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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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We Hear You

Posted by FreeWavz (Creator)
Hi Backers,  

We understand your frustrations and concerns regarding our recent update. The FreeWavz team has read and reviewed each and every comment with great care and attention. We share these frustrations, as we are incredibly eager to get FreeWavz on your ears. These discoveries and challenges, although not ideal, often happen when creating something new, innovative, and extraordinary like the FreeWavz earphones. The complexity of processing multiple data simultaneously was more challenging than we had originally anticipated. We always aim to forecast product development as accurately as possible, and are sharing this update in real time with you. You are our backers and teammates, and we appreciate each of you immensely. Currently, we are working to minimize the data processing overlay requirement that will give users a seamless and accurate experience. We are dedicated to delivering a great product. It is our self-imposed mandate to deliver a product worthy of your investment and belief in us. 

Per our previous updates, we are not able to issue refunds. The process of investing in a startup company through a campaign like this is not perfect, but is beneficial to developing new technologies. We remain committed to our FreeWavz project and our supporters. We will be fulfilling our FreeWavz product commitments. We appreciate all your comments and messages and will always remain transparent in our updates. We are excited to share our FreeWavz earphones with you as soon as possible. 

Thank you kindly,

- The FreeWavz Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rakesh Patel

      What is happening at your end? - we need to be informed as to the status as the ridiculous time scales initially mentioned are well behind us.

    2. FreeWavz Creator on

      @Rachael - We are very eager to deliver! Big update should be released tomorrow.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rachael Nosewicz on

      Are we still going to receive the product in the future? I really want these headphones

    4. Missing avatar

      Rachael Nosewicz on

      Are we still going to receive the product in the future? I really want these headphones

    5. FreeWavz Creator on

      Thanks very much Darryl !

    6. Darryl Bosshardt on

      Thanks for the update. I know things can be hard as you get up and running. Keep working hard at it and I can't wait to get the final product for testing. I still believe in the project. :-)

    7. FreeWavz Creator on

      @Vitki - Check your Kickstarter messages. We followed up with you there.

    8. Missing avatar

      vitki on

      Is there any update on the Windows phone app? Assurance that this would be available is the main reason I backed.

    9. FreeWavz Creator on

      Hi Backers (our valued Teammates),
      All of your comments are being read (each and every word in your comments are being digested by us). When the next FreeWavz update is published by us on Kickstarter, we will have more specifics for you on all progress. Our team is working diligently and strong progress is being made. More specifically, things are moving in the RIGHT direction. We realize that you want more specifics (as you deserve), and our next update will communicate specific details.
      Thank you kindly,
      -The FreeWavz Team

    10. Tony Castle on

      Put simply I want my money back, this project feels like a loss so please contact me with information on my refund.

    11. Gilbert Mena on

      Any new updates? Just did an online survey for similar headphones by Sony, Bose, Beats and Sennheiser... kind of bums me out that those companies have similar products with better features in their pipelines and are already trying to figure out pricing. Their products will offer noise cancelling, measure heart rate, temperature, hydration, direction of travel and wireless charging mats. The whole point of me backing this project was that I would have this product much earlier than anything from the larger companies. You guys are going to get crushed by the larger companies since, seemingly, the only advantage you have is possibly being first to market; the features you're offering are not superior and no one knows who you are. If you won't get the product out for us backers, do yourselves a favor and get it out ASAP so you can have a hope at taking any of the market.

    12. Warren Nickerson on

      My two cents on the status of this project:

      Cent one to the FreeWavz Team: the frequency of the updates, or rather the lack thereof, doesn't lend credence to your saying you "hear us". These updates are (again) not nearly frequent enough (now over three weeks since the last update), and the last one obviously raised some questions for some of your backers that really should be addressed in a timely manner. Finally, the last update suggested a time frame for which some break through or milestone should have been accomplished by now in order to make the stated ship dates. You really need to get better at the frequency and content of these updates, including whether you're having the kind of trouble that may wind up killing the project altogether.

      Cent two to all the backers suggesting a class action or some other law suit: stop it. You're not helping and saying those things completely misses the point of funding a startup project (whether through KickStarter or some other funding method). We are basically venture capitalists that thought this was a good idea and wanted to put some money behind it. Sometimes those ideas are spectacular successes; often times those ideas turn out to be duds for one reason or another. In the end, it's a considered risk. KickStarter does include terms for what a project backer should do if the project fails, but they are by no means concrete or absolute.

    13. Davi Costa on

      Wondering if there's margin for a class law suit on them for false claims about the product state when they did the funding + not fulfilling the date by a large margin + incompetent management. In the past they said they would "compensate" us for the delay, but I haven't seen a solid proposal yet.

    14. Jeffrey Hallett on

      Good update but a an early posting you said the product could be used as one unit independently, that you didn't have to use both simultaneously. However recently you said you were looking into solving the bandwidth concerns by using the two units in tandem. How does that affect the ability to ot use one at a time?

    15. Missing avatar

      brandt on

      I am happy to read in this update that FreeWavz "will be fulfilling our FreeWavz product commitments."

      I hope that includes the commitment made in update #10 that says FreeWavz can be used together in perfectly synchronized stereo or shared with a friend, each independently connected to their own source phone/player for music.

      That was a major selling point for me and I see for a number of other backers. What I am having a hard time understanding is how, if they are going to honor this commitment, is the split processor option even being considered. That same update clearly states that the electronics are the same in each, providing the flexibility to use one or both as desired.

      I admire Dr. Eric's passion to deliver a flawless medical grade device. And I believe he will do it, all delays aside. But I don't see how this can be possible and keep their commitments without going the co-processor route.

      The kicker is that option has to be more expensive and cut into profit margins. But it could also suggest the potential for a second product that might have an even larger target market. The current model is billed as "Smart Earphones with Built-in Fitness Monitoring." Not everyone who wants wire-free bluetooth earphones needs medical grade pulse ox. Some do, some don't. FreeWavz could put the pulse ox on the co-processor and manufacture some units with the co-processor and some without it. The ones without could be marketed with all of the smart headphone audio features already promised and fewer (if any) of the fitness monitoring features. Lower manufacturing cost, lower retail price, larger target market opened up to all music listeners looking for quality 100% wire-free bluetooth earphones whether they are stationary or active. FreeWavz could sell a ton of both models.

    16. FreeWavz Creator on

      @ReginaDickson We donated to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation from the Pink FreeWavz proceeds and put in more money on the company’s behalf. This foundation is close to our hearts at FreeWavz and certainly not something we would back out on.

    17. Slater on

      I've worked in tech and video games for 8 years. Doing it well is vastly more important than doing it quickly.

      As an extreme example: It took Brahms two decades to compose his first symphony. It's also still played, 150 years later.

      For those of you who are complaining, a tip about investment: never invest anything you aren't comfortable losing 100% of. However, I don't think it will be a loss in this case.

    18. Rebecca Flowers on

      Hi FreeWavz Team!
      I've been a big supporter of your project since early on, and still trust your desire to produce a medical grade quality product that will also allow us to enjoy our music wire free. I'm also a believer in the Kickstarter process and understand the unexpected difficulties that a company may face during production. I've been there in the non-technology market and can't imagine the decisions you must face.
      I have no problem following your continued development on such an innovative project. Keep up your hard work and efforts, and making us a part of the process with updates. I'm excited for the day that I'll finally receive my pair, but will gladly wait for you to put out the best product possible.
      Sending blessings of smiles and sunshine your way! :^)

    19. Missing avatar

      mazen on

      Hi ,

      i totally understand that when you are developing a new product most of the time your deadline or delivery date will stretch. however you guys are 6 months late and still you just discovered a core product issue.
      what is actually worrying me that you are not committing on another delivery date which it might get delayed another one month .

    20. Tom on

      I agree with Jon. This issue should have been discovered a 6 months ago during the prototype phase. This project has been poorly executed, but you dont need us to tell you that. Glad to finally get a real update.

      It sounds like you shouldnt waste time splitting up the processing. Wouldnt that prevent one of the buds from playing music.?. The coprocessor sounds like the only way to go. hopefully it wont eat up too much battery and cause a redesign of the case.

    21. Missing avatar

      kelvin on

      hi guys
      im no engineer, no where close to being an inventer. but i have full support for your work and will wait for the final product. hopefully with no kinks and all issues ironed out for a perfect piece of technology .

    22. Missing avatar

      Jon Gumley on

      I've got say, as an engineer who has worked in product development for new ideas, delays are sometimes unavoidable. I understand your challenges. But the constant scope creep this project has undergone (eg, why change the size and shape of your battery half way through!), the lack of testing of core functionality in an early prototype (complexity of processing multiple data streams) and the use of funding to go to tech conferences is sending mixed messages about the way this project is being managed.

      I backed this because I think the concept is a winner, hopefully we see it in the next few months.

      I also hope the testimonials on the campaign page weren't manufactured... because it seems like the product sure wasn't at that stage....

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Felix on

      You guys give Kickstarter a bad name! Take the money but clearly would never have been able to deliver on time. If you spent less time going to conferences and focused on the product, we might have had it by now!

    24. Missing avatar

      Meyerjs on

      I'd prefer for you to take your time and get it right. Thanks.

    25. Jason Huang on

      Based on all the updates and design I have seen, this product basically cross-references music ear buds and medical hearing devices. For those who have never purchased or used hearing aids, those things cost thousands of dollars. And they are not covered by insurance. They don't come with any options to connect your hearing aids to your phone/music player, and the most recent ones make you buy this flimsy device that costs even more than what it takes for you to get one pair of FreeWavz (that device broke from use for me in less than a year).

      My point is: FreeWavz is offering a device that is far, far, far more efficient in performance and cost for a wireless headset. If anything, they could probably even make this device replace medical hearing devices completely, cut down the ridiculous medical fees people pay for those, and change the market entirely (I know FreeWavz made it clear this version is not a hearing aid replacement, but the possibility is there).

      I still stand by FreeWavz because I still see the huge potential it can make with its product. Keep it up FreeWavz team!

    26. Daniel S Mirkin on

      I understand that there are delays but I had hoped to use this product while I am still young enough to ride my bike. Enough is enough. I have given up hope on receiving the finished product.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sarah Rogers on

      My god, has no one ever used KickStarter before?!? Delays happen. Almost. Every. Time. Things come up when creating new items. If the project never actually comes to fruition, you'll get your money back. All the delays I've ever had on a funded project was to make it better or to fix something that cannot be seen until you actually go into the manufacturing process. Meaning you end up with a better product than what you initially signed up for. The delivery dates are never concrete. If that's what you want, go to a store. In the meantime, chill out a bit! There's worse things in life than waiting extra time for a funded project...

    28. Gary Risner on

      Thanks for the update! Like I've said in other comments I don't mind waiting. I want you guys to get it right! We didn't go to the moon the first time in the first year we decided to go! Technology takes time to develop and perfect. Thanks again for the update!

    29. Missing avatar

      Regina Dickson on

      I'm appalled by the lack of R&D that went into this product before it landed on kickstart. There have been more reworks to these moderately technical earbuds, I have to wonder how much funding is left for production? I have to agree with the other posters on supporting Kickstart going forward, I'll wait for a product to hit retail before I make a purchase on Kickstart again.

      Also, my purchase was for the Pink buds to support Breast Cancer. Have you donated the amount that you indicated would go to Dr. Susan Love Research? That should have been sent right after the funding window was closed. I hope we weren't misled on your promise to send a portion of my funding to Dr. Susan Love Research.

    30. Missing avatar

      Grace Conyers on

      I was just wondering the other day what happened to this investment. I was just saying to the people around me that FreeWaves may not be as reliable as I had thought. I was frustrated that the research appeared to be mostly done, but turned out it was a dream in the making instead of "mostly there with just one last push needed".

      I'm still frustrated. This was a very lame update with very little transparency. I can't even tell what stage things are at, what is happening on the other end of the investment. There is no documentation of the progress that we can find.

      Your website states that we can expect to start getting a return on our investment starting in July. I hope you can keep your promise this time. If you can, I'll forgive your lack of documentation and open communication.

    31. Eric Rees on

      Thanks for the update ,you have my full support .happy to wait for an excellent product.

    32. Samantha Jones on

      I get it, we invested. The money is spent. I really do want these ear buds.
      The thing is, I feel that the original request was disingenuous; it seemed that the development work was nearly done and the ear buds would be here just after Christmas. Another Christmas has passed since then, who knows maybe I'll be surprised to get them for Christmas this year.

    33. Michelle Thomas on

      I know how it can be frustrated on the wait but I look at it in a differant way. I would rather wait and get a great product than get something that will fail and not work.

    34. Nichole Stockman on

      Keep up the good work! And know that there are lots of us out there who are in full support of your pursuit to make this a top-quality product, even if it takes some extra time. :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Denise Paige on

      This is going to be an awesome product, unlike anything out there. I am willing to wait until the developers are completely satisfied that they have something exceptional to roll out. I hope the headsets are able to function independently of each other. Being able to wear one and share the other is a big deal.

    36. Vincent Wong

      Fast forward to a year from now and it's Update #60: "Dear backers, we ran out of money and could not deliver the product we promised. But I guess it's alright by all of you, since you invested in a dream, not a product. Remember, Kickstarter isn't a goddamn store. Kthxbye."

    37. Clay Conry on

      Thanks for the updates. I guess my feeling on the deal is that Kickstarter IS more of a backing of the R&D process with the benefit of receiving the product at the end. I am thankful that you are doing your due diligence in the R&D phase to get us the most reliable product possible. Keep up the hard work and communication.


    38. Rich Rector on

      Thanks for the updates! I totally realize backing a product on kickstarter is a gamble because innovation is always a risk. If I wanted guaranteed delivery of some boring product I'd go to amazon for it. Best of luck.

    39. Holly Laclair-Bogedain on

      It is very common that schedules get pushed during development. All kickstarter campaigns I've been involved with have been delayed - one by 2 years. When I signed up for this I knew the timeline was too aggressive and I'd rather wait for a product that delivers than rush it to market.
      I had a question though - if the design will now process separate things between the two sides, does that mean we can't share the sides with a running partner? That's a bummer - I liked that feature.

    40. Jonathan Hansen on

      Perhaps we need to take this to Kickstarter to get their policy on delayed delivery clarified.
      Your supporters have honored their commitment, you have our money, and campaigns like this damage the entire concept and trust in pre-funding campaigns like this.

      I know your delays have left a bad taste in my mouth and made me think twice about funding others like you. The entire ecosystem that shows so much promise is hurt when things like this happen.