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The 1980s military toy line Eagle Force returns as a modern articulated line of 4" action figures.
The 1980s military toy line Eagle Force returns as a modern articulated line of 4" action figures.
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Designer Con update…and we need your feedback, so please comment below.


Hey Eagle Force Team

We just got back from Designer Con in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing show! If are in the LA area next November please check it out. 

We revealed a few characters for Eagle Force Wave 2…Wave 2 will include characters from Eagle Force, Heroes vs Villains and Monster Force. Agent Vess and General Mamba were big hits at the show. Agent Vess might have something to do with a familiar 80's line we’re going to reboot in 2019.

We also showed our concepts for Eagle Force: Ninja Force. This is not a 100% all out ninja line but more my tribute to 80’s action movies. That said Hasbro has given us a few ninjas over the years, so I want to know if folks are interested in something like this before we move ahead into sculpting some figures. For those Savitar fans, you’ll be happy.

We also got to show folks our tooling samples for Eagle Force Wave 1 displayed on the R.I.O.T. hideout by D&J Toys

In non Eagle Force news we showed some image of our relaunch of Amazing Heroes, our 1/18th super heroes line, along with a few prototypes.

Here are some images from the show.






Here is the part in the update where I need your feedback.

As some of you know Zica/Remco toys, who is partnering with us on Eagle Force, canceled their Adventure People line. As we are sharing this tooling for Eagle Force, Craig at Zica/Remco was kind enough not to go into specific details with his messaging. So naturally folks are asking “Why did he cancel?” Well, as we feel transparency is key with Kickstarter, we felt we should let you know. It was primarily about scale. Although still very much 1/18th, the Eagle Force figures are a bit shorter than other popular figures in the market, as you can see by these images.


There were also a few minor imperfections in the tooling, like the shoulders are a tad rounded and after many months the ankle ball never really looked the way we intended. Craig was not willing to compromise on these points, so he decided to cancel the Adventure People and offer refunds out of his own pocket. I was willing to go with the current scale and deal with these minor issues in order to stay on target for our original delivery in late March.

After a long discussion with Craig and getting some feedback at Designer Con from fans, we decided this is not really up to us. It’s up to YOU…the community that came together to bring Eagle Force back to life.

We have the opportunity to redo the tooling, fix the scale and adjust some minor issues, but this will push us 3-4 months behind schedule and we won’t deliver till summer 2018. It’s important to keep in mind that this tooling will be used in future lines as well, see above, so it does have a broad and lasting impact. If we do retool, Craig is considering reversing his thinking and moving ahead with Captain Action, so there is that as well. We would prefer to redo the tooling and adjust the scale, but we wanted to get as much feedback as we could so we can make the best informed decision.

Like all Kickstarters, this is process, so we hope everyone understands that although we’re not Hasbro or Mattel, we are committed to making the best toys possible. we'll be posting this on Facebook but please share your comments below, as this is really a question for the backers.

Thanks everyone!

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    1. Charles Cannon

      I so want one of those attack on eagle island posters! And glad to see you are doing the re-tooling. All your new stuff looks fantastic, some I'll buy, some I won't but wishing you success!

    2. Maddrox98182

      Love the C.O.P.S. homage. The ninjas look good. I hope the Frank Walsh in promo image is a variant; I really enjoying all the new characters you've added to your universe. Is the ninja lady's name Keiko Savitar? Or is the guy to her right another version of Savitar?
      It's a little late, but I want to add that I'd rather wait for a better product. The only time delays with Kickstarters annoy me is when there is no communication, and no one could say that about this campaign.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Oh yeah I'm totally down for ninjas.

    4. Bill Murphy 10-time creator

      Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Based on the feedback we are going to retool. I'll send an update to the effect soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Rohrich on

      I honestly don't care about the size since I am as done with G.I. Joe as Hasbro is and the lines from you & Zica are the only ones in this size that I am getting. I would say retool since you are unhappy with the product.

      I am all for ninjas and anything related to C.O.P.S.!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      I want these to be the best versions of these figures that they can be. I think you guys want that too. I can wait a few more months. Its all good. And seriously if you bring back the is toy line I'm thinking of I'll lose my mind.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dan Lapham on

      Please retool any current issues, and any others that may arise during the retool process. Get these right the first time, as all future waves will be built on this foundation.

    8. John Junkins on

      One of my biggest complains about the original Eagle Force was the size. I wanted to play with them next to my G.I. Joes. They always looked like their little brother, never their eaual. I vote to re-tool. The extra time would be worth the wait for a line that looks to be able continue for several more years and should stack up to Joes and the various Boss Fight figures.

    9. Jim Spivey on

      I'm in full support of the delay to retool. I'm in no rush to receive these figures, and I'd much rather be able to pose them with my other figures of the same scale and not think twice about it. And as has been mentioned, it'll likely be a good move for the brand in the long run.

    10. Missing avatar

      Greg Hignight on

      I support the retool and delay. I can wait 4 more months. Very excited about this line and all of your upcoming projects! So I'm totally OK with taking a little more time & doing it right.

    11. Missing avatar

      angelo m cirelli on

      I would rather wait and have the issues fixed .

    12. Missing avatar

      George Pyrtle on

      I'm in agreement with adjusting the scale and the retooling.

    13. Dacre Bush on

      I vote for retool and size. These are going to be amazing. Can’t wait for next year!

    14. Missing avatar

      robert lacy on

      Please retool for both the height and joint issues. I do not mind the wait.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gavin Hignight on

      I vote we hold off, get the size to modern standards. Four more months isn't that much of a deal to get quality and size we're hoping for.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Happy to wait until the summer! Do it once, do it right is part of a code I’ve always lived by. Retool guys for sure.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dod Ear on

      Thank you for sharing about Ninja Force, now that I've seen more promo art and have a better understanding of the plans I'm much more excited and look forward to supporting it.

      You guys are also killing me with the tease about C.O.P.S. in 2019. Two words: ALL IN!

      That said, I think I's all the more important that EFR Wave 1 be retooled. It's the foundation of all the other great things we're excited about. The choice is not to get EFR Wave 1 right, but all future waves and all other properties right.

      I'll gladly wait whatever it takes to ensure all of these lines and properties are the best toys possible.

    18. Missing avatar

      Loose Cannon on

      I would vote to retool to clear up any issues. I don't mind the scale.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      @Eric LeFeber - I'm worried about the "diaper crotch" too. Can these guys put their legs completely forward? Can they sit down with their legs straight?

      I remember having to carve out room for legs on those 2007 figures

    20. Missing avatar

      Dan Foster on

      I don't mind a little height variance in figures (makes it more realistic, and they fit better in classic RAH vehicles), but I have no problem waiting for a retool either.

    21. Santiago Alanis on

      Adjust the height, get it to exactly 1/18 scale like BFS and MTF and CFT. Even in the photos of the figures by themselves, of the first cast/images of production, Captain Eagle was looking a little anemic. Arms and legs look very skinny.

    22. Sombras on

      No one likes to wait. The retool is need it to avoid damaging the wave 2 reputation. Yes, I want the figures to be retool. Change the engineer and if that don't work, the factory (I know that will be expensive)

      What about the playsets delivery schedule?

    23. Matt Slaymaker on

      Another vote for retool. I would also rather wait for excellence...I am cool with height variants...but if the whole line is smaller that would not be cool. And if joints are not right - absolutely those must be fixed...pose-ability for play and photos is huge. I love the concepts for the characters...and can totally wait if that means far better product.

    24. Eric LeFeber on

      1) "Redo the tooling"?!! The whole figure or just those parts you mention? Are you lengthening the torso? Legs? arms? In any case, that's no inexpensive undertaking. How are you paying for that?

      2) Seeing Captain Eagle side-by-side with the Task Force figure, I notice that he seems to be suffering from what the first few Joes had during the relaunch; "diaper crotch" that limited the range of movement. Is this also something that would be fixed?

      3) I'm fine with waiting additional time if it means a better product. However, I'm also fine with the shorter height.

    25. TandaCash on

      I vote retool if it will give the "brand" a better chance of future success even if it does mean a delay. ((Very happy to read that Adventure People is back on!)) I've been ALL-IN with AP, EF & AH....and I will be ALL-IN with whatever new lines come out my only concern is overextending with too much too quick (even though none of this is really quick ;p) I think launching other Kickstarters before product is in hand of current lines may cause some people to be hesitant about pledging.

      As for Ninjas --- Would love and support of course bu again......with Sectaurs (I know this is Zica), AH Reborn, AH Retroverse, EF Returns Wave 2, EF Monster Force, EF Heroes vs. Villains, C.O.P.S (2019), I think that is everything (lol) all coming down the road. I just worry that you are over extending your customer base to be able to keep up which in turns makes more people have to pick and choose instead of being able to support fully. Again, I will happily be ALL-IN but I love stretch goals and that is what might be hurt be such a large portfolio coming out. But I'm going to contradict everything I just wrote and say I LOVE the large portfolio.

      And one last favor to ask. Is it possible to post a picture of the EF posters with a prototype or other figure standing in front of it just to get an idea of the scale look for using it as a background display? You may have already done something like this and I just missed it.

      Sticking with you though whatever you need to do to get the best quality figures out there and will support you though whatever decisions are made!

    26. Jason Sussman on

      I vote retool as well - these look fantastic but a bump in scale will help them mesh a bit better with my Joes. All in on C.O.P.S. and the Ninjas!

    27. Mike Holm on

      I vote fix it now. If the future figures rely on this tooling, get it perfect in the beginning. Less headaches for you later.

    28. Missing avatar

      Robert Ashman on

      I vote to retool. Get that height up just a bit.

    29. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      Retool it please. My intention is to mix the Eagle force figures with other lines as gi joe and Marauder Task Force. Please make them compatible.

    30. Andre Bynoe on

      Retool! Count my vote for retool.

    31. Corey DiPietro on

      Retool. Willing to wait for better height compatibility to other lines.

    32. Shawn Saunders on

      I'm in favor of retooling.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kristopher on

      The slightly altered scale, shoulder & ankle issues are insignificant for this All-In + backer. Not something I think most would notice unless it was brought to such attention. I will not be displaying these with other figures with the possible exception of modern Joes (many of whom are already scaled too large for their reissued vintage-tooled vehicles). I'm not personally for further delaying this project by another quarter, particularly as I won't invest in any future projects until this one is fulfilled. But that seems to be the direction this is swinging. I have to say, having this project's delay tied to the just-canceled Adventure People project is not sitting well with this backer who invested heavily in both. I'd rather not invest in projects tied to other productions in the future after this.

    34. Missing avatar

      Max Veers on

      I vote for the re-tool as well. It's important for these figures to be in scale with my other figures; MTF and BFS in particular. How will this impact you financially though?

    35. Joe Tages on

      I'm with Craig and the majority on here: Retool, adjust the scale and fix any other issues. Those rounded shoulders do look bad when compared to the other figures on display. I'm willing to wait if it leads to a superior product which won't break or look bad, and further collaborations with Craig. Strength in numbers, guys. Good luck to you all.

    36. Missing avatar

      Raymond Murphy on

      I vote for retool. The scale isn’t that much of an issue for me, but if there’s tweaks that need to happen regarding joints, best to do it now to get the right foundation for future waves.

    37. Dave Ray on

      If Craig was not satisfied, and knowing he is a big action figure fan, I will support a re-tool and hope he's willing to come back and work even closer with you guys. I remember the god-awful shoulders of that Joe vs Cobra re-launch in 2002. Let's fix it. Also, would you consider re-opening pre-orders if everything gets re-tooled? I had to cut back on my intended number of troopers when the funds came due.

    38. Brad Dupay on

      I am all for retooling even if it means a delay. The compatibility with other 3.75” scale Kickstarter lines is one of the driving forces behind my interest in these figures, and so I would prefer for them to all look in scale with each other.

    39. John W Nichols on

      I vote retool. Get it right!

    40. Erika - Ninja Cowgirl of Brimstone

      I vote for a retool. If these tools are the base for all the lines you plan to do, it's best to get them right from the start. I won't mind a few months delay.

    41. Missing avatar

      Joe Lundvall on

      I think the Eagle Force figures look fine as is but don't mind the wait if you decided to retool them. If you do decide to retool and fulfillment is therefore delayed, I think it would be in your best interest to further push back the Kickstarters for your other proposed lines until this one is fulfilled. I, for one, will not back any of those until these figures are in hand. As for the other topic: for the love of God, no more ninjas!

    42. Sam Panico on

      I don't mind the wait to get a better product, especially if that means future lines get better. I appreciate that you asked us.

      As for Ninja Force, I like where things are going.

    43. Michael J. Williams on

      I vote for a retool. I do think this looks good as-is, but if it can be improved, I am all for it, even if it means a bit of a delay. It will only mean better things for future product, too. And if it means Adventure People gets a second wind, all the better.

    44. Missing avatar

      Brecht Houthoofd on

      I can live with the slight scale difference between EF and figures like MTF and HACKS.

      What's more of a concern to me is the rounded shoulders. They are a bit of a distraction from otherwise perfect figures, and bring the whole GI Joe vs Cobra era of construction back to mind (even though on the EF figures it doesn't look as bad as said JvC figures of old).

      So, all things considered, even though I can't wait to get these in hand, I can muster the extra patience for a retool so EF can become the best it can be. I firmly believe EF can become "the next big thing" in action figure land, at the very least in the 1:18 scale, and a retool would definately contribute to that.
      Also, if a retool means we get another shot at Captain Action then I'm all the more for it!

    45. Missing avatar

      Salvador Cabral on

      I vote for retooling. Like others have stated, I wouldn't have backed this line if I had known that the figures would turn out to be out of scale with BFS Vitruvian HACKS and Marauder Task Force. I can wait a few more months.

      I also agree with many others that the ninja characters should just be sprinkled into the main line rather than being a Kickstarter or series on their own.