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$5,585 pledged of $16,000 goal
$5,585 pledged of $16,000 goal

New Reward Levels and Assassin Spotlight


Hey, everyone! First off, it's been a little over a week since we launched, and we're thrilled to have over 150 supporters! You guys are the best. It really means so much to us.

To help us reach our goal, we've added a couple more pledge tiers that we hope will be interesting to you. If you'd like to help us out even more, go check 'em out! Hades himself has decided he'd like to sign a few copies of Swords & Souls--in Ancient Greek, no less--and deliver a personal note to those who pledge at the new tiers. And at the highest one, you'll get a rather dashing T-shirt with the Swords & Souls logo on it (check out the mock-up image below), plus a 1-hour video chat with Jaron. You could use it to talk about games, learn some Photoshop or Illustrator tips, or just have a friendly chat. 

Things have been pretty quiet around here--Let us know what you think about these new rewards, as well as any suggestions for what you would like from the campaign or the game itself. We want to hear from you.


Also, over the next few updates, we'll be covering the heroes of Swords & Souls, outlining their basic combat strategies and giving you some tips on how to use them. Every little bit helps when you're fighting for your life!

Hero Spotlight: Assassin

 In life, the Assassin excelled at killing. But what's a killer to do when everyone around them is already dead?

Luckily, some of the Assassin's skills are still useful for Hades' game: nimble in every way, and trained for sleight, stealthy movement.

In Swords & Souls, the Assassin starts with a Knife, Dodge, and Steal card as well as two Favor cards. The Knife can be used at opportune moments, allowing you to attack even when it's not your turn. When you Dodge, you'll sidestep an attack and pass it on to the next player. And you can Steal obols or treasures your neighboring players may have picked up in the arena. You can also appeal to Hades for Favor, granting you obols to purchase items from the arsenal, though you'll quickly find your opponents can all do the same.

As the Assassin, you also have an extra trick up your sleeve--your hero talent is a Dodge that can protect you when your back's up against the wall. Be wary of cards like Aim or Missile, though, that will strike true no matter how fast you are!

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      on February 28

      Great thats good news :-)