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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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    1. Mark Sexton on November 13

      @Bruce, yes and no. Yes I was fooled into believing the tech was available, but no, I don't think I was tricked- the tech at the time was so close that it appeared realistic to the folks at Freewavz, and to me. Personally, I would wait another year if these go to graphene cones, BT 5.0, 300mA batteries, and the pulse-ox is good enough to detect major blood O2 health issues and if CPR is being given correctly.

    2. Bruce Richards on November 13

      This is what is still on the campaign page:What is the status of development of FreeWavz?
      We have a working prototype in the final go-to-market form factor. We have produced final boards with all electronics to deliver the functionality in this Kickstarter project description.The pictures in the rewards section show the current form, which only needs production machining for finishing the design.

      Last updated: Sun, July 13 2014 11:22 AM PDT

      From the sound if this, and this is what got me to fund this, you were close to production as of July of 2014, and yet it's almost 2018. I'm going to ask this question of kickstarter, but how long does someone have to wait for a product to be delivered? Does anyone else feel like they were tricked into thinking these were close to completion only to be years out with no product?

    3. Nancy Podolsky on November 3

      By the time this project comes to fulfillment, it will be old technology! Obviously this project was a "dream" in someone's head without an actual prototype when it was pitched on Kickstarter over two years ago! My expectations are very low it will ever be realized.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel on October 23

      EOZ Air - sorry.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel on October 23

      I went ahead and backed EOA Air as well.

      Considering that FreeWavz probably launched this campaign with nothing more than some scribbled notes on a napkin, and that it took them three years just to solve the Bluetooth issues, I'd say that the chances of this product actually materializing are nil, as are our chances of getting any of our money back.

      Still, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least say it: I'd like a refund, please!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave R on October 17

      Just get airpods. If you are really fussy about it, you can get one of a variety of sleeves for them to keep them in your ear.

    7. Tami Paterson on October 17

      Just backed this project - all I want is wireless capability for music and something that can actually stay in my ears.…

      Hope it's not a failure like FreeWavz.

    8. Ethan Z. Baker on October 13

      I'll make you guys a deal. You can keep my $199, but I get to punch you each in the face at the next CES.

    9. Bonnie Steinkamp on October 12

      Me too! As backer #1692, I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." Please refund my $199

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on October 8

      Seems like I'm guessing 2018 shipping

    11. Missing avatar

      Michelle Felux on October 6

      Wow. I have been giving you guys the benefit of the doubt through all of these years, thinking well yeah, technology development takes time. I'm about done, now, though. Another bogus update with more problematic findings of something that, more than likely, most of your interested buyers don't really care about all that much.

      In the meantime, here are SEVERAL other options that will appeal to all of your backers.

      I went ahead and bought my pair of Bragi Dash earbuds and they are phenomenal.

      Instead of pursuing a failing lead for years and losing your customer base, perhaps you should have divided your R&D into two products - a successful, probably mass appeal product that would provide your bluetooth, completely wireless, waterproof functionality with heart rate, etc. and actually DELIVER a product to people who wasted their hard earned money on your company. Then, keep pursuing your pulse ox with a secondary product. For one, you would have had REVENUE coming in from sales of your first product, which could continue to fund your R&D for your pulse ox earbud product. Instead, you are earning a terrible reputation with the marketplace - years of empty promises to your backers who, most likely, were only interested in the truly wireless capabilities of your earbuds.

      My advice to backers - go find a pair of the amazing earbuds that have since actually come on the market and enjoy completely wireless exercising experiences.. without the wait.

    12. Oliver Wahl on October 6

      I want a refund!

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on October 6

      Holiday season 2017 shipping :)

    14. John Doub on October 4

      Internet shell game... scumbags and frauds. Kickstarter should be ashamed by letting this go on...

    15. mitch lazarus
      on September 29

      More of the same. The Dr. doesn't give you any credibility
      Deliver or refund. Enough is enough.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on September 26

      Any updates please

    17. Missing avatar

      jimmyjames on September 22

      Almost time for another ScumBagz update.

    18. Ethan Z. Baker on September 15

      The claim can be made that without a project plan, regular updates, or ability to demonstrate a way to get a product to market, the terms of use have been violated after an unreasonable amount of time has passed. I will be filing against them in small claims court soon.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave R on September 12

      Sorry, that's a worthless ToU claim. If you tried to claim this in court, FreeWavz will just claim "We're working on fulfilling all backers". There is no time limit or any real way to declare a project has to do this, short of the project itself doing it voluntarily.

    20. Poppins on September 12

      (ノ-o-)ノ ┫
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    21. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on September 9

      Yes, I remember the stuff about Bragi and look - they have just released another new model that people are raving about. What is that, 3 products by them since we were supposed to receive the Freewavz?

    22. Rebecca Flowers on September 6

      I take that back. Just read your recent update. I realize with Kickstarter we are backing a concept, and I'm willing to wait for the best product to come to eventual fruition. Keep working at creating a successful Smart Earphone so your backers, like myself, will find it worth the wait. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    23. Rebecca Flowers on September 6

      I'm still waiting patiently. I've avoided buying anything similar knowing how fantastic these earbuds sounded. How about an update?

    24. Kevin Davis on September 6

      Remember when the freewavz people were talking shit about the bragdi dash?

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on September 4

      Anything new guys

    26. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on September 4

      For old time's sake, I was looking through the campaign when we all gave money. On the list, they said the app would be completed in September of 2014. Since the app is not dependent on these production issues, why isn't the app done and ready for us to download? This would at least demonstrate that you intend to follow through on at least one aspect of the project. After all, a kid could do an app in a month and we are now 3 years since yours was supposed to be done...

    27. Mark Staub on September 1

      Reported the project to Kickstarter FWIW

    28. Missing avatar

      Greg Burghart on September 1

      As backer #864, I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand an immediate full refund for my pledge, in the amount of $179. Please confirm my address before sending a check.

    29. Christian Schafleitner on September 1

      Please use the button at the bottom to report this project to Kickstarter. Use "report post-funding issues". Maybe it helps!

    30. Missing avatar

      jimmyjames on August 31

      Over three years now, ScumBagz

    31. Piarpreet Kaur on August 26

      not even a partial refund? this is so frustrating

    32. Kirk Peterson on August 18

      I can't believe that they haven't been sued already. That's an absolute miracle.

    33. Ethan Z. Baker on August 18


      I plan on filing in small claims court at some point. I'll get a default judgement hopefully when FreeWavz doesn't show up. I may not ever get any money, but we can certainly do more than nothing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on August 13

      Final push let's go

    35. Missing avatar

      Dave R on August 12

      There's no point in suing them. They likely have almost no money left. If all the backers joined together to sue, at best the result would be is that our lawyer would get all the money that FreeWavz still has, minus whatever their lawyer cost.

      Kickstarter doesn't care if the project completes or not. They got their cut and that's ALL they care about, other than bad PR. If you personally know someone doing a national news program, and that is willing to do a 1 minute piece on how this is a scam and how kickstarter helped facilitate it, then MAYBE kickstarter would do something about this...

    36. Missing avatar

      Jim Allison on August 11

      Is anyone on here a lawyer that wants to start a class action against FreeWavz and Eric Hensen? I can't believe that after almost 3 years of non-delivery they haven't deemed this project a failure yet. Kickstarter if you are monitoring this comment board please investigate this project for fraud.

    37. Kirk Peterson on August 10

      Guys, anyone who pledged here and still holds out hope that FreeMoronz will ever deliver is living in dreamland.

      Last night I used a brand new pair of Jabra Elite Sport earbuds. 100% wireless. Very comfortable. LOUD if you want them to be (and they too have “listen through” so you don’t get hit by a car while running). They stay in. They read your heart rate (and about 50 other metrics). In short: THEY ROCK!!! They have DELIVERED the promise that FreeMoronz made to all of us and broke.

      It's like mom said when your girl/boyfriend dumped you: FreeMoronz are idiots. They lied. They suck. They'll never, ever deliver. Just like that girl/boyfriend, they aren’t coming back. And really, you don’t want them to. If they’re THIS bad BEFORE you get these things, imagine how they’ll be if you ever have a problem (and that assumes that we’ll ever get this stupid product, which we won’t!).

      So move on. Tomorrow is another day, there are plenty of fish in the sea of wireless earbuds today AND THEY ARE A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN FREEMORONZ (if for NO other reason [and there are MANY reasons], you can order them from Amazon today and have them tomorrow).

      FreeMoronz are idiots and liars. They stole our money, but let go. They will eventually fully crash and burn and then they do, WE will have the last laugh as FreeMoronz disappears into obscurity, bankruptcy, and nothingness.

      As for me? I’m hittin’ the gym tonight with my WONDERFUL Jabra Elite Sport earbuds and every five minutes, a nice lady will read out my heart rate and a bunch of other KEWL data!

      Catch ya on the flip side boys and girls!

    38. Jeff Woytovich on August 10

      3 years ago this month I committed to this at the $179 level because I would receive in December of 2014. These "great" earphones were to be in a fundraising basket for a gala for the Children's Alopecia Project. I have the basket still collecting dust in the basement but the gift card to the gym can't be used, they went out of business, the workout clothing are still there but the crown jewell of the basket has never arrived and these so called professionals treat us like mushrooms by keeping us in the dark and feeding us....Well you know what they are feeding us. They're earphones, they are 2 inches long, I would think by the time a brain surgeon finishes surgery these guys could figure out their so called problems. Shame on you. I pledged in Aug 2014, was suppose to get Dec 2014 and today on August 10, 2017, 3 YEARS LATER I have no idea what is going on! Are you scammers, losers, bad business people or sincere? Please, let us know.

    39. Missing avatar

      Erwin Boon on August 10

      Those scam artists still take effort to post meaningless updates, lmao Sure we ask for it but still ;-)
      I am even post the wondering if they even had a working product to begin with, To me it is school money teaching me not to be naive. I wonder if this is the message is wishing to carry out bout their platform. I am also post being respectful and considerate. How about a bit of respect towards the money cows they called backers? How about a bit of consideration from to take action on scammers missusing their platform and potentionally harm the image of the "sincere" projects?

    40. Missing avatar

      Brandon Anis on August 6

      Cowards deleted my post calling out this criminal. Don't worry; already contacted the hospital system he works in to let them know what kind of scam artist he is. AMA next.

    41. Zev Gurman on August 5

      Some classic FreeWavz youtube videos for nostalgia:……

    42. Missing avatar

      Scott Schrope on August 5

      Few gems from the FAQ:
      What is the status of development of FreeWavz?
      We have a working prototype in the final go-to-market form factor. We have produced final boards with all electronics to deliver the functionality in this Kickstarter project description.The pictures in the rewards section show the current form, which only needs production machining for finishing the design.

      Last updated: Sun, July 13 2014 2:22 PM EDT

      Where are FreeWavz manufactured?
      FreeWavz are manufactured in Melbourne, Florida, USA, across the street from our offices and close to our engineers to ensure the highest quality production. Virtually all the components are sourced in the USA.

      Last updated: Mon, July 21 2014 10:22 AM EDT

    43. Missing avatar

      Scott Schrope on August 5

      Hensen Eric L Do
      Doctor in Melbourne, Florida
      Address: 2222 S Harbor City Blvd # 610, Melbourne, FL 32901
      Phone: (321) 723-7716

    44. Missing avatar

      Dave R on August 4

      @Chris, you are adorable. Needing to redo the design is the excuse they are planning to use sometime in the spring of 2018...

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris on August 1

      Is the design going to change as well, as it looks outdated as hell?

    46. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on July 27

      With the founder being a doctor and so much emphasis being put on this pulse ox, I am going to guess that this is what they are really working for. They have to know that the consumer market has already passed by this kind of device so they are trying to make it something that will be a hit in the medical field. This is why they are trying to get this aspect perfect. Maybe it was about this all the time but they needed the consumer element for the funding?

    47. Rich Sustich on July 26

      My fellow Freewavz backers,
      I just got off a telephone call with a representative of VOXX International, who were announced as Freewavz's distribution partner at CES this past January. The call was prompted by my email last week cautioning VOXX that they needed to be wary of their reputation being tarnished because of their association with Freewavz.
      The conversation started out with the VOXX representative admitting they didn't have a fucking clue about Freewavz's Kickstarter campaign as Dr. Hensen conveniently never even told them. This explains why Freewavz was going to be fulfilling our rewards while VOXX would distribute pre-orders and subsequent distribution.
      Well it turns out Freewavz couldn't deliver a working product to them within a reasonable amount of time. Sound familiar? So the distribution contract has been cancelled and they have not had any communication with Freewavz over the past 2-3 months.
      So, in a nutshell, we are actually in a worse place than when we backed this project 3 years ago. At least back then Freewavz had a purported working prototype and we all naively had some expectation of rewards down the line. Three years later: No working prototype and no rewards in sight. BTW, to whomever posted earlier that, contrary to their Kickstarter campaign that indicted the factory was in the US, the factory is in China, I did get a confirmation that it is indeed in China.
      During a web search earlier today, I discovered that shortly after Freewavz got their $325k from us, they went over to another crowdsourcing platform, Fundable, and tried to dupe some more folks over there. I'm not sure what happened in that case, but their campaign page has been taken down.
      Finally, I discovered that there were some 1,500 pre-orders placed as well. If anyone knows any of them, please find out if their credit cards were already charged for the transaction and/or if they have had any trouble cancelling their orders. They may be in a position to file a class action suit against Freewavz.
      And now it's time to pour a nice Scotch and put on my phenomenal Apple AirPods and not think about Freewavz or this piece of shit Hensen.
      Catch you guys later....

    48. Missing avatar

      Brandon Anis on July 26

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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