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Hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled truck tarps. Our first rolling travel bag: spacious when you need it, compact when you don't.
The world's first inflatable
travel bag that's spacious when you need it and compact when you don't.
Did you miss the chance to get your
ZIPPELIN? Don’t miss it again, and sign up to our newsletter for updates.
The world's first inflatable travel bag that's spacious when you need it and compact when you don't. Did you miss the chance to get your ZIPPELIN? Don’t miss it again, and sign up to our newsletter for updates.
1,071 backers pledged €489,019 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. FREITAG lab Creator on March 10

      @Mohamad Kamsani
      The Black ZIPPELINs are part of the first production batch that is currently passing our quality control. I'am expecting to be able to send out the Black ZIPPELINs within the next two weeks.
      We will be sending out an update to the timing to all our backers and a specific mail to the backers for Black ZIPPELIN very soon!

    2. Mohamad Kamsani on March 10

      Any updates on All Black Zippelin due to ship this month?

    3. FREITAG lab Creator on February 20

      @Daddy Warbucks
      We have several FREITAG stores in Zurich:
      We are happy to welcome you in our F-actory/HQ in Zurich-Oerlikon where we have a little store, too.
      Don't hesitate to contact us again prior to your visit. Would be great to meet for a coffee.

    4. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on February 19

      I’ll be in Zurich in May and then again in June. Where are you guys in Zurich and do you allow customers to come by for a look?

    5. Pocket Rocket on February 15

      Thanks guys - given your reputation I know there won't be much issues but it's good to hear on the progress made :)

    6. FREITAG lab Creator on February 15

      @Pocket Rocket
      We are expecting the first batch of ZIPPELIN these days. Then they will have to pass quality control. Remember that every FREITAG bag is a one-off. So before you can pick your favorite ZIPPELIN from our website, every bag needs to be photographed. We are expecting to publish the first batch for our Priority Boarding backers 2nd half of March. So we are right on track. An Update will follow soon with some footage of the production stage we are in.

    7. Pocket Rocket on February 15

      hi guys, any update? a quick message will be nice just to even hear that you guys are on schedule?

    8. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on January 29

      I am not paid for my endorsements (though I oftentimes should be), but I have to say if you have never been to a Freitag “boutique”, you are definitely missing out. While conducting covert ops in Berlin (eastern sector) last year, I stopped by their store in between interrogations and picked up a nice tote.

    9. FREITAG lab Creator on January 26

      Dear @Griselle Lim, there is no need to bring a bicycle pump along your travels. Once inflated, ZIPPELIN remains under unchanged pressure for the entire journey. However, if you still would like to bring along a pump, there should not be a problem, at least in the US:

    10. Missing avatar

      Grisselle Lim on January 26

      Hi guys, i was just wondering if the bicycle pump is safe to be carried on flight?

    11. FREITAG lab Creator on October 27

      Dear @Daddy Warbucks, how're you? Happy to hear that you'll visit Zurich in May. We hope that you'll understand that we can't invite our backers to the F-actory due to logistics but need to stick to the delivery rules for each reward. However, it would be great if you pop by one of our two F-Stores in Zurich to say Hi.

    12. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on October 26

      Just out of curiosity.... If I'm in Zurich in May and the bags are ready, can I just pick my bag up from the factory??

    13. FREITAG lab Creator on October 19

      Dear @Darkidra, you should try to upload your payment info once again, or apply a different payment method. Otherwise feel free to message us and we can work out payment a different way. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Darkidra TvDj on October 18

      I have the amount of money but it doesnt let me pay it

    15. FREITAG lab Creator on October 16

      Dear @Vorathep, it's excatly how @Raphaël (thank you!) already stated: There'll be as many planzer, silver and black ZIPPELIN mixed to the selection as usual so there's of course no disadvantage for all our early bird backeres.

    16. FREITAG lab Creator on October 16

      Dear @Howe, we're actually very happy with that we achieved a weight of only 3.6 kg for ZIPPELIN by using an inflatable inner tube instead of a heavy frame. Assuming that you're not travelling with a ZIPPELIN full of wine bottles you can pack whatever you need on your trip without hitting the weight limit of airlines. So we're currently not testing any lighter options.

    17. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on October 15

      @HoweChong - - What I would recommend to help with the weight issue is to inflate the inner tube with helium.. That should shave something off the total weight.

    18. Missing avatar

      Raphaël R. on October 15

      @ varathep :
      Freitag already reply to that :
      “Dear @Pracha, no, this means that there'll be as many planzer, silver and black ZIPPELIN mixed to the selection (from where you'll choose) as usual. So you still have the chance to pick one of these just no guarantee.”

    19. Vorathep Tantivorawong on October 14

      As a Priority Boarding backer, I am quite upset that Planzer, Black and Silver will not be in the mix for us to choose from as you are charging more for these "in demand" tarps. I don't mind paying more to be in the first group to choose from the mix. But, removing those "in demand" tarps out of the mix mid-way through the campaign is really questionable.

      You should have announced right from the start to all early backers that these "in demand" tarps won't be in the mix. I, for one, would not have backed the project had I known this right from the start.

    20. Howe Chong on October 13

      Congratulations! I am looking forward to receiving my ZIPPELIN. Understand that tarps are heavy but wondering if you will try to reduce anymore weight of the bag as looking online i see a lot of similar sized duffles with rollers under 3.5 kg.

    21. FREITAG lab Creator on October 13

      Dear all, thank you very much for your feedback and your support during the campaign! We are so pumped and can't wait for you to receive your ZIPPELINs.
      There would have been only a few more backers needed to reach our stretch goal of 1’111. Staying true to All-or-nothing funding––a core part of Kickstarter––we simply have to acknowledge that we didn’t reach that second goal. Nevertheless, we not only met our funding goal but surpassed it by incredible 489% – THANK YOU! We'll make sure to keep you updated on production, shipping, and anything else. Nice FREITAG to all of you!

    22. Missing avatar

      sonnleitner siegfried on October 13

      Innovative Produkte haben immer einen hohen Stellenwert, dieser Umstand wird vom Konsumenten bzw. der Konsumentinnen honoriert. Super wäre es wenn es von Seiten der Company Freitag aus diesem Grund Goodies geben würde, obwohl die angestrebte Anzahl von 1111 Unterstützern/Unterstützerinnen nicht erreicht wurde. Eine Rückantwort wäre sehr nett.
      Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Wien
      siggi sonnleitner

    23. Missing avatar

      Froidevaux Catherine on October 13

      Félicitation, bravo pour la réalisation de votre projet. Au plaisir de recevoir le "dirigeable de voyage"

    24. Missing avatar

      Aad Boon on October 13

      Go Freitag Go and keep us updated on the progress

    25. Missing avatar

      Raphaël R. on October 13

      I agree with Bave!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jens Wingerath on October 13

      Hello Zipperlein Team,
      Such a great Idea is now about to come reality, production is financed, and I cant wait until hold my Zipperlin im my Hands. Also great you decided to use zippers which could be locked, for traveling such a helpful thought. Thank you for your effort.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bave Drudeck on October 12

      I agree with what Daddy Warbucks says. Considering 40 backers (including myself) chose the Double Booking option, they should be counted as two. 1071 + 40=1111 =)

    28. FREITAG lab Creator on October 12

      Thanks for your thoughts, @Daddy! Let's see what happens till the camaign ends tonight.

    29. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on October 11

      Here's what I think.... I think the 1,000+ of us should get the cool keychain you TRULY want all of us to have even though the arbitrary 1,111 supporter goal wasn't met. Considering some supporters have purchased 2 bags, that's got to count for something.

    30. FREITAG lab Creator on October 11

      @Hannah, reading your comment is a lovely start into the day. Thank you! Can't wait to send ZIPPELIN on the journey with you.

    31. FREITAG lab Creator on October 11

      Hi @Marcel, thank you very much! Even when not full, the height of ZIPPELIN stays due to the pumped inner tube the same (85 cm). So ZIPPELIN needs to be checked-in at any packing stage. For carry on luggage you might like our F512 VOYAGER (

    32. Missing avatar

      Hannah on October 10

      Hi Zippelin team, I just wanted to say I love love love these bags! I like mystery and can not wait to receive my bags next year! Thankyou for create something unique :)

    33. Missing avatar

      on October 10

      Love this campaign and can't wait to get my hands on my zippelin! Quick q - as the bag can also be used / compressed when not completely full - does this even make it compatible for use as hand luggage potentially? Would be awesome...! Thx Marcel

    34. FREITAG lab Creator on October 10

      Hi @Daddy, we don't like penalties. What we do like is setting our prices according to delivery dates, to advance colour choices (as choosing to have a black ZIPPELIN for sure) and to the time we use for sourcing (hunting black trucks is much more difficult than for e.g. blue ones).
      Oh, before we forget: we're happy that you like ZIPPELIN :)

    35. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on October 10

      @So.....charging more for plain colours is kind of like a penalty for those who don't dare to be different?

      I have to admit, it's a nice looking bag.. I may need to set up a second account and get one.

    36. FREITAG lab Creator on October 10

      Dear @Pracha, no, this means that there'll be as many planzer, silver and black ZIPPELIN mixed to the selection (from where you'll choose) as usual. So you still have the chance to pick one of these just no guarantee.

    37. Missing avatar

      Precha Yongudomkij on October 10

      thanks for reply at once,
      so answer still means that "NO" PLANZER,black or silver tarp in choices for or priority group or early birds ,isn't it?
      I think this make occasions of up price resell go wild !

    38. FREITAG lab Creator on October 10

      Hi @Precha, thank you very much for your thoughts. We of course don't want to leave priority boarding and early bird backers behind in any way. These backers will be invited to choose from a wide range of different ZIPPELIN. If you check our online store ( you see out of how many different colours and designs (with or without prints, red, black, yellow, silver, blue, grey mixed with green, with captions, planzer style ...) we create our products and this is exactly what we'll do with ZIPPELIN too. The special colour editions such as PLANZER, SILVER LINER or ALL BLACK are for people who prefere to have the look of their ZIPPELIN already defined over choosing from a wide selection.

    39. FREITAG lab Creator on October 10

      Dear @Daddy Warbucks, we also love our colourful one-off-a-kind bags but there're still some shy people out there who rather stay undercover than unique. In addition black tarp is really rare and so will be the few ZIPPELIN from the ALL BLACK EDITION.

    40. Missing avatar

      Precha Yongudomkij on October 10

      Question is ... the group like priority boarding and early birds will have chance of black,planzer of silver tarp to be choose first or not? and at adequate amount?
      the more offer in way that backer must pay more to received the exact color , pattern or tarp to be used , in my opinion, make early backers feel confuse about their decision they have made , Is this injustice for groups like priority boarding and/or early birds group? like me. I think that we have been cut-off ,reduce choices to have black,silver or PLANZER pattern in our first group, It deserve for upgrade and also pay more money into the new offer one. If your target is to make more number backers to reach 1xxx, it seem to be not like that, you target on fund rising,isn t it?
      The option like black or PLANZER or silver liner make me feel not comfort to change .I hope that all yr guys should look after Prior or early backers that comes first to support without any hesitate first.

    41. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on October 10

      ......? Black? Doesn't that pretty much offset one of the key selling points in your video? (The bags standing out from others on the baggage carousel)... Since you're reverting to "normal" with that one, I think the price should be cheaper..not more expensive.

    42. FREITAG lab Creator on October 10

      Dear @Howe, ZIPPELIN holds good when 70 percent full. Just make sure that you put the heavier things at the bottom of the bag when packing. In addition, there're already straps around ZIPPELIN and it helps to tighten them for further stability.

    43. Howe Chong on October 9

      Thank you for the quick reply. From your experience how would it hold if 70 percent full? I am asking as in my case my luggage is usually not full at the start of a trip and becomes full at end of a trip. Would any of the straps help to compress the bag to help on structure?

    44. FREITAG lab Creator on October 9

      Hi @Howe, sorry but we did not shoot any pictures with a half full ZIPPELIN since you can travel with a half full ZIPPELIN but we do not recomment that. The inflatable frame holds in any packing stages (the tube becomes really hard when pumped up) but ZIPPELIN is much more stable when fully packed (due to the additional weight).

    45. Howe Chong on October 9

      Since all pictures show it as fully filled it will be good to see how it looks and carries when not full. Also how the inflatable frame holds.

    46. Howe Chong on October 9

      Hi have backed the silver version. Wondering if you can share a picture of zeppelin being carried on body and rolled on ground when half full .

    47. FREITAG lab Creator on October 9

      Dear @David, there's currently no possibility to buy the wheels and axles separately from us. Of course we'll help you out in case you need to repair ZIPPELIN. As Daddy Warbucks stated right you can also buy common kickboard wheels if you want to own an extra set.

    48. FREITAG lab Creator on October 9

      @Michael, vielen Dank für deinen Input. Wir denken derzeit darüber nach, eine kleine Pumpe für ZIPPELIN ins Sortiment unseres Online Stores aufzunehmen. Werden euch dazu sicher via Backer Updates auf dem Laufenden halten.

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