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Hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled truck tarps. Our first rolling travel bag: spacious when you need it, compact when you don't.
The world's first inflatable
travel bag that's spacious when you need it and compact when you don't.
Did you miss the chance to get your
ZIPPELIN? Don’t miss it again, and sign up to our newsletter for updates.
The world's first inflatable travel bag that's spacious when you need it and compact when you don't. Did you miss the chance to get your ZIPPELIN? Don’t miss it again, and sign up to our newsletter for updates.
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    1. Missing avatar

      putito 1 day ago

      Do I need to create a new account with hotmail address?

    2. FREITAG lab Creator 1 day ago

      Dear @putito
      We've sent you a message, please check your Kickstarter Message Inbox.
      Best, F-Crew

    3. Missing avatar

      putito 1 day ago

      That product is not displayed.

    4. Pocket Rocket 1 day ago

      @creator - just for transparency’s sake - NO items were able to be added for at least 1hr post your start time.

    5. FREITAG lab Creator 1 day ago

      Dear @putito, @Pocket Rocket
      It seems that somebody slightly faster has had the same ZIPPELIN in his basket and proceeded to checkout before you. Please note that items, which you’ve added to your basket can still be viewed and ordered by other people. That's why we recommend that you complete the order process as soon as you've found your favorite. We recommend to refresh the page and hunt your favorite ZIPPELIN again.
      Cheers, your F-Crew

    6. Missing avatar

      keita shiokawa 1 day ago

      I had challenged access many times without choosing zippeln, but at the last moment I disappeared from the page

    7. Pocket Rocket 1 day ago

      @putito - glad I’m not the only one having issues....

    8. Missing avatar

      putito 1 day ago

      @Pocket Rocket
      Me too.

    9. Pocket Rocket 1 day ago

      Can’t seem to choose my bag in the online store?

    10. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      The delay just communicated shows that even totally legitimate companies like Freitag can stuff up delivery on their Kickstarter projects. Folks should keep this in mind when they go after total startups when they fall behind a little. Looking forward to getting my bag whenever it’s ready. Keep up the good work Freitag.

    11. FREITAG lab Creator on

      Dear @claudine
      As mentioned in update nr. 17 the LIMITED KICKSTARTER Zippelins are scheduled for beginning of July.
      Thanks, your F-Crew

    12. Missing avatar

      claudine on

      will Limited Kickstarter be able to choose their Zippelin soon?

    13. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Daiki Honda
      UNLIMITED KICKSTARTER Zippelins are scheduled for July 2018. The UNLIMITED KICKSTARTER backers will be notified prior to the launch date.
      Thanks, your F-Crew

    14. Missing avatar

      Daiki Honda on

      When will UNLIMITED KICKSTARTER be able to choose from the range of available zippelin?

    15. FREITAG lab Creator on

      Dear @Toolie
      We will post an update by tomorrow to address the wearing style over the shoulder. Hopefully this will answer your question.
      Thanks, your F-Crew

    16. Toolie on

      I second the request of Anna. I don‘t seem to figure out how to carry the bag over the shoulders. Can you maybe do a video where you show how to change the strap? Would be realy helpful.

    17. Missing avatar

      sg_niner on

      @FREITAG lab
      A quick update. I had a chance to visit Shibuya store during my trip and the staffs are very supportive and surprisingly they have the part in stock and readily helped me exchange for it. Thanks!

    18. FREITAG lab Creator on

      Thanks for your message. For warranty issues, please contact directly our customer service:
      Your F-Crew

    19. Missing avatar

      sg_niner on

      I am one of the super early bird and got my bag last month. On my first trip and normal use, one of the quick-release axles must have bumped into something and got a bit crooked. And now it becomes difficult to press and often get stuck if fully pressed. Quite disappointed how fragile the part is. Any plan on replacement or warantee. It's only been weeks since I got my bag.

    20. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Pocket Rocket
      We‘re very sorry for the delay. Until now we have been delivering ZIPPELIN to all our supporters on time. But unfortunately, it seems that delays can happen not only to start-ups but to old farts like us, too. We would like to apologize to you and all the other «Limited Kickstarter» backers again and we will do everything in our power to avoid additional delays for any future backer group.
      We wish you an exceptional trip with your «normal» suitcase, hopefully for the last time...
      Your F-Crew

    21. Pocket Rocket on

      wow... so disappointed in the news of the delay. i do understand its a kickstarter campaign and the set target is just an estimate, but given that FREITAG is a well established and respected firm and not some start-up firm, I would have thought their project management team would have prepared a time schedule that wouldn't be delayed.

      i was banking on using this bag for my next trip and now i have to use a 'normal' suitcase. how sad.

    22. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Servanto, until now we have been able to stick to the production schedule for ZIPPELIN. However, it's too early to say on which day in august we will start shipping the Blind Booking ZIPPELINs.
      One more thing: as a Blind Booking backer you will not be able to choose your ZIPPELIN. Please check the reward description on the project page.

    23. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Casset, we fixed the issue. Have fun choosing your one-of-a-kind travel bag!
      Your F-Crew

    24. Casset on

      Hello, I can't see any image on
      I've tried switching browser but it didn't work, any help?

    25. Servanto on

      As a blind Booker and the fact I'm a patient person. I wanted to know if the blind Booker's can choose their fretiag zippelin daimond in the beginning of August or later? I'm going on a far journey in middle August and just curious I can use the zippelin in combination with my Voyager? Cheers!

    26. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @島田一宏, Early Bird ZIPPELINs have been available since April 18th! Check your inbox. Cheers, your F-Crew

    27. Missing avatar

      島田一宏 on

      When can 「 EARLY BIRD 」choose Zeppelin(Rewards)?

    28. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @claudine, we are planning to launch LIMITED KICKSTARTER 2nd half this month. More infos will follow directly to all our LIMITED KICKSTARTER backers.
      Cheers, your F-Crew

    29. Missing avatar

      claudine on

      when will LIMITED KICKSTARTER be able to choose from the range of available zippelin?

    30. Missing avatar

      Hannah on

      I just have to say the bags are looking amazing!! When will August get here so I can get my hands on this amazing bag 😱😬😁

    31. Anna on

      @FREITAG lab,

      yes, I can carry it in many different ways... but NOT as you show it on the video or on the pictures...!

    32. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      I am really excited that we’re edging closer to delivery!

    33. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Anna, you CAN carry it over the shoulder!
      Declamp the strap on the front side of ZIPPELIN and clamb it back together on the backside of the bag. Also consult the hangtag where you find a illustration for this simple transformation.

      Your F-Crew

    34. Anna on

      Hey Hey Hey!
      I just received my Zippelin! Thanks for the fast shipping...
      However, I am VERY disappointed, that I can not carry it over the shoulder like it was said in the video and seen in the pictures!!!

    35. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Kim Guan Wong, we recommend to detach the wheels before checking-in. Not because they are not stable enough but because they can be dismounted without tools. ZIPPELIN includes a separate pocket on the backside to accommodate the wheels and the axles during the flight.
      Your F-Crew

    36. Missing avatar

      Kim Guan Wong on

      Hi Freitag,

      One question about the wheels for Zippelin.

      Is the wheel strong enough to hold in place from the rough handling from baggage handlers, if we check the bag in with the wheels attached?

    37. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @roel, great idea! Please use #zippelin #freitag #frtg when you share your pictures. We are looking forward to seeing our one-of-a-kind travel bag in the hands of our backers!
      Your F-Crew

    38. roel on

      Same here! I have to wait till August still (but hey; I have only myself to blame for that). It’s a pitty that we can’t share pics via this forum. Maybe backers can post pictures of their Zippelins on Instagram and Facebook. That way we know a bit better what to expert (and the F-team gets some extra publicity for their superb product).
      Xxx, Roel.

    39. Ster & Haai on

      Did anyone receive his/her Zippelin? Happy? Can’t wait to receive mine, still have to wait a couple of months ...

    40. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Ster & Haai
      Of course our backers are being served first!
      ZIPPELIN will only be available for non-backers after all the backers have received their unique travel bag.
      Cheers, your F-Crew

    41. Ster & Haai on

      Hi Freitag,

      Just read this message on your website:

      “After the successful first flight of our inflatable travel airship, we have decided to include ZIPPELIN in the FREITAG travel bag range for the second half of 2018. Subscribe to our F-News if you don’t want to miss the boarding announcement!”

      Do backers receive their zippelins before they are available in your shop?

      Looking forward to your reply!

    42. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Mohamad Kamsani
      The Black ZIPPELINs are part of the first production batch that is currently passing our quality control. I'am expecting to be able to send out the Black ZIPPELINs within the next two weeks.
      We will be sending out an update to the timing to all our backers and a specific mail to the backers for Black ZIPPELIN very soon!

    43. Mohamad Kamsani on

      Any updates on All Black Zippelin due to ship this month?

    44. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Daddy Warbucks
      We have several FREITAG stores in Zurich:
      We are happy to welcome you in our F-actory/HQ in Zurich-Oerlikon where we have a little store, too.
      Don't hesitate to contact us again prior to your visit. Would be great to meet for a coffee.

    45. Daddy Warbucks Esq. on

      I’ll be in Zurich in May and then again in June. Where are you guys in Zurich and do you allow customers to come by for a look?

    46. Pocket Rocket on

      Thanks guys - given your reputation I know there won't be much issues but it's good to hear on the progress made :)

    47. FREITAG lab Creator on

      @Pocket Rocket
      We are expecting the first batch of ZIPPELIN these days. Then they will have to pass quality control. Remember that every FREITAG bag is a one-off. So before you can pick your favorite ZIPPELIN from our website, every bag needs to be photographed. We are expecting to publish the first batch for our Priority Boarding backers 2nd half of March. So we are right on track. An Update will follow soon with some footage of the production stage we are in.

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