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A line of pure beeswax candles born from a love of vintage objects. Hand poured in Florida by the lady in the video.
A line of pure beeswax candles born from a love of vintage objects. Hand poured in Florida by the lady in the video.
235 backers pledged $10,940 to help bring this project to life.

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The Candle Are In The Mail!

Your candles and other rewards are all on the way! A few locals are scheduled for personal deliveries early next week.

Just want to share that my newest Kickstarter went live this afternoon and we are almost at full funding. Here's the link:

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! 

If anyone needs to contact me regarding their rewards, please email me at fresh pastry stand (one word) (at) gmail (dot) com.


CORRECTION Rewards will ship by Monday the 19th of NOVEMBER!

Unless otherwise arranged ;)

Final Update!

Rewards will all be shipped by Monday, the 19th of December!

That is, the rewards of people who filled out their survey. Please! If you want to claim your reward, fill out your survey by Monday. If you cannot figure out your survey, just EMAIL ME! your address. Send it to fresh pastry stand (one word) (at) gmail (dot) com.

My shop has lots of great stuff in it in time for the holidays and I am excited! 

And...I am getting ready to launch a second Kickstarter! I am mucho happy about that. Below are some pics from my shop and some sneakie peaky pics of coming attractions (i.e. tea towels for Kickstarter #2). 

Thanks so much for the crash course in starting a business!

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The End in Sight!

Hi Backers--

The end is in sight! Was hoping to get all rewards shipped by Nov. 1 but that did not happen. The Dec. 1 date originally stated is the reality I am embracing. 

Truth be told, I got quite distracted by Hurricane Sandy. My hometown of Sayreville, NJ was one of the hardest hit by the storm. You may have seen it on the news or highlighted by hometown boys Dule Hill and Jon Bon Jovi. I loved growing up in Sayreville and many of my high school classmates backed this project. I have at least 2 friends who's parents' homes were devastated by the flooding.

I know there is a lot of places that need help in the NY and NJ area. But please remember the small town of Sayreville when making your donations. Our Lady of Victory (OLV) church in Sayreville is accepting donations and in need of volunteer help. I have a few police officer and firefighter friends in Sayreville and South Amboy (neighboring town), as well as a lineworker, and friends who own small businesses in the area. I have friends with little babies who went 6 days without electricity.

I promise your rewards will be there soon. Thank you for supporting my growing business. I recently had a great sale on Fab and will be selling on there again soon. Additionally, I have a lot of other exciting stuff percolating. I know many of you who backed this project are avid Kickstarter backers. And I love that. Small business needs you! I hope you will also consider supporting my home town and other towns like it that were wrecked by the storm.

Thanks XO

Kickstarter Reward Fulfillment Has Begun!

Poster? Check!
Postcard? Check!
Washi tape? Check!

Rewards began going out this week. Over 100 candles are in the mail as I type this! It's a good feeling.

I need to take a tiny break from shipping rewards as we get in gear for our October 16th sale on Fab. We are offering a small selection of candles in limited quantities but the sale is mostly cake stands. Many, many cake stands!

Below is the typical picture puddle you've come to expect from me. There is a happy backer at the $8 level showing off her letterpress postcard (shout out to Ohio!), a nice snap of Justin (who is super killing it on Kickstarter, btw) mailing the artist prints from Berlin to moi in Florida, a wrapped candle (custom washi represent!), the poster and a close-up of the poster where the 2 colors meet and send me into silkscreeny swoons, some extra postage for a Canadian backer's postcard (Oh Canada!), and a screen shot of CNET's coverage of a new site called Kickfollower.

Okay...just wanted to give you an updated. And I did! Estimating that everything should be shipped and over with by the beginning of November. Please, if you haven't filled out your survey, it is waiting for you at Kickstarter! XOXOX

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