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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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    1. Bradley Meltzer about 17 hours ago

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      This is my formal request for a refund of my pledge amount.

    2. Brian Henderson 1 day ago

      Since Freewavz is obviously not ever going to produce this product, and all of us who reached out to kickstarter go the same basic "go pound sand" result, whats the thought about a class action suit against Kickstarter for not upholding their terms from when this campaign was live?

    3. Tony Price 2 days ago

      Just checking in to see if the Freewaves developers grew a conscious or were worried about their reputation in the industry.... nope.

    4. APF 6 days ago

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use: 
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    5. Brian Henderson 6 days ago

      Hey! They logged in as of Feb 9th! A new update must only be a few more months away!

    6. Missing avatar

      luis ordonez on February 9

      Eric "the founder", what a joke you are. you have no intention of putting out a working product. 3.5 years later still trying produce a headset. Please give up and stop lying to us. Refund all your backers and go burry your head in the sand where no one can find you and stop trying to be an inventor.

    7. Jay Parikh on February 9

      Hi everyone I found something similar to all the stuff this team has been sharing...

    8. TABU Design on February 9

      The problem with these team is that they don't admitted that they can't work it out. 3.5 years ago it is a pioneer project. Now, they should have no more technical problem as there are so many others that has done it. There are many people that they can try to work with. I offered my help and they just don't reply. There are so many solution to the problem. I don't think is the technical issue. They simply don't have the money to continue. They are done!

    9. Michael Fisher on February 7

      3.5 years later, still waiting for my revolutionary earphones. Hell, at this point just send me a pair of AirPods and call it good.

    10. Rich Sustich on February 6

      Dear Eric and your Willing Co-conspirators at Kickstarter,

      In keeping with the spirit of being "respectful and considerate" in drafting these comments, I am acknowledging the respect you have afforded your backers over these many years.


      Unfortunately, as soon as I wrote the previous sentence it occurred to me that (1) your man parts might be on the order of "Little Hands" and you might need a magnifying glass to find them, and (2) your damn things never worked and therefore there really is no chance of frying your itty-bitty things.



    11. Rich Sustich on February 6

      So Kickstarter claims they have a dedicated staff to monitor projects, AND they want us to be respectful and considerate in posting our comments. So let's try a little experiment.

      I'll post a separate comment that is "respectful and considerate" of both the Creators and KS. Any bets on whether it even gets noticed?

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel on February 1

      looks like these jokers can't even be bothered to make a quarterly update anymore.

    13. Kirk Peterson on January 29

      @Charlie B: I hear ya man and agree wholeheartedly.

    14. Jay Parikh on January 20

      Guys... any updates? Not trying to redesign a space shuttle.

    15. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on January 19

      @ Kirk - I hear you about moving on (also a happy Jabra Elite user now) but I keep coming back and leaving comments just so that Eric and his “team” don’t think we have forgotten about the money they took from us 4 years ago.

    16. Kirk Peterson on January 18

      Brian Henderson: That was flipping hilarious!!! 😂😂😂

    17. Brian Henderson on January 18

      They still have not logged in since Oct 24, 2017. But if they did, I'm sure it would be something like this:

      Dear Backers,

      I know this update took longer than expected, but we have really great news! One of our many very smart workers, you've seen him before in the pictures... the guy who needs to cut his nails?... yeah him. Anyway he came up with the brilliant idea of using this new cable technology. It's really great, and so much more reliable than the bluetooth technology we were looking at. So he suggested that we connect the earbuds to each other with this cutting edge stuff, and then, wait for it.... use a second cable to attach to your device. The end of these cables are standard 1/8" jacks so they'll be completely compatible with the phones you had when we launched this disaster. For those of you with the newer iPhones, unfortunately you'll be out of luck, because that silly lightning connector is now outdated.

      Because of these improvements we're finally hitting our stride and will be going into pre-production in early February (of 2019). Of course there's still a long road ahead and many unforeseeable hurdles we may have to deal with. Hang in there, and know we haven't given up. We have you the backers to thank for our success, and we appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

      whoever still might work here.

    18. Philippe van Nedervelde
      on January 17

      Update, Eric?

    19. Ethan Z. Baker on January 15

      I think its time for a doxing

    20. Kirk Peterson on January 11

      Folks: move on. Anyone still waiting for these ass hats to deliver is simply living in a dream world.

      They stole our money.

      F*** them.

      There are TONS of other earbuds on the market now that do everything these sub-morons promised their product would do. (Jabra’s “Elite Sport” being one great example that I use every day at the gym.)

      Stop wasting your time on these low life scum bags.

      Life is way too short.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Richman
      on January 5

      If this product ships this year, and that's a really BIG if, it'll likely be around four years after the promised release.

      FOUR. YEARS.

    22. Ritesh Patel on December 28

      Well I suspect this is dead.. no chance of a refund. Money is probably all gone .. Founders on a beach somewhere or laughing over their hipster coffee ! I’ve had good luck with a few..but this one is the worst

    23. Missing avatar

      Ben Anderson on December 27

      Seems like every week you see another set of wireless headphones with some pretty amazing features come out. Sadly this KS offering seems to be a bust. If in 3 years they couldn’t have gotten the product launched with all that money then you have to assume they have spent it all.

    24. Missing avatar

      Greg Burghart on December 20

      When you've missed the original delivery estimate by THREE YEARS, its time to throw in the towel and stop stringing the backers along with BS updates. I don't even want the product reward now.... just refund my money.

    25. Brian Henderson on December 20

      Imagine that. Another Christmas is here (thats 3 of them now for those counting), and still no product. No potential product. No significant updates. However, in those 3 years we certainly have had a good deal of BS shipped our way. Since according to the site, you haven't even bothered to log in since Oct 24, its obvious how serious you're taking the whole thing. Seriously, grow up and admit your failure or deliver a product.

    26. mitch lazarus
      on December 17

      over 2 months, no update. zero credibility, zero faith in your product and less the zero faith in your ability to run a business.

    27. Missing avatar

      jimmyjames on December 15

      Time for this scumbag to issue another "update?"

    28. Missing avatar

      Dave R on December 15

      What would they put in an update? Just more lies.

      They don't have a finished "example" to get to manufacturing, and they've run out of money to move the project forward anymore.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on December 14

      Maybe an update

    30. Missing avatar

      KTownes on December 13

      We are all out money and the crooks that set this scam up are off in the sunset with more than a quarter million in fun cash. Kickstarter isn’t going to do anything about it. I have had several successful projects and a few not so successful. This one is the most money spent and the last money spent from my wallet.
      Good job Kickstarter in protecting your community who have supported you over the years!!! At least some f the other crowdfunding sites are protecting their community more than this.

    31. Justin Carter on December 5

      So... Where are we at?

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave R on November 28

      Kickstarter has zero "obligations" other than to take their cut of the money we give to the project. They already have gone above and beyond by sending a sternly worded email to this project about following through.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason Levine on November 25

      At what point will KickStarter step in according to their terms and obligations? I know because of this campaign I have never done another KickStarter campaign.

    34. Missing avatar

      Gary Wolfe on November 24

      Pardon me, the text is "Reward no longer available."

    35. Missing avatar

      Gary Wolfe on November 24

      On the campaign tab, on the right it shows the reward I selected. $179 Pre-dawn patrol or some nonsense like that. It's been a _long_ time since I recall looking at it so I don't know if this is a new development or something long ago change. In any event, it shows that "This reward is no longer available."

      Not that this is ever going to show up, but wtfo is up w/that?

    36. Mark Sexton on November 13

      @Bruce, yes and no. Yes I was fooled into believing the tech was available, but no, I don't think I was tricked- the tech at the time was so close that it appeared realistic to the folks at Freewavz, and to me. Personally, I would wait another year if these go to graphene cones, BT 5.0, 300mA batteries, and the pulse-ox is good enough to detect major blood O2 health issues and if CPR is being given correctly.

    37. Bruce Richards on November 13

      This is what is still on the campaign page:What is the status of development of FreeWavz?
      We have a working prototype in the final go-to-market form factor. We have produced final boards with all electronics to deliver the functionality in this Kickstarter project description.The pictures in the rewards section show the current form, which only needs production machining for finishing the design.

      Last updated: Sun, July 13 2014 11:22 AM PDT

      From the sound if this, and this is what got me to fund this, you were close to production as of July of 2014, and yet it's almost 2018. I'm going to ask this question of kickstarter, but how long does someone have to wait for a product to be delivered? Does anyone else feel like they were tricked into thinking these were close to completion only to be years out with no product?

    38. Nancy Podolsky on November 3

      By the time this project comes to fulfillment, it will be old technology! Obviously this project was a "dream" in someone's head without an actual prototype when it was pitched on Kickstarter over two years ago! My expectations are very low it will ever be realized.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel on October 23

      EOZ Air - sorry.

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel on October 23

      I went ahead and backed EOA Air as well.

      Considering that FreeWavz probably launched this campaign with nothing more than some scribbled notes on a napkin, and that it took them three years just to solve the Bluetooth issues, I'd say that the chances of this product actually materializing are nil, as are our chances of getting any of our money back.

      Still, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least say it: I'd like a refund, please!

    41. Missing avatar

      Dave R on October 17

      Just get airpods. If you are really fussy about it, you can get one of a variety of sleeves for them to keep them in your ear.

    42. Tami Paterson on October 17

      Just backed this project - all I want is wireless capability for music and something that can actually stay in my ears.…

      Hope it's not a failure like FreeWavz.

    43. Ethan Z. Baker on October 13

      I'll make you guys a deal. You can keep my $199, but I get to punch you each in the face at the next CES.

    44. Bonnie Steinkamp on October 12

      Me too! As backer #1692, I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." Please refund my $199

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on October 8

      Seems like I'm guessing 2018 shipping

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