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FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
FreeWavz provide complete freedom from wires, have a naturally perfect fit and deliver the fitness metrics you want, when you want them
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    1. FreeWavz Creator about 6 hours ago

      Hello Everyone,

      Thank you for all your patience. However; we are still waiting for some technical testing feedback that will be central to our upcoming update. Unfortunately we expect this information to come mid July.


      The FreeWavz Team

    2. Brian Henderson about 19 hours ago

      Comment all you want, they haven't logged in since their last comment here 2 weeks ago. They haven't replied directly to questions or answered messages through kickstarter since missing their first date. Great customer service.

    3. Michael Fisher 2 days ago

      I'm about to buy one of the myriad of other wireless noise-canceling activity-friendly earbuds now on the market. So sad my FreeWavz are over 2.5 years late. Will they make it before Oct 2017 and keep them under 3 years late.


      I feel hoodwinked on my first KickStarter backing.

      And, as others have stated, I am SO much more cautious about other KickStarters. Only backed on other since, and that was only a $15 risk.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dave R 3 days ago

      woohoo. two full weeks have passed since their "we working on an update". Did they just find some random person on the street and decided to put them through an ESL program, then have that person make up an "update" or did they fly back to China to take pictures of another random factory that some electronic bits and bobs lying around as another example of a sample production run.

    5. Missing avatar

      Charlie B 3 days ago

      @Jeff - that is a shame to miss out on your fundraiser! I had ordered these to review for my site since there was really nothing else in the space at the time. Now, there are many more that offer and deliver more than these even promised! Just glad I didn't order the second pair for my giveaway...

    6. Jeff Woytovich 5 days ago

      How difficult can this be? Seriously, I am dumbfounded by the lack of transparency, and responsibility to accommodate us, the backers of earphones? I am not trying to be cruel, just truthful. I ordered these to auction off in a fundraiser. Over 3 years ago! Please take the time to post monthly so we trust you again. Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny 5 days ago

      Any new updates

    8. Erin Abraham on June 21

      They lied about the status of their prototype in the description of the campaign. Why does anyone expect them to be honest about when they will update? It will likely be fake too. LOL. I second what someone below said. This project has saved me money because I'm much more cautious about pulling the trigger for other campaigns. Thanks Freewavez!

    9. Brian Henderson on June 21

      Good reading: "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

    10. Gary Risner on June 21

      Where are you guys! Where's your honor!

    11. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on June 20

      This is very frustrating - you have not written an update in almost 3 months and 1 week ago, you say you are working on one. How long does it take to work on an update when you are almost 3 years into a project? I am seriously embarrassed for you, especially since I pushed this to a lot of people.

    12. Brian Henderson on June 20

      1,048 days and counting...

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave R on June 20

      More than a week and still no fake update. Maybe they don't know how to google for a fake article generator?

    14. Ethan Z. Baker on June 19

      Love the FAQ: Where are FreeWavz manufactured?
      FreeWavz are manufactured in Melbourne, Florida, USA, across the street from our offices and close to our engineers to ensure the highest quality production. Virtually all the components are sourced in the USA.

      Last updated: Mon, July 21 2014 10:22 AM EDT

    15. Ethan Z. Baker on June 19

      Just wait! The update will be that the pull a Plastc and go bankrupt.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave R on June 16

      4 days to write the update. They must have used up all the good excuses and now are desperately trying to come up with a new one.

    17. John Doub on June 15

      I'd support a class action lawsuit against these a-holes (whoever offered that idea...).
      Kickstarter should really do better about establishing rules around clear fraud in the campaign descriptions to help backers get their money back.

    18. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on June 15

      Hey, Rich! I think I I will take ... a freewavz! And one for all backers! ;)
      I am getting worried that you have been "working" in an update for over 3 days. That means it is not good news.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave R on June 14

      They are diligently trying to hire a fiction writer right now to make the next update.

    20. Rich Gautier on June 13

      Those folks who invested in this would appreciate more than an update once per 3 months. Especially since you've missed your initial deadline by so much.

      I don't think it's too much to ask that someone sit down at a keyboard and type a few sentences into the update panel. It takes 15 minutes, at most.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dave R on June 13

      No refunds! However, the next fake update will have "This fake update sponsored by Si Hwan Park" appended to it, to thank you for your contribution.

    22. FreeWavz Creator on June 12

      We are working on the update and will be providing it once ready. Please stay tuned.

    23. Si Hwan Park on June 12

      Can I get a refund..?

    24. Rich Sustich on June 12

      Hey Charlie B, yours was the 1,000th comment! Where should FreeWavz send your valuable prize???

    25. Rich Sustich on June 12

      Here's a thought: Since the "final samples" were sent to VOXX in April (We know that because FreeWavz would never lie to us.), then clearly the delay is now VOXX's fault. I suggest we all start to bombard VOXX with emails advising them they are about to go down with the FreeWavz ship. Maybe they can force FreeWavz to man up to their backers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on June 12

      You guys are way past due for an update and I think the only update that would suffice right now is that you are shipping them out. Most of us accept that there are technical delays but your disrespect in keeping us updated and part of the team has turned many against you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris on June 11

      Would love to know if and when this product is going to be delivered?

    28. Brian Henderson on June 11

      Coming up on 3 years. Time to reach out to the kickstarter team again.

    29. Gary Risner on June 10


    30. Ethan Z. Baker on June 9

      Pieces of garbage..thats what these guys are.

    31. mitch lazarus
      on June 6


    32. Tony Castle on June 6

      hope someone sues the crap out of these idiots

    33. Missing avatar

      Dan Giles on June 5

      Update please! This has been a tremendously long wait.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on June 4

      Any news or updates

    35. Gary Risner on June 4

      Update is due!

    36. Will Silva on May 31

      Hey guys. Any update?

    37. Darryl Bosshardt on May 31

      Loved the last update. Now we are in June and I'd love to hear from you again. I know it's been a long time coming, but I'm still holding on to the belief we will them eventually. Good luck and please update us soon.

    38. Tony Castle on May 18

      Since you are in the home stretch, I want my fucking money back!!!

    39. Kristopher Powers on May 16

      Do we know if they will update the app. Will we be able to use it with the VOX app?

    40. Missing avatar

      Charlie B on May 16

      Since you hit the homestretch back in March, I would imagine you are very close to shipping. Can we see the final product and get a wrap up on what is going on?

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on May 14

      Any updates guys??

    42. Kirk Peterson on May 10

      If there is ONE good thing to come out of my experience being a backer of FreeWavz, it is this: I LEARNED MY LESSON!

      I REALLY wanted to back that whizzbang cool Plastc multi-credit card thingy. BUUUUUT every time I almost pulled the switch to support them, I thought about FreeWavz and I backed down every. single. time.

      Dang good thing! I would have lost another $200 supporting another vaporware product. But thanks to the morons at FreeWavz, I at least still have THAT $200 in my back.
      Thank you FreeWavz for helping me learn that lesson!

    43. Tom Barrett on May 10

      The last update said final samples shipping to VOXX mid April, and if all is good, production will begin shortly after. It's almost mid-May, does that mean you're in production? Update us please.

    44. Missing avatar

      Leon Pryor on April 30

      I love checking in here to see the latest excuses from these con artists.

    45. Missing avatar

      Fran San on April 19

      shipping date ?

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