or professional. He could update at the very, very least.

    33. Brian Summers
      on October 20


    34. Missing avatar

      Paul S on October 19

      Rob, or someone on his behalf needs to respond to this. It's ridiculous to start a project and then comment in a post, which he didn't make the bakers aware of, stating he was starting new projects to pay for his backlog. That tells me he's potentially using the money from this to clear up other people first. And ignoring us like victims of some sort of Ponzi(esq) scheme.

    35. Missing avatar

      on October 19

      I am also sorry to hear that and hope for the best for Rob. But I find hard to believe that there is no one that could post an update here on his behalf..
      On the risk and challenges section he had warned us about his personal situation but also reassured us that his friends would help him to keep this running as smooth as possible if something was to happen..
      Still nothing but my best wishes to Rob, but I am a bit disappointed nevertheless.

    36. James Murray on October 11

      So no official word on Kickstarter, just something on his personal site?
      I'm sorry he's experiencing a rough time. I'd just like to know the status of the project. Are the posters even printed?

    37. Simon James Lopez on October 8

      @Dan Weese, it certainly is a possibility, but I found that email link on a tweet he posted September 8th, 2017. I can't say about the previous project as this is the only time I've backed one of his creations.

    38. Dan Weese
      on October 6

      Simon, are you sure that email isn’t from September 2016 when he didn’t get his last project out? That email looks like what I received last year.

    39. Dan Weese
      on October 6

      Rob, you said when you created this project that you put mechanisms in place that would still get product out the door in the event you had another bout of depression. It’s now October and we haven’t heard a word from you since mid August. What is the current status?

    40. Charlie Hall on October 6

      Sorry to hear also, best regards for Rob.

      I'm leaving my address at the end of October and will not have a new one for 6-12months.... Any chance we will recieve before November?

    41. James Murray on October 5

      Anyone heard any new news? I'm sorry to hear of Robs troubles.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ohad on October 2

      Thanks for the update. Wish Rob all the best! Will wait for as long as it takes..

    43. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou
      on October 1

      I'm happy to wait.
      All the best Rob.

    44. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks
      on September 29

      Thanks for sharing that Simon.

    45. Simon James Lopez on September 28

      Having looked at an email update posted from the creator's Twitter account, it would seem there have been some personal circumstances that have caused a delay which can be read here posted on September 8th:

      Needless to say, I wish nothing but the best for Rob and his future and will continue to wait patiently for this creation.

    46. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks
      on September 25


    47. Missing avatar

      Ohad on September 21

      Anybody received the items already? I keep waiting for an update...

    48. Missing avatar

      patrick keegan on September 7

      Could we get an update? Thanks

    49. Missing avatar

      Nathan Voight on August 13, 2017

      Is it possible to add the awesome shirt after we've completed the survey?

    50. Missing avatar

      patrick keegan on August 8, 2017

      You might want to consider a tribute to Wile E Coyote with a best customer award from the ACME corp.

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