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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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    1. Aleksandr Krasnopolskiy

      @Freewavz, I have been generally accepting of the timeline changes in order to receive a better product. However, I'm going to need a bit of an explanation with regards to the change that is being suggested.
      You said that you are splitting the processing between the right and left head phone.
      What processing are you splitting?
      Is it just the pulseOx processing will be done in both ears and merged in software?
      I'm assuming that both of the headphones will play music and will not be connected to each other so the music processing can't really be split.
      I'm also still unsure of why the pulseOx needs to always be that accurate (same as Dave Pekala) I would understand that functionality being configurable from the headset unless anything less than 100 Hz sampling speed is just going to be completely inaccurate.
      Meaning I would be fine if I could configure one of the following:
      - Disable pulse-ox to make audiophile quality sound
      - 90% accuracy on the pulse-ox and DVD quality audio
      - maximum quality pulse-ox and disable audio
      So please elaborate a little further.

    2. Dave Pekala on

      @FreeWavz: Thanks for your response. I'll have to defer to the SME's knowledge on this subject and will attempt to wait patiently (I did say attempt! ;) ) for delivery.

    3. FreeWavz Creator on

      @LauraRivera Our current timeline brings us to shipping FreeWavz late July. You could expect them late July / early August depending on where the FreeWavz are shipping to.

    4. FreeWavz Creator on

      @DavePekala Our high level of pulse ox accuracy is a big differentiator of FreeWavz. Dr. Hensen, inventor of FreeWavz and practicing ENT surgeon, feels strongly that FreeWavz users should receive reliable / accurate data.

    5. Bonnie Steinkamp on

      I'm pleased that we didn't just get another duplicate of the last couple messages that said nothing. As far as the delay, I'm disapointed but not surprised. As far as the functionality change, at the very least allow the user the option to retain the independant ability of the earpieces for music by shutting off the pulse oximetry temporarily. In future updates I would like the truth and the issues you're dealing with not just the "rah, rah, we're so great". Hard facts please.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      To be honest, I don't know what most of the people are complaining about, pushing back the release of the product is something that you knowingly agreed to when you back this. You should have researched other kickstarter/indiegogo campaigns to see exactly what you were getting yourself into. These companies that use sites like this are just starting from the ground up with a new product.

      You honestly can't expect that their date on their maps are going to be 100% accurate can you? I mean, they weren't confirming that's exactly the time line that they will follow with the product, but saying their best case scenario, what they HOPE to have is the final product at that date. Most companies, even big companies develop a product with a hypothetical time line in which they hope to get the product done at. And most of those companies have to delay their product again and again, the Oculus Rift, pebble, just to name two, took over a year longer then originally stated to get shipped, and over 80% of all the kickstarters end up being delayed or sent out late, and 10% of the indiegogo campaigns don't ever even get completed. it's one of the risks you knowingly take when you support a company. If you don't somehow know when you support them that there is a chance it might not come out when they say it's going to. Then you're really not the brightest person here. Idealistically they would have shipped their products by now. Though in order to give everyone a good, well made, working product they had to sacrifice something. Because if they sent the product now you wouldn't like it, and you'd complain for a refund just like you're doing now for them not having it done in time.

      tl:dr? Stop complaining and be patient. It takes a while to make a quality product, and you knew that before supporting this company.

    7. Justin Carter on

      One of the major selling points was the ability to use the headphones independently and still have full functionality. Please do not change this.

    8. Mark Ribeiro on

      Thank you for the updates. I don't mind waiting to receive a good product, however I will be very disappointed if I'm unable to use them independently with each one having it's full functions. This is the main reason why I backed this project. Please do not change how it's suppose to work and listen to our comments.

    9. Gem City Gear Fests on

      Good Lord people. Have some freaking patience. Did I want my freewavz when they had originally planned to ship in dec 2014....of course. But let's not forget they are pioneers in a very new field, and quite honestly ~$400k isn't a lot to be working with. I'm sure they are weighing every choice carefully for timeline, final product, and cost. The whining I see here reminds me of people on airlines that incessantly complain about the tiniest of things all the while forgetting theyre FLYING AT 600 MPH THROUGH THE AIR. I'm far happier to wait for a quality product, and for them to be in a superior position to be a successful company. I want to say I was part of that!

    10. Clay Conry on

      Thanks for the updates. I guess my feeling on the deal is that Kickstarter IS more of a backing of the R&D process with the benefit of receiving the product at the end. I am thankful that you are doing your due diligence in the R&D phase to get us the most reliable product possible. Keep up the hard work and communication.


    11. Gary Risner on

      I wish I had my Freewavz right now. And many of us have had some bad experiences on Kickstarter. But I am willing to wait until you perfected my Freewavz into the product I hope it be. I truly believe in this product and grateful that you guys at least keep us updated where other projects I've backed have totally failed. I don't want to receive a half shoddy product! So make it a reality guys and give me the best you got! Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Laura Rivera on

      So will we be given a better idea of shipping dates? I'm a college student (so this is a huge investment for me) and I'm worried that this will ship out when I'm on a recess, and I want this as soon as it comes out

    13. Vincent Wong

      Now I wish this piece of crap project never got funded in the first place. Remember all of the project's cheerleaders who berated critics for not believing that they have a viable product? Looks like those scumbags have all taken the money and washed their hands off the project. I will never promote another crowdfunding project again.

    14. Rod Allan on

      Look at the kickstarter pages. Independent ears. Production ready. All a COMPLETE lie

    15. Rod Allan on

      I want a refund. This is pathetic. None of the original representations were correct. Stop accepting awards. Make a product. Can kickstarted help here?

    16. Dawn Briggs

      Still really looking forward to these. But I hope that they will still be able to be used independently of each other with all functions in each one.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Mark Knapp on

      During the original presenations, it was specifically pointed out that the freewavz "pair" can fully operate dependently and that you can have 2 people using 1 ear piece and have them connected to separate devices with full functionality. This update sounds like you are cutting functionality in half for each earpiece? If this is the case that is a hugely different product than what was originally advertised. I commonly only use 1 ear piece now so this was expected to be able to function for myself and someone else. If what I am describing above is correct, then this is a huge change in the product that we have backed at a considerable sum of money. Please provide real clarification on this point.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey D Watson on

      I want my money back... I agree with several comments below. This is ridiculous. If any of these so called companies had real geniuses, they'd understand before they even put their products on crowdfunding sites a realistic delivery timeframe. This is a perfect example of how turn your backers against you and although I appreciate the goal to deliver the best possible product, figuring that out and getting it made in originally planned timeframes is this companies problem not ours. I will never support a kickstarter campaign again. FreeWavz, huge failure and you all should seriously be ashamed that you have done this.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike K on

      Not that these people care, but I'm done with Kickstarter. I wish I could say that these delays are an anomaly but unfortunately that's not the case. It's just going to be a matter of time before one of these yahoo's gets sued for fraud or deceptive trade practices. And then you can kiss the Kickstarters and Indiegogos good bye.

      BTW, speaking of fraud, here's one representation made by the project creator in his offer that I relied on: "We have a working prototype in the final go-to-market form factor. We have produced final boards with all electronics to deliver the functionality in this Kickstarter project description.The pictures in the rewards section show the current form, which only needs production machining for finishing the design." Yeah, right.

    21. Lyn Scalzitti on

      whatever.....I know this was a HUGE mistake. Fake people who clearly think all its' backers are stupid.....again I say whatever. I have already chalked this up to a STUPID investment with thieves. I will try hard not to make the same mistake again.....sorry, this is as respectful as I can be!

    22. Vincent Wong

      Final estimated delivery - Dec 2016. If at all. Mark my words.

    23. Michael Fisher on

      Wow. It's sad that I'm not surprised about another delay. After this experience, I can't imagine investing in another Kickstarter. The CEO said, "'s something we don't WANT to do" -- B.S. If you didn't want to do it, you wouldn't. You have zero respect for those that invested hundreds of dollars in your company. At this point it's going to be 8 months past your deadline -- how in god's name does a company expect to survive when you can't even get within a half a year of your target? Are we actually going to get the headsets? This is all starting to feel like a BS scam & you guys have just been living off our seed money.

      I've been in need of new headphones since the fall, & since I've invested a decent amount of $$ with Freewavz, I don't really want to go for another high-end set. So I've been left with low-to-mid range sets since the fall. Come on!

      Any chance any backers could get a refund? Perhaps a partial rebate to make up for the EIGHT FREAKIN' MONTHS we've been waiting for you guys to get your freakin' acts together? I know it says 'be respectful and considerate' right next to the 'post comment' button, but if Freewavz isn't being respectful to us, I see no reason to be respectful to them.

    24. Dave Pekala on

      While I'm not happy to hear about the processing/glitchiness issues this late in the game, at least you're not pushing out an inferior product with music that skips (making the device unusable). Why is 100 Hz sampling speed required for the pulseox? Is a medical grade device really necessary? I would think a reduced sampling rate would be w/in a close enough standard deviation on the pulseox information, yet allow for the processing power needed for sound processing. I would think this would be useful for 98+% of the users and still leaps and bounds above anything else out there.

    25. Josh Berman on

      Yikes - I hope you're embarrassed. The lack of respect for your backers is apparent.

    26. Davi Costa on

      Complete bullshit. Why didn't you partner with them 6 months ago? Unbelievable!

    27. Dino Camba on

      Annoyed!! July?? wow!

    28. Mike Marx on

      another delay. shocker