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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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    1. Kirk Peterson 1 day ago

      I can't believe that they haven't been sued already. That's an absolute miracle.

    2. Ethan Z. Baker 1 day ago


      I plan on filing in small claims court at some point. I'll get a default judgement hopefully when FreeWavz doesn't show up. I may not ever get any money, but we can certainly do more than nothing.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny 7 days ago

      Final push let's go

    4. Missing avatar

      Dave R on August 12

      There's no point in suing them. They likely have almost no money left. If all the backers joined together to sue, at best the result would be is that our lawyer would get all the money that FreeWavz still has, minus whatever their lawyer cost.

      Kickstarter doesn't care if the project completes or not. They got their cut and that's ALL they care about, other than bad PR. If you personally know someone doing a national news program, and that is willing to do a 1 minute piece on how this is a scam and how kickstarter helped facilitate it, then MAYBE kickstarter would do something about this...

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim Allison on August 11

      Is anyone on here a lawyer that wants to start a class action against FreeWavz and Eric Hensen? I can't believe that after almost 3 years of non-delivery they haven't deemed this project a failure yet. Kickstarter if you are monitoring this comment board please investigate this project for fraud.

    6. Kirk Peterson on August 10

      Guys, anyone who pledged here and still holds out hope that FreeMoronz will ever deliver is living in dreamland.

      Last night I used a brand new pair of Jabra Elite Sport earbuds. 100% wireless. Very comfortable. LOUD if you want them to be (and they too have “listen through” so you don’t get hit by a car while running). They stay in. They read your heart rate (and about 50 other metrics). In short: THEY ROCK!!! They have DELIVERED the promise that FreeMoronz made to all of us and broke.

      It's like mom said when your girl/boyfriend dumped you: FreeMoronz are idiots. They lied. They suck. They'll never, ever deliver. Just like that girl/boyfriend, they aren’t coming back. And really, you don’t want them to. If they’re THIS bad BEFORE you get these things, imagine how they’ll be if you ever have a problem (and that assumes that we’ll ever get this stupid product, which we won’t!).

      So move on. Tomorrow is another day, there are plenty of fish in the sea of wireless earbuds today AND THEY ARE A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN FREEMORONZ (if for NO other reason [and there are MANY reasons], you can order them from Amazon today and have them tomorrow).

      FreeMoronz are idiots and liars. They stole our money, but let go. They will eventually fully crash and burn and then they do, WE will have the last laugh as FreeMoronz disappears into obscurity, bankruptcy, and nothingness.

      As for me? I’m hittin’ the gym tonight with my WONDERFUL Jabra Elite Sport earbuds and every five minutes, a nice lady will read out my heart rate and a bunch of other KEWL data!

      Catch ya on the flip side boys and girls!

    7. Jeff Woytovich on August 10

      3 years ago this month I committed to this at the $179 level because I would receive in December of 2014. These "great" earphones were to be in a fundraising basket for a gala for the Children's Alopecia Project. I have the basket still collecting dust in the basement but the gift card to the gym can't be used, they went out of business, the workout clothing are still there but the crown jewell of the basket has never arrived and these so called professionals treat us like mushrooms by keeping us in the dark and feeding us....Well you know what they are feeding us. They're earphones, they are 2 inches long, I would think by the time a brain surgeon finishes surgery these guys could figure out their so called problems. Shame on you. I pledged in Aug 2014, was suppose to get Dec 2014 and today on August 10, 2017, 3 YEARS LATER I have no idea what is going on! Are you scammers, losers, bad business people or sincere? Please, let us know.

    8. Missing avatar

      Erwin Boon on August 10

      Those scam artists still take effort to post meaningless updates, lmao Sure we ask for it but still ;-)
      I am even post the wondering if they even had a working product to begin with, To me it is school money teaching me not to be naive. I wonder if this is the message is wishing to carry out bout their platform. I am also post being respectful and considerate. How about a bit of respect towards the money cows they called backers? How about a bit of consideration from to take action on scammers missusing their platform and potentionally harm the image of the "sincere" projects?

    9. Missing avatar

      Brandon Anis on August 6

      Cowards deleted my post calling out this criminal. Don't worry; already contacted the hospital system he works in to let them know what kind of scam artist he is. AMA next.

    10. Zev Gurman on August 5

      Some classic FreeWavz youtube videos for nostalgia:……

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott Schrope on August 5

      Few gems from the FAQ:
      What is the status of development of FreeWavz?
      We have a working prototype in the final go-to-market form factor. We have produced final boards with all electronics to deliver the functionality in this Kickstarter project description.The pictures in the rewards section show the current form, which only needs production machining for finishing the design.

      Last updated: Sun, July 13 2014 2:22 PM EDT

      Where are FreeWavz manufactured?
      FreeWavz are manufactured in Melbourne, Florida, USA, across the street from our offices and close to our engineers to ensure the highest quality production. Virtually all the components are sourced in the USA.

      Last updated: Mon, July 21 2014 10:22 AM EDT

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Schrope on August 5

      Hensen Eric L Do
      Doctor in Melbourne, Florida
      Address: 2222 S Harbor City Blvd # 610, Melbourne, FL 32901
      Phone: (321) 723-7716

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave R on August 4

      @Chris, you are adorable. Needing to redo the design is the excuse they are planning to use sometime in the spring of 2018...

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris on August 1

      Is the design going to change as well, as it looks outdated as hell?

    15. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on July 27

      With the founder being a doctor and so much emphasis being put on this pulse ox, I am going to guess that this is what they are really working for. They have to know that the consumer market has already passed by this kind of device so they are trying to make it something that will be a hit in the medical field. This is why they are trying to get this aspect perfect. Maybe it was about this all the time but they needed the consumer element for the funding?

    16. Rich Sustich on July 26

      My fellow Freewavz backers,
      I just got off a telephone call with a representative of VOXX International, who were announced as Freewavz's distribution partner at CES this past January. The call was prompted by my email last week cautioning VOXX that they needed to be wary of their reputation being tarnished because of their association with Freewavz.
      The conversation started out with the VOXX representative admitting they didn't have a fucking clue about Freewavz's Kickstarter campaign as Dr. Hensen conveniently never even told them. This explains why Freewavz was going to be fulfilling our rewards while VOXX would distribute pre-orders and subsequent distribution.
      Well it turns out Freewavz couldn't deliver a working product to them within a reasonable amount of time. Sound familiar? So the distribution contract has been cancelled and they have not had any communication with Freewavz over the past 2-3 months.
      So, in a nutshell, we are actually in a worse place than when we backed this project 3 years ago. At least back then Freewavz had a purported working prototype and we all naively had some expectation of rewards down the line. Three years later: No working prototype and no rewards in sight. BTW, to whomever posted earlier that, contrary to their Kickstarter campaign that indicted the factory was in the US, the factory is in China, I did get a confirmation that it is indeed in China.
      During a web search earlier today, I discovered that shortly after Freewavz got their $325k from us, they went over to another crowdsourcing platform, Fundable, and tried to dupe some more folks over there. I'm not sure what happened in that case, but their campaign page has been taken down.
      Finally, I discovered that there were some 1,500 pre-orders placed as well. If anyone knows any of them, please find out if their credit cards were already charged for the transaction and/or if they have had any trouble cancelling their orders. They may be in a position to file a class action suit against Freewavz.
      And now it's time to pour a nice Scotch and put on my phenomenal Apple AirPods and not think about Freewavz or this piece of shit Hensen.
      Catch you guys later....

    17. Missing avatar

      Brandon Anis on July 26

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brandon Anis on July 26

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave R on July 24

      Another empty update. We have no idea when we will ship, but we promise (again) to regularly make up some excuse as to why it won't be soon.

    20. Kevin Kenney on July 24

      Whatevs. So over this. Future emails will be directed to my spam box where they belong.

    21. Christopher Weaver on July 24

      After so long I sure hope the product has been improved over time as technology and capabilities expand and you have not spent all your time just figureing out how to manufacture it.

      Kickstarter is supposed to be a way to enter the market with something that will then grow, so if that is your plan I hope the device delivered will measure more; from heart rate to distance, step count and breaths, maybe even blood sugar

      Hopefully audio capabilities have been enhanced to include active ambient sound management; noise canceling when listening wirelessly to an audio device, amplify ambient sounds or personal ambient sound EQ tweaking for clear voice listening in a noisy room, perhaps something to wear in a loud environment that actively lower SPL but still passes high quality sound for concerts, outdoor events, and surely it will have hands free voice activated device control.

      So many things an in ear device can do and if this ends up being a simple Bluetooth headphone with an oxygen sensor which was new and different so long ago, today that basic device will be a huge disappointment and I doubt will go far past the kickstarter presales.

    22. Jonathan Tabarejo on July 24

      @Rich Sustich - Thanks for that.

      I honestly have forgotten about this project and chalked it up as a complete loss. I then get an update today? LOL

    23. Rich Sustich on July 19

      Hey folks, in response to the deafening silence from those fucking criminals over at FreeWavz, I though it most appropriate to advise their exclusive distributor, VOXX, of the adverse impact their association with FreeWavz will have on their public reputation. I also asked them to nudge FreeWavz to respond to backers and also asked VOXX to at least respond to me so as to verify their awareness of our existence. I sent the email to Larissa Bertolotti who was VOXX's contact person on the CES announcement. Here's what I sent, maybe others will reach out to her as well.
      Dear Larissa,

      I was initially encouraged by the announcement that VOXX was entering into an exclusive distributor agreement with FreeWavz. Sadly, it appears you have been duped along with the 1,000+ Kickstarter supporters who were deceived (four years ago) into believing that FreeWavz had an actual working product as represented by two alleged Olympic class runners.

      I am curious if you’ve had any communication from FreeWavz since the announcement at CES in January? If VOXX will be the distributor for pre-orders, there is absolutely no reference to it on the Pre-Order page, nor is there any indication that Pre-Orders will ever be fulfilled.

      As I suggested earlier, there are now 1,000+ Kickstarter backers out there who are well on their way to publicly expressing their disappointment with FreeWavz and, by extension VOXX, in this whole dismal affair.

      Since no one at FreeWavz is willing to provide any substantive information to Kickstarter backers as to the actual timeline for delivery of their backers’ rewards, it might be in your best interest to nudge FreeWave to update their backers. It would go a long way towards quelling the frustrations and every growing bitterness of the backers.

      Perhaps as a start, you might respond to me so I might advise other backers that VOXX is at least aware of their existence.

      Looking forward to your reply,

      PS, I used the term "fucking criminals" in my first sentence to see if anyone at FreeWavz or Kickstarter are even paying attention to this page.

      Rich Sustich

    24. Ethan Z. Baker on July 18

      Kickstarter support has informed me that the terms of service are there for us to use for litigation. They won't do anything for us.

    25. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on July 16

      Also, it has been 108 days since your last update and we are now into year 4 of this Kickstarter campaign.
      Just to throw out one more number - that 108 days since your last update was also approximately the same amount of time from the close of your Kickstarter campaign until you were going to have shipped this product out. In 2014.

    26. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on July 16

      We are officially at mid-July - where's the update?

    27. Steffan Van Lint on July 11

      Hi FreeWavz. Any news? Updates?

    28. H Alexander Krob MD on July 11

      I funded 8 Kickstarter projects and 3 of them tanked: A coffee maker, a unifying credit card, and this. I got the wifi color changing light bulbs (overpriced once competitors hit the market), the small bike pump (cute, but total BS), and the bright bike lights (overpriced to begin with, and they lasted a year). The only project I really felt I got my expected return was the sit to stand desk.

      It's too easy these days to simulate a prototype and put together an upbeat sales pitch for a completely pie-in-the-sky idea. This is just a more plausible version of the "Greetings! I am Mr. Bujundi Bimbumbu of the Monrovian Central Bank" email.

      No more Kickstarter for me.

    29. Missing avatar

      Brandon Anis on July 8

      Fucking scam artists. That money is long gone - you guys just post random pictures to fuck with people lol pathetic - but don't worry, we not all the names and companies involved and will shit on anything they ever do again besides jumping in front of a bus. Harsh, yes. You lied and stole money. Fuck you.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dave R on July 8

      Only seven more sleeps to the next complete, total, utter lie from FreeWavz.

    31. Brian Henderson on July 6

      I've also been in contact with Katherine. I do encourage everyone to fill out the form, and give as indepth description as possible. It will take a few days to get a response, but the more people voice their frustration the better chance we have of them actually stepping in.

    32. Missing avatar

      luis ordonez on July 6

      what a shady bunch of dirt bags over there at Freewavz. the updates come every other moon and all we get are "technical problems" and issues with this and that.
      these guys have not been honest from day one when they realized they couldn't produce what they promised.
      I have been enjoying my Samsung Gear X Bluetooth headsets for close to a year and I love them. i knew I would never get the Wavz so i bought one of the many many now available products out.
      in short YOU GUYS ARE A JOKE. I feel like a sucker for giving you my money almost 3 years ago, YES 3 FUCKING YEARS AGO.

    33. Rich Sustich on July 5

      HEADS UP EVERYONE. I filed a complaint with Kickstarter and got what is probably the same bull shit everyone else got. So I decided to reply to their response pointing out where things are now plus expressing our frustration. I also told them they are likely losing as much as 2,000 backers (from this and other fraud projects) for future projects. Their response and my reply are below.



      I think you may be missing the point.. In the case of Tiko 3-D printer, it appears that the creators grossly underestimated the cost of bringing their product to market, which all the backers were aware of. HOWEVER, they charged all the backers shipping and then pocketed the money. I don’t think that’s what Kickstarter really envisioned (or maybe you did). but in either case, you strongly need to improve your creator guidance to prohibit this practice AND weigh in as an advocate for backers when creators engage in prohibited actions. One of biggest issues backers of this project have is Kickstarter’s radio silence in stepping in.

      As for Ca7ch Motion and Freewavz, THEY COMMITTED FRAUD AND KICKSTARTER WAS LIKELY COMPLICIT. The creators of both of projects presented working prototypes on their project pages. So either (a) Kickstarter did not even attempt to validate the status of these projects and prototypes when they were approved, or (b) Kickstarter knew that the representation of working prototypes was fraudulent and Kickstarter chose not to enforce it’s creator rules on the creators. Neither situation is acceptable, and i can guarantee there are now about 2,000 potential backers who will never back another project as a result.

      While you might feel it embarrassing, I think you owe those 2,000 people a response on how these two disasters happened despite your rules.

      I am posting this thread on the pages for both Ca7ch and Freewavz along with a recommendation that all the defrauded backers reach out to you.

      Rich Sustich

      On July 5, 2017 at 11:51:50 AM, Kickstarter Support ( wrote:

      Need to reply? Just write above this line.
      Your request has been updated. You can add a comment by replying to this email.

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
      Jul 5, 12:49 PM EDT

      Hi there,

      Thank you for voicing your concerns.

      We expect all members of the Kickstarter community to act with honesty and openness. Our Community support and Integrity teams monitor Kickstarter's system and review reports received from users. Some actions taken may include:

      Reaching out to creators and reminding them post project updates as well as respond to backer messages
      Revoking account privileges, including the ability to run another campaign on Kickstarter, until rewards have been fulfilled or an update has been posted for backers
      Suspending or restricting account privileges if there is sufficient evidence of abuse against our system or trust of others.

      We track creators' fulfillment histories as comprehensively as possible - from snags to more serious complications - to help ensure creator accountability. We may adjust our policies based on feedback from backers and creators, and/or data aggregated across projects.

      While we can't speak to the nature of specific projects that have been approved or declined, we're constantly working on improving our vetting process for creators and we are grateful for the feedback that folks like you provide.

      Jun 29, 3:41 PM EDT

      I have no backed three projects (Ca7ch Motion, Tiko 3-D printer, and Freewavz), all of which have failed to deliver my pledge reward. Ca7ch Motion, after several years of string backers along, sold the project assets off to another company, pocketing the profits! Tiko completed their project and shipped to handful of backers then stopped production and have gone dormant. This one, Freewavz, may actually be worse than the other two. I backed this project because they claimed they had working prototypes already in use (they even had some Olympic level runners on the project page WITH THE PROTOTYPES IN THEIR EARS. Clearly THEY LIED to the the backers - no working prototypes ever existed. Now, 3 years later, they occasionally post a one-line "update" saying they'll post an actual update soon but never even follow through. They've also advised the backers that they have transferred their assets to another company VOXX to fulfill pre-sales, but backers are left SHIT OUT OF LUCK! I'm not sure how to do it, but Kickstarter really needs to enforce it's rules with regard to clearly fraudulent projects. You ship is taking on water, and unless you publicly do something about these fraudulent projects, the well is going to run dry not only for these criminals, but for legitimate projects. Yes, I've backed some projects that were successfully completed, but they are becoming non-existent. SAD!!!

      This email is a service from Kickstarter.

    34. Tami Paterson on July 4

      Matt Watkajtys I filled in the contact form, thank-you for providing the link. Maybe if backers fill in this form we may have some movement in this project.

    35. Tony Castle on July 4

      FreeWavz you fucking suck!

    36. Ethan Z. Baker on June 30

      Does it say anything that the FreeWavz Kickstarter account was one of the backers of the Bragi? They also backed this project:, which is a platform to make wearable Bluetooth devices. I think that is enough evidence to show that they didn't know how to even make a Bluetooth device wearable at the time that they sold us a pile of dung! The plan all along was to "figure it out" by purchasing other Kickstarter products!

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave R on June 30

      There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that kickstarter will do, beyond perhaps sending the project a private message with maybe a meaningless "you are required to either ship the product or refund all the money" note attached. It will be deleted as soon as it is received.

    38. Matt Watkajtys on June 29

      Backers, I reached out to Kickstarter - and they suggested filling out a comment form here:

      And representatives will take a closer look.

    39. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on June 29

      @Freewavz the problem is that you said in your last update that mid-April was the big time for production, assuming some minor tweaks. It will be three months since then and you still don’t have a ship date.
      Obviously, this is not good news that is coming or else you would have given us some hope. The part that hurts the most is your absolute deception in the original push for funding. And that goes for your founder also.

    40. Matt Watkajtys on June 28

      Long story short, these won't ship. It's the same pattern a lot of high profile Kickstarter scams use. "We'll update soon." "We promise we'll update soon".

      Meanwhile, they can't be bothered to share ANYTHING. There was material misrepresentation of the project when they sought funding. It's over people. The only thing that you can do is investigate a class action. Kickstarter doesn't care, I've reached out and they told me to consult a lawyer. They have their cut.

      Sure, if it ships, I'll buy a hat and eat it, but more likely than not, if they do ship it'll be a subpar product that barely ticks off the minimum deliverable specs. That's the reality of the situation.

      Mid July will come around and they'll say 'we're getting ready to send an update' and that's all we'll get. More delays on the technical testing I'd guess.

    41. Arjun Udani on June 28

      When can we expect delivery of the earphones? I pledged in 2014 and would like to know when I plan to receive my order. Thanks.

    42. FreeWavz Creator on June 28

      Hello Everyone,

      Thank you for all your patience. However; we are still waiting for some technical testing feedback that will be central to our upcoming update. Unfortunately we expect this information to come mid July.


      The FreeWavz Team

    43. Brian Henderson on June 27

      Comment all you want, they haven't logged in since their last comment here 2 weeks ago. They haven't replied directly to questions or answered messages through kickstarter since missing their first date. Great customer service.

    44. Michael Fisher on June 26

      I'm about to buy one of the myriad of other wireless noise-canceling activity-friendly earbuds now on the market. So sad my FreeWavz are over 2.5 years late. Will they make it before Oct 2017 and keep them under 3 years late.


      I feel hoodwinked on my first KickStarter backing.

      And, as others have stated, I am SO much more cautious about other KickStarters. Only backed on other since, and that was only a $15 risk.

    45. Missing avatar

      Dave R on June 26

      woohoo. two full weeks have passed since their "we working on an update". Did they just find some random person on the street and decided to put them through an ESL program, then have that person make up an "update" or did they fly back to China to take pictures of another random factory that some electronic bits and bobs lying around as another example of a sample production run.

    46. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on June 25

      @Jeff - that is a shame to miss out on your fundraiser! I had ordered these to review for my site since there was really nothing else in the space at the time. Now, there are many more that offer and deliver more than these even promised! Just glad I didn't order the second pair for my giveaway...

    47. Jeff Woytovich on June 23

      How difficult can this be? Seriously, I am dumbfounded by the lack of transparency, and responsibility to accommodate us, the backers of earphones? I am not trying to be cruel, just truthful. I ordered these to auction off in a fundraiser. Over 3 years ago! Please take the time to post monthly so we trust you again. Thanks.

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on June 23

      Any new updates

    49. Erin Abraham on June 21

      They lied about the status of their prototype in the description of the campaign. Why does anyone expect them to be honest about when they will update? It will likely be fake too. LOL. I second what someone below said. This project has saved me money because I'm much more cautious about pulling the trigger for other campaigns. Thanks Freewavez!

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