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Posters of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more! Now with metallic gold ink.
Posters of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more!
Posters of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more!
397 backers pledged $20,869 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul S about 7 hours ago

      I pushed this with Kickstarter since they pushed this as a Gold project thereby elevating and promoting it. All they say they'll do is reach out to him and push him to respond. What a bunch of BS. They need to take more responsibility since they take a cut of the proceeds for simply letting it run on this platform.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ohad on November 11

      Still no news I see. That's too bad. My 2nd project that went sideways-out of a few
      Too bad, won't be backing anyone soon... From past experience, Kickstart won't to anything. Again, really sucks

    3. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou on November 10

      Unfortunately it does seem we have been ripped off.
      Notice how everything fell silent once the survey went out - the one asking if you wanted to buy anything further so you would be charged more.
      Upset that this has not come to fruition and that my money has been wasted.

    4. James Murray on November 9

      Agreed Charlie. Have you reported this project to Kickstarter? Not that there's anything they can do, but they should be made aware that we've all been ripped off.

    5. Charlie Hall on November 6

      Can I please be refunded? This is despicable.

    6. Missing avatar

      phil wade on October 24

      Im checking in! Unfortunately Im just a backer.

    7. James Murray on October 23

      Since this is a Kickstarter GOLD project, you'd think someone would check in once and a while.

    8. James Murray on October 22

      So, is there anyway we can get our money back? This is very disappointing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rishab Mukherjee on October 22

      Think I'm gonna have to write this one off. There is no refund option and no update from Rob or any rep either. I completely empathize with his situation and wish the best for him. But this money is hard earned for me too. And unfortunately, this "default" has created a general distrust in me against Kickstarter as a whole.

    10. Missing avatar

      CL on October 21

      This is the second “Kickstarter Gold” that I backed that was a complete failure or scam. Kickstarter won’t give a sh!t and should just chalk it up to another loss. His excuses are not valid or professional. He could update at the very, very least.

    11. Brian Summers
      on October 20


    12. Missing avatar

      Paul S on October 19

      Rob, or someone on his behalf needs to respond to this. It's ridiculous to start a project and then comment in a post, which he didn't make the bakers aware of, stating he was starting new projects to pay for his backlog. That tells me he's potentially using the money from this to clear up other people first. And ignoring us like victims of some sort of Ponzi(esq) scheme.

    13. Missing avatar

      on October 19

      I am also sorry to hear that and hope for the best for Rob. But I find hard to believe that there is no one that could post an update here on his behalf..
      On the risk and challenges section he had warned us about his personal situation but also reassured us that his friends would help him to keep this running as smooth as possible if something was to happen..
      Still nothing but my best wishes to Rob, but I am a bit disappointed nevertheless.

    14. James Murray on October 11

      So no official word on Kickstarter, just something on his personal site?
      I'm sorry he's experiencing a rough time. I'd just like to know the status of the project. Are the posters even printed?

    15. Simon James Lopez on October 8

      @Dan Weese, it certainly is a possibility, but I found that email link on a tweet he posted September 8th, 2017. I can't say about the previous project as this is the only time I've backed one of his creations.

    16. Dan Weese
      on October 6

      Simon, are you sure that email isn’t from September 2016 when he didn’t get his last project out? That email looks like what I received last year.

    17. Dan Weese
      on October 6

      Rob, you said when you created this project that you put mechanisms in place that would still get product out the door in the event you had another bout of depression. It’s now October and we haven’t heard a word from you since mid August. What is the current status?

    18. Charlie Hall on October 6

      Sorry to hear also, best regards for Rob.

      I'm leaving my address at the end of October and will not have a new one for 6-12months.... Any chance we will recieve before November?

    19. James Murray on October 5

      Anyone heard any new news? I'm sorry to hear of Robs troubles.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ohad on October 2

      Thanks for the update. Wish Rob all the best! Will wait for as long as it takes..

    21. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou on October 1

      I'm happy to wait.
      All the best Rob.

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks
      on September 29

      Thanks for sharing that Simon.

    23. Simon James Lopez on September 28

      Having looked at an email update posted from the creator's Twitter account, it would seem there have been some personal circumstances that have caused a delay which can be read here posted on September 8th:

      Needless to say, I wish nothing but the best for Rob and his future and will continue to wait patiently for this creation.

    24. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks
      on September 25


    25. Missing avatar

      Ohad on September 21

      Anybody received the items already? I keep waiting for an update...

    26. Missing avatar

      patrick keegan on September 7

      Could we get an update? Thanks

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathan Voight on August 13

      Is it possible to add the awesome shirt after we've completed the survey?

    28. Missing avatar

      patrick keegan on August 8

      You might want to consider a tribute to Wile E Coyote with a best customer award from the ACME corp.

    29. Rob Loukotka 5-time creator on July 21

      I can't find who asked, but to confirm, the frames for the posters are indeed made out of wood. Looks like a poplar, but distressed and stained black to give it a barnwood vibe. The plaques are sustainable cherry wood. Glass is acrylic (way way safer to ship), and we attach screws and a tight wire for proper hanging. No need to touch any drills or whatever! A simple nail or hook will hold them up. But I suppose a screw works as well.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou on July 18

      Any chance the next project can be a t-shirt with the poster print going all around?

    31. Rob Loukotka 5-time creator on July 17

      J.M. - Send me a message and I can try to find my old list. The organization / chronology of the old cartoons isn't an exact science sadly, but I'd happy to email you the data I originally compiled in 2012.

    32. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks
      on July 17

      Yes! Already upgraded. Thanks!

    33. Rob Loukotka 5-time creator on July 17

      Okay! Added the FRAMED option due to several of you asking. :) You can easily upgrade your pledge to the ready-to-hang framed poster level here:

    34. Joel Mathew on July 16

      Hello Rob! I'm really happy to be backing this campaign but I wanted to ask you, would it be possible if you could put the episode number(s) associated to each item or to the item name that you have at the bottom of the poster? That way if anyone is interested in watching that episode of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner with certain Acme products then it wouldn't be that much of a problem.

    35. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou on July 15

      The ACME company is the epitome of a successful corporate structure.

    36. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks
      on July 12

      I would love a framed option too.

    37. Rob Loukotka 5-time creator on June 29

      Nils - Nope! The shipping cost is for the tube, so 1, 2, 3 posters, etc. is just one flat shipping rate. So only $30 needs to be added for the poster (not $50). Okay!

    38. Poor Pirate
      on June 25

      So if I want two posters shipped to Sweden, do I need to add more shipping for the second one?

    39. Markus Jöbstl
      on June 23

      Friendly asking for a digital reward (high res PDF or wallpaper)... All the best - Markus

    40. Missing avatar

      Lani Roscoe on June 22

      I just upped my payment for 2 posters. Excellent deal! Can't wait for them to arrive!

    41. Rob Loukotka 5-time creator on June 20

      I should mention if any folks want 2 posters, just make it $69 instead of $39. US shipping is free either way though! Didn't think it was worth a new tier, but if you need one for a friend, it's totally doable and easy for me to do 2 posters in a tube (max 3, because at 4 it's too densely packed).

    42. Rob Loukotka 5-time creator on June 20

      Chris - Thank you so much! Kickstarter is so much fun as both a creator AND a backer. I've backed 44 or 45 or something? Should do more!

      John - Absolutely. I'll either tag it on as a new reward here, or just have them in my store. I already can do 18x24" frames, I just need to laser the plaques! US only, like usual. Whatever people prefer, we can do (KS or FF).

    43. Missing avatar

      John Shorba on June 20

      Rob, can we get a level that has a frame and laser engraved gallery plaque like all my other pieces from Fringe Focus? Or possibly upgrade our order to that in September? Thanks.

    44. Christopher Lee
      on June 20

      The original ACME poster was the first thing I ever baked on Kickstarter. I'm now at almost 70. Thank you Kickstarter and THANK YOU Rob.

      PS - keep fighting ;