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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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June Progress Report - Board Revisions, Manufacturing Secured, and Updated Shipping Schedule

Posted by FreeWavz (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter Backers!

This past month has been packed with a lot of progress and development. We’re very excited to share with you what we’ve been up to!

Big NEWS! NO Co-Processor will be used! NO Split Ear Processing!  
We recognize many of you were quite concerned from our last update that FreeWavz might need either a co-processor or split processing to ensure seamless audio and pulse oximetry. We are excited to announce that no co-processor or split processing is needed! FreeWavz are able to play music and obtain pulse oximetry data simultaneously; a huge accomplishment for our engineers! We did a major board spin which rewired the PCB traces. This means you will be able to use FreeWavz together or independently and obtain all the same information regardless of which earphone(s) you wear. Woohoo! For the first time, you can see the pulseox working at the same time with wire-free music. This demonstration shows how close we are to reaching the finish line! 

See for yourself! Here’s a quick video of our engineers demonstrating music and pulse oximetry working together.

Also we are debuting a new 5-minute video on the technical details of our transmissive pulseox from renowned Critical Care Pulmonologist and FreeWavz Medical Advisory Board Member, Mathew Vadaprampil, MD.

RF Antenna Improvement

Our brilliant RF and electrical engineers have made a significant improvement to our wireless capability. We have moved from a chip antenna which has a physical zone (known as a null), that could cause periodic drop outs in streaming audio as you moved your head. We now have a newly designed Trace Antenna that has literally been designed into the PCB itself.

App Development
Apple has approved and certified FreeWavz as a MFI provider. Our compatibility with iOS devices is insured! We are also working more on our iOS and Android apps to make sure they are very user friendly and looking sharp!  

We are gearing up for production. We finalized our contracts with our production factory in the Shenzhen region of China. We are preparing final engineering modifications and look to test final prototypes at the end of July. We are waiting for the new PCBs to finish 30-day production cycle now.  

Here is an image of our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen region.
Here is an image of our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen region.

Timeline & Shipping
The final prototype boards incorporating the antenna redesign will not be released for testing until the 3rd week of July. This impacts our shipping timeline to the following:  

  • Production - August 
  • Kickstarter Shipments - Early September

The closer we are to production, the smaller the chance is for possible delays.

As always, we appreciate your continued support along this journey! While it’s disappointing to announce delays, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are nearing manufacturing. Our engineers are working tirelessly to deliver a product worthy of your investment. We are committed to delivering FreeWavz and continue to be grateful for your patience and support. You know what they say: Good things take time, but great things take a little longer!

- The FreeWavz Team


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    1. Cheryl Cole on

      September 1 and no update, I say it's time to get rid of the so called CEO Mike Kahn

    2. Dave Pekala on

      Last day of the month. Please don't break your word on the update coming this month.

    3. mitch lazarus

      Alight, lets have an update with a real time delivery date. We have been patient, and now its time for you guys to step up and get this worked out.

      thank you

    4. Missing avatar

      Dean Harrison on

      2 1/2 months since the last update?! This is so not professional.

    5. Larry Harris on

      Seems a little ridiculous at this point on how long it is taking and no word lately. I've already bought other solutions and see no need for this product anymore. Rather just get a refund at this point.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kim Putinta on

      Also requesting an update, please. My current fitness tracker needs to be replaced and I would rather not spend another $200 to replace it while I wait for the FreeWavz. This is my first comment; I've been patient but, you've had my money for over a year now.

    7. Tami Paterson on

      I agree with Amber. Even if there are delays, letting us know would be better than keeping quiet. We backed the project because we believe in the project and want to follow along on the journey.

    8. Cheryl Cole on

      Well that gives them one more week to respond....very dissapointing

    9. Dave Pekala on

      Note I received today to my question about the update:
      Testing has taken longer than we anticipated - update will certainly come this month!
      - The FreeWavz Product Team

    10. Darryl Bosshardt on

      I'm still holding on to my faith in the project and the team. Hopefully we can all get a good update soon. :-) Please? :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Rakesh Patel

      Is this really going to happen, or is it another Kickstarter scam?

    12. Tami Paterson on

      They did respond to me with positive feedback:

      We saw your comment on our Kickstarter campaign regarding when our next update would release and what our current timeline looks like. We are currently in the middle of testing the FreeWavz and should have test results ready by the beginning of August. At that time, we will have an extensive update to share with you and all of our backers - we assure you good news is coming! As always, we appreciate your support and patience. We look forward to sharing a thorough update with you soon.
      - The FreeWavz Product Team

    13. Michael Fisher on

      Over a month since last update; anyone on the Freewavz team have a spare 10 minutes to put together some details for your backers? With the already 10-month delays, I fear no news is NOT good news...

    14. Justin Carter on

      Hi! Just wondering if there was another update? Still expecting a September shipping date? Thanks!

    15. Tami Paterson on

      You said we would have another update towards the middle to end of July. Can you please give us a bit of information?


    16. Kristen Felix-Albert Desmangles on

      Any update? Are you still targeting production for August?

    17. Gilbert Mena on

      How can I verify my address?

    18. Dave Pekala on

      Did the final prototype boards incorporating the antenna redesign get released on time (3rd week of July from the this update)?

    19. Jasmin Hashi on

      +1 what @Greg werner said. Any update? Is 2015 still an acceptable delivery expectation?

    20. Greg Werner on

      I was wondering if there are anymore updates?? Are you still shipping this year?
      Thank you

    21. Robin Binder on

      Hi, could we get another update? How's the progress going?

    22. Cheryl Cole on

      I don't see any updates since June, are we still on track for September delivery?

    23. Darryl Bosshardt on

      Wonderful! Thanks for your perseverance! Can't wait to give them a try in September!

    24. Missing avatar

      Michelle Felux on

      Yay! So excited to hear about the progress you've made! I know that it has taken some time to get it perfect, but I definitely would rather have a quality product that is delayed than a poor product that reached my door on time! :)

    25. Tami Paterson on

      Cannot wait for these to hit my ears!! Sounds like you guys are making great engineering progress.

    26. Missing avatar

      brandt on

      Most impressive progress. Thanks FreeWavz for working through the tech challenges and being able to deliver the features promised.

    27. michaelheffron on

      Outstanding news. Your team has made an amazing amount of progess since I saw your product at CES. Look forward to seeing it!

    28. Missing avatar

      Grace Conyers on

      This is incredible news and awesome progress. It's been a rocky start, but it looks like you guys are going to pull through. Great work and perseverance!

    29. Clint

      Hey that's awesome news. Kudos to your engineers all around. Especially if they've really eliminated the "skipping" problem that pretty much all Bluetooth headphones can suffer from. And congrats on the Apple certification. It's been a long wait but I think it's going to be worth it.

    30. Laura Franke on

      That is FANTASTIC news! Thanks so much for the update! I am so looking forward to these! :)

    31. FreeWavz Creator on

      Thank you so very much Dave, Dagur and Jeffrey for the kind comments. We are thrilled to have you as our teammates and the support means the world to us.
      Have a great weekend!
      -Your friends at FreeWavz

    32. Jeffrey Hallett on

      Great job! Thanks for listening and responding. Delays are ok given we are getting the product we want.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dagur on

      Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work!

    34. Dave Pekala on

      Great update, even if there are some delays. I appreciate your thoroughness in your updates and the wait was worth it. I'm glad you're working past your hurdles!!