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ZIPPELIN: An inflatable, one-of-a-kind travel bag by FREITAG project video thumbnail
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pledged of $119,500 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $119,500 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. FREITAG lab Creator 1 day ago

      @sg_niner: Thanks for your comment! We will make sure ZIPPELIN meets the expectations for a travel product. Best, your F-Crew

    2. FREITAG lab Creator 1 day ago

      @Mohamed Kamsani: we are still waiting for an answer from our supplier of the zippers. We will get back to you asap. Thanks for your patience!

      Your F-Crew

    3. Missing avatar

      sg_niner 1 day ago

      I hope the protection at the bottom of the bag is also well looked into. In real life, the bottom of the bag might sometimes be dragged across concrete floor. As tough as the truck tarp, frequent friction can break and tear through the fabric. And I do wish this luggage to stay with me and last almost forever like your other bags!

    4. Mohamad Kamsani 2 days ago

      Any updates on the lockable zippers or a new F styled padlock?

    5. FREITAG lab Creator 2 days ago

      @Ster & Haai: so nice to hear that you are a fan of FREITAG!

    6. FREITAG lab Creator 2 days ago

      @Ster & Haai: A pump is not included. However, we are currently considering whether to make a compact travel pump available in our online store for those backers who do not yet have one.

    7. Ster & Haai 3 days ago

      You could extend your project with an extra goal to add a small handpump (for easy take along) for the first 750 people who join? As many others I am a great fan of your products!

    8. Private Equity 4 days ago

      Sorry, that last comment of mine was supposed to be a "thumbs up".. Emojis don't work in Kickstarter comments apparently..

      Thanks for the details on the inner tube. At your store in Berlin over Christmas I commented to my partner that it would be great if you guys made luggage. Thanks for listening!!!!

    9. FREITAG lab Creator 4 days ago

      It's a standard 28-inch (28 x 1.75 – 28 x 2.4) bicycle tube @Private Equity.

    10. Private Equity 4 days ago

      Thanks, what size tube?

    11. FREITAG lab Creator 4 days ago

      Hi @Private Equity, thank you for your questions.
      #1: It's very unlikely that the bicycle inner tube bursts while travelling (air pressure in planes for e.g. is no problem at all). If it still happens, ZIPPELIN won’t become useless but only a bit less stable till you replace the inner tube.
      #2: You need to inflate 30 psi / 2 bar.
      #3: Even the best bike tubes lose a little air over time. Since ZIPPELIN needs to be inflated only to 30 psi , the loss in pressure is low. Providing you aren’t planning on a round-the-world trip lasting a few years, the air pressure will easily suffice until the end of your holiday.

    12. Private Equity 4 days ago

      Product Question: Let's say I'm traveling with my new Zippelin and the inner tube pops.. Will the bag maintain its shape if full or sag? The illustration shows you using a track pump. What PSI do you need to inflate the tube to for it to be structurally stable? I would envision someone going on a trip for a couple of weeks needing to re-inflate the tube multiple times, but lugging a bike pump with them does't sound practical. If you need serious PSI for stability, a small hand pump may not get you there.

    13. FREITAG lab Creator 5 days ago

      Thank you, @Steven.

    14. FREITAG lab Creator 5 days ago

      Dear @Jerome, thanks for your thoughts. The bicycle inner tube goes around the whole back of ZIPPELIN (like a frame) to stabilize the bag. It's currently not planned to use air compartments for protection but I'll pass your idea on.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee 5 days ago

      Dear Freitag team, thanks for the reply. Understood better now the product.

      Having had a couple of your products for more than 10 years and the product seems near indestructible , I would say that the price is not expensive at all, but then again, to each his own.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jerome 6 days ago

      @freitag. I've a suggestion. At the moment the air goes only at the bottom of the bag. Is there a way to make several air compartment all around the bag? This would add great protection, mirrorring what we already do for packaging using bubble wrap

    17. FREITAG lab Creator 7 days ago

      @Meeuwijk & @Private Equitiy, thank you so much for your comments. We're very happy about such a great fanbase!

    18. Private Equity on September 15

      People who are commenting on the price have clearly never been to one of your stores or purchased one of your other bags. We visited your boutique in Berlin over Christmas and walked away SOLD! So glad you've decided to launch this campaign and this new product.

    19. Missing avatar

      Meeuwijk on September 15

      Tomorrow I hope to become 41.
      When I was 19 I bought my first Freitag bag. I still use it.
      This is not luggage... this is a friend you can actually buy!

    20. FREITAG lab Creator on September 15

      @Carlos, thanks for your thoughts and feedback!

    21. Carlos Chou
      on September 14

      Idea is good but your pricing is way higher than expensive brand laggage I will say good luck but not for me.
      Recycle is good but you also have to make it affortable for it to work.

    22. FREITAG lab Creator on September 14

      @Steven, thanks for your questions. You can open the ZIPPELIN completly (full length) via the main compartment zipper you see on the 4th "how it works" GIF on the campaign page. The inflated bicycle tube stabilizes the back of ZIPPELIN. Do these explanations help?

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on September 14

      Dear Freitag, would you be able to show a picture of how wide open can the Zippelin be in accommodating a single piece of item?
      I am considering to have the Zippelin stashed inside my big luggage and then "unleash" it as a 2nd piece of luggage to lug back travel goodies...
      The rubber tubings, can I understand which part of the Zippelin are they making rigid once they are pumped up.
      Congratulations on exceeding the goal set!

    24. FREITAG lab Creator on September 14

      Hi @Mohamed. Thank you very much for your feedback and thoughts. We're definitely aminig to stay transparent and fair and that's why we won't add any new packages before carefully thinking them through. Have a happy day!

    25. FREITAG lab Creator on September 14

      @TillyVanilly, das freut uns sehr zu hören. Wir wünschen dir schon jetzt viel Spass mit deinem ZIPPELIN!

    26. FREITAG lab Creator on September 14

      Hi @Poon Spooney, thank you! You're right, ZIPPELIN is to big for carry-on baggage. You might like our F512 VOYAGER, a smaller bag in the same style as ZIPPELIN but without rolls and that is suitable for carry-on baggage:

    27. Mohamad Kamsani on September 13

      Hi again!

      I agree with Virginia on the lockable zippers, that should be high on the priority list. Duo packs would be really cool as well but anything more than that is unfair for backers that pledge at the higher tier.

      They backed so that they could have priority in choosing a colour/design they'd like. Unless you allow that at the blind tier where they paid slightly lesser but get a random bag. What if someone that backs for 5 bags ends up choosing a single colour and everyone else misses out on it? Kinda unfair in that regard dont you think? Everyone also supported the project. Something to think about eh? Cheers.

    28. TillyVanilly on September 13

      Yes, kanns kaum erwarten! Genau sowas brauch ich für meine nächste Reise und es kommt zum richtigen Moment! :)

    29. Poon Spoony on September 13

      First, I really love the design.
      I plan to use as a hand carry baggage for my trip in Asia, but I found out the size is over the limited from most of the Air plane company.
      I would like to know will there any other size to choose or you guys may create another new project that just reduced the size to hair carry baggage limited size?

      sorry for my bad english.

    30. FREITAG lab Creator on September 13

      @Virginia, thank you for your comments. We're currently reconsidering the double package and will keep you informed via the updates. Also, we're thinking about equipping ZIPPELIN with lockable zippers but can't promise anything at this point.

    31. Missing avatar

      on September 13

      Oops, I saw the FAQ after I asked this question. Still, would be nice if you are able to! �

      Also, I'd like to "vote" a yes for lockable zips especially the back easy access flap. I have had items stolen from an unlockable luggage before so would be nice to be able to add some security to the bag. Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      on September 13

      Hi there.
      Any chance that you would consider offering a double/duo/two bag pledge? Would love to get two if possible. Thanks

    33. FREITAG lab Creator on September 13

      Thank you very much @meeuwijk!

    34. Missing avatar

      Meeuwijk on September 12

      Me and my eagle eyes are really happy to read this.
      Congratulations on a great campaign!

    35. FREITAG lab Creator on September 12

      @Sergej Van 't Oosten, the reward tiers are spread because every bag is cut by hand here in Zurich. You need experienced "Bag Designers" to choose the best way of cutting the tarp.
      The tier "Blind Booking" will consist of 50 ZIPPELINS that have not been chosen by any previous backer.

    36. FREITAG lab Creator on September 12

      @Meeuwijk, you have eagle eyes! The little hole at the front zipper will be gone in the production version of ZIPPELIN. It will be seamless like in F511 SKIPPER (check movie):
      This is due to minimum order quantities for zippers with custom length. So for our prototypes shown in the campaign we had to make them out of two parts. Hence the little hole you mention.

    37. Servanto on September 12

      Great concept! Only question I have is why are the delivery dates spread over 4 months?, especially for the blind perk which is planned for august.(just discovered this)

      Nevertheless great idea, this is what I was searching for to be added in my F-collection.

    38. Missing avatar

      Meeuwijk on September 12

      Hi Freitag,
      Happy to say I convinced my wife pretty fast... two singles! (As in two single bags... she is still my wife.)
      I would als opt for a 'duo pack' if it was available...
      Owning a full range of your wonderful bags I have great confidence in the build. I must say though, that the two zippers with the small open gap had my attention. Is this a good idea on an airport?
      Stretch goal: zipper gap F-lap?

    39. FREITAG lab Creator on September 12

      @Fabio, we're working on a solution for your x-mas issue since we actually like F-amilies.

    40. Missing avatar

      Fabio on September 12

      Wanted to offer it as a gift for Christmas... Pity I won't be able to do that... :'( Why are you only supporting single people and not families ?

    41. FREITAG lab Creator on September 12

      @Fabio, thank you very much for your support, you must be a true F-an! Currently, we are offering the ZIPPELIN in a single pack only so you need to convince 4 F-riends to help you backing.

    42. Missing avatar

      Fabio on September 12

      Hello :) I would like to purchase 5 pieces of the bag. How can I do it ? Do I simply multiply the perk at €420 by 5 ? Thanks for your help :)

    43. FREITAG lab Creator on September 12

      @Mohamad Kasmani, thank you very much for your feedback and the interesting ideas. We'll keep you posted about any goal stretches via the Kickstarter Updates and on All the best from Zurich, the F-Crew

    44. Mohamad Kamsani on September 12

      Woohoo! Neanche un giorno e hai raggiunto il tuo
      obbiettivo! Nello spirito di Kickstarter e del com-
      la Comunità dietro di essa. Quali obiettivi di stretch in mente?
      Inoltre, come bloccare le cerniere per assicurare il
      i contenuti sono sicuri dalle dita prying? Può essere
      un traguardo di Freitag F-Lock? Una serratura nella
      forma di un F nel tuo carattere di firma! vorrei
      totalmente aggiungo al mio impegno per qualcosa di simile
      quella. Fai un pacchetto di 3 o 5, dove 1 chiave può
      apri tutto. Fa un po 'di confusione.

    45. Mohamad Kamsani on September 12

      Woohoo! Nicht einmal ein Tag und du hast dich erreicht
      Tor! Im Geiste von Kickstarter und der Kom-
      Gemeinde dahinter Irgendwelche Stretch-Ziele im Kopf?
      Auch, wie verriegeln wir die Reißverschlüsse, um die zu gewährleisten
      Inhalt ist vor neugierigen Fingern sicher? Könnte sein
      ein Stretch-Ziel eines Freitag F-Lock? Ein Schloss in der
      Form eines F in deiner Signaturschrift! Ich würde
      fülle mich total zu meinem Versprechen für so etwas wie
      dass. Machen Sie es eine Packung von 3 oder 5, wo 1 Schlüssel kann
      öffne alles Macht für weniger Schlüsselstörungen.

    46. Mohamad Kamsani on September 12

      Woohoo! Pas même un jour et vous avez atteint votre
      objectif! Dans l'esprit de Kickstarter et de la com-
      derrière elle. Des objectifs d'étirement à l'esprit?
      Aussi, comment verrouillons-nous les fermetures à glissière pour assurer
      le contenu est-il sécurisé contre les doigts indiscrets? Peut être
      un but élastique d'un Freitag F-Lock? Un verrou dans le
      forme d'un F dans votre police de signature! J'aimerais
      ajoutez intégralement mon engagement pour quelque chose comme
      cette. Faites-en un paquet de 3 ou 5, où 1 touche peut
      ouvrez tout. Rend moins d'encombrement clé.

    47. Mohamad Kamsani on September 12

      ゴール! KickstarterとCom-
      Freitag F-Lockのストレッチ目標?のロック

    48. Mohamad Kamsani on September 12

      Woohoo! Not even a day and you reached your goal! In the spirit of Kickstarter and the community behind it. Any stretch goals in mind? Also, how do we lock the zippers to ensure the contents are safe from prying fingers? Maybe a stretch goal of a Freitag F-Lock? A lock in the shape of an F in your signature font! I would totally add on to my pledge for something like that. Make it a pack of 3 or 5, where 1 key can open it all. Makes for less key clutter.