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You helped us fundraise scholarships for Compton High students, and now we need help to bring the film to life and tell their stories.

There are so many lines that divide us as people: race, religion, money. What if there was one line that brought us all together? What if you could be the one who helps us put eight exceptional students at the free throw line of Compton High School with the opportunity to win a college scholarship worth $40,000? Wouldn’t that be a pretty special line to be part of?

Introducing, “Free Throw,” the documentary/charity event created by Court Crandall, an advertising creative director, screenwriter of the films “Old School” and “A Lobster Tale” and author of the children’s book, “Hugville.”

After watching his son grow up playing basketball with a number of boys from Compton, Calif., Court decided he wanted to do something to help provide these children with an opportunity they might not have otherwise. He also wanted to do something to highlight the positive changes within Compton and help the good people who live and work there redefine the NWA “Straight Outta Compton” image that has defined the city since the early nineties.

Out of the 80 or so seniors at Compton High School with a 3.0 GPA or better, eight student names will be drawn. Then, the lives of those eight students will be documented, and we’ll learn about their lives, hopes, dreams and obstacles as they prepare for the ultimate free throw competition in front of the entire student body on March 25. “Free Throw” has the support of Jesse Jones, the principal of Compton High School, as well as Eric Perrodin, the mayor of Compton. And even Demar Derozan of the Toronto Raptors lent his time to the students and the film.

What developed was something we only dreamed of. The film, and the story of contestant Allan Guei and his generosity with the other contestants, was shared on Yahoo!, CNN, ESPN, The Huffington Post, Today/MSNBC, CBS Sports and more. 

Now we need your help once again. You helped us fund scholarships for Compton High School's "Free Throw" contestants, and now we need your help to make the documentary that helps share their stories. Let's make this happen, together. 


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