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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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    1. Missing avatar

      Fran San on April 19

      shipping date ?

    2. Ethan Z. Baker on April 11

      I love this from the FAQ:

      Where are FreeWavz manufactured?
      FreeWavz are manufactured in Melbourne, Florida, USA, across the street from our offices and close to our engineers to ensure the highest quality production. Virtually all the components are sourced in the USA.

      But you guys just got a factory in China to produce them...and probably with no parts made in the USA. Likely, the only the thing made in the USA is the hot air you blew in our faces while collecting our money!

    3. Tony Castle on March 31

      Just want my money back

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on March 30

      Very nice update!!!

    5. Rich Sustich on March 30

      Maybe all that nagging to both these guys and more importantly Voxx paid off!

    6. Brian Middleton on March 29

      It's too bad really. these were so ahead of their time in 2014. But technology advancements being what they are, there are so many competing products out there now that are actually delivering. Would love to have my money refunded and purchase something other than vaporware. But I know that will never happen. At least an honest a verifiable status update would be nice for a change

    7. Rich Sustich on March 27

      Well news from either Freewavz or Voxx after 5 days.

      If anyone chooses to reach out to both (see my previous comments), please post if you have done so and if you get a reply.


    8. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on March 26

      Here's a thought - who was the $10k backer? I wonder if they at least got their WDW trip and travel money? Maybe they can update us on how the meeting went with the Freewavz team.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on March 24

      We are getting close to 1000 comments!!!!

    10. Ethan Z. Baker on March 24

      I posted the home address and phone number of a company executive someplace down this chain.

    11. Rich Sustich on March 22

      And another thought. On the Freewavz website they a 'Fanz" link that identifies their "visionary level" Kickstarters by name. Maybe we should track those folks down and see if they got anything for their backing What do you think?

    12. Rich Sustich on March 22

      In addition, we should all go to the Freewavz website. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find a "contact us" link. Send them a message about their failure to deliver to their backers.

      Everyone should ask for a date certain when they will commence deliveries. Maybe if we can get 1,500+ individual inquiries maybe they'll realize we are still here and we deserve much more than their dismal performance.

      And don't hesitate to suggest we may take this whole disaster to a "more forceful" forum. a.k.a. court.

    13. Rich Sustich on March 22

      Hey guys - here's an idea. If you go on Voxx Advanced Solutions (the new partner) website, there is page on which you can enter your contact information and they promise to get back to you. I just did it. They do ask for a company name so I entered "Kickstarter Backer" and I suggest we all do the same. Let's see if they get hundreds of contact requests maybe they can wake these guys back from the dead.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jim Allison on March 21

      Anyone know where these shady characters have an office? I think some of their backers should pay them a visit and demand our money back. I am regretting that I didn't try and track them down at CES and confront them. This is beyond disrespectful that after over two years they still haven't delivered.

    15. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on March 20

      @Kirk Petersen - I have those and they work great! Nice audio feedback on your performance and the first in-ear earbuds I have ever used that stay in when running.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jim Allison on March 19

      I have sent another message to Kickstarter support asking them to investigate this bogus project. We are now 27 months after the original projected delivery date and these bogus updates with no real substance are insulting. Anyone want to get together on a class action lawsuit against these clowns and get our money back?

    17. Missing avatar

      marc sperisen on March 19

      Another ~$250 down the drain... i wish they would just admit that they fucked us over so that we can buy any of the available products and get on with our lives! so PLEASE tell us!

    18. Missing avatar

      Dave R on March 18

      Hell, Bragi Dash was also a kickstarter about that started about the same time as freewavz, and they managed to ship a year ago. And it also does heart rate.

    19. Kirk Peterson on March 17

      You can buy these today. And yes, FreeWavz, they DO monitor your heart rate.

    20. Gary Risner on March 16

      Update Please!

    21. Missing avatar

      Fran San on March 16

      Whats'up ?
      My opinion : you're untespect with your bakers

    22. Gary Risner on March 12


    23. Missing avatar

      on March 10

      Hope u get new partners don't forget about us :(. Please give us some update?

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on March 10

      Any updates all?

    25. Vibhu Malik on March 9

      Thanks Samantha Jones for the information! I really appreciate it.

    26. Kirk Peterson on March 8

      Charlie B: Agreed, but keep on dreaming.

    27. Kirk Peterson on March 8

      They say, “No news is good news.” Not so with FreeWavz. Here, no news is typical and usualllllllllly means yet another delay.

      Just sayin’.


    28. Gerd Naschenweng on March 8

      Why is it that other Kickstarter projects offer a refund (less 5% of what Kickstarter takes) and Feewavz refuses?

    29. Missing avatar

      jimmyjames on March 6

      Almost time for another ScumBagz update?

    30. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on March 6

      Over 2 months since your last update. This is a longer period than any other update in the last 7 months and that is a real shame. Since you are supposedly ready to ship soon, the updates should be coming much more frequently. We are owed a legitimate update now, not some press release.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on February 28

      Any updates coming

    32. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on February 25

      According to your last real update just about 2 months ago, you said you would have an update the next month. That "next month" was January and we are almost in March with no new info about your schedule. We deserve to get these updates, especially if you are in contract with a fulfillment operator for post-Kickstarter product.

    33. Rich Sustich on February 22

      Picked up the Apple AirPods earlier this week. I always had trouble with the old design but this one fits quite well and the sound is awesome. Since I have an Apple Watch that reads pulse, I guess I really have little need for these.

      I might give them as a Christmas gift in 2014. Yeah, right!

    34. Missing avatar

      Nil on February 22

      its time for an update... :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Fran San on February 22

      Ok.. and now, what's up ? when will we receive it ?
      I think it's time to informe us.

    36. Tony Castle on February 17

      Just here to say FUCK YOU WAVEZ! that is all

    37. Tom Barrett on February 15

      Great news fellow backers! Based on history, we'll see another update in 2-3 months.

    38. Samantha Jones on February 11

      Hi Vibhu - I just changed my address for the 3rd time since backing this campaign - Guess I'm a pro. Click on the Campaign link above, then the View my Pledge button, then the survey tab. There will be a button for updating your address.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on February 9

      Any eta on updates

    40. Vibhu Malik on February 1

      Hey guys!

      Does anyone know how to change the shipping address? :)

      Thanks a lot!

    41. Missing avatar

      Dagur on January 19

      Did any backer visit their booth?

    42. Missing avatar

      Dave R on January 18

      No, we aren't investors, as then we would have a LOT more legal rights than we actually have.

      It's more like we gave them a gift of $X, and we MIGHT receive a gift of the described device back.

    43. Missing avatar

      Leon Pryor on January 17

      Thank makes sense - we don't have preorders...we are investors and get to bear the risk.
      Oh well.......

    44. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on January 15

      @Leon the problem is that one of the legs of the AG's suit was based on the fact that Lily did not go the crowdfunding route and did preorders instead.

    45. Missing avatar

      Leon Pryor on January 14

      Interesting the San Francisco AG sued Lily Robotics for pulling the same crap that FreeWavz has. Are any of the backers from San Francisco? Perhaps they should contact the AG.

      "Despite taking all of these prepaid orders, Lily Robotics has continued to delay shipment of the Lilys. When defendant began accepting preorders in May 2015, it told customers that the Lily Camera would ship in February 2016 or May 2016, depending on when the preorder was made. Then, in December 2015, Lily Robotics delayed all shipments to “Summer 2016.” It delayed shipments again in August 2016; according to its notice, US customers would get their Lily Cameras in “December 2016 to January 2017,” while its non-US customers would get them sometime “later in 2017.” As of the writing of this Complaint, not a single unit has been shipped."

    46. Greg Werner on January 5

      Who gets their orders fulfilled first??

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