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Play both adventurer and dungeon master in an immersive 3D world!
Play both adventurer and dungeon master in an immersive 3D world!
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Week 118 Patch

Posted by Free Range Games (Creator)
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Known Issues Not Yet Fixed 

  • Card Pack Rewards are missing their model in the reward display 
  • Mac users may experience floating cards in hand, can be worked around by hovering over and out of each card

Gameplay Fixes 

  • Boss v Minion raids were not showing up in Replays 
  • Card Unlock and Card Pack Rewards were not providing notifications 
  • Consumable items were being moved from Hero inventory to Lair stash on Hero death 
  • Dupes filter in collection view was not dealing with Stack 2 Perks properly 
  • Players could not buy or equip Skins for Heroes 
  • Hero cards on mouse hover in Collection and Lair were off-screen 

Gameplay Revisions 

  • Quests turned back on and heavily revised 
  • Orb drops on enemy death now last for 7 ticks before disappearing instead of 5 
  • Bosses will now spend one Boost Perk worth of Boost per PvP raid instead of just one Boost 
  • Players will now purchase each Perk worth of Boost with one click of Starstone button in Lair and be unable to click button with less than that amount of Starstone 
  • Random Minion raids reduced to 10 or fewer Minions, none of which are Boss-dependent for value 
  • Hero v Minion raids have been rebalanced to be closer in difficulty to PvP raids 
  • Hero v Minion raids have been added to Labyrinth, taking place in any Lair except your Boss Lair, with appropriate Minions 
  • Boss v Minion raids in Labyrinth now take place in your Boss Lair and exclude enemy minions with the same traits as your Boss 
  • Ancient Treasure has been removed from the Labyrinth and replaced by hard mode Hero v Minion raids with a variable number available per map and bigger aggregate rewards 

Card Fixes 

  • Rohin's passive was giving full move on orb pick up even when he had a leg wound - Judgement of Urix kicker was healing Structures instead of only characters 
  • Fire From Ashes could not discard consumable loot items 
  • Crushing Blow, Lead the Charge, and Earthspike were wasting when only available target had Stealth 
  • Death Blossom was not preventing repeat hits on same targets 

Card Revisions 

  • Defend the Mine is no longer a Windup and Mine Securitrons now have Piercing and 3 Health instead of 2 
  • Pounce now causes Bleeding in Blast 1 instead of dealing damage in Blast 2 
  • Steel Sentries now have Range 4 instead of 7 - Bronze Captain now has 4 Attack, 9 Health, and 1 Armor instead of 5 Attack, 10 Health and 2 Armor 
  • Boss instants will now be played first when in Boss hand to prevent not being played before reshuffle on empty deck 

Consumable Card Revisions 

  • Star Stamina is now +5 Health instead of +2 Health 
  • Star Soul is now "Your first non-Channel card costs 1 less." instead of +3 Health 
  • Minor Wounds are now -1 Health instead of -2 
  • Leg Wounds now only last for one battle and don't occur in Northgate 
  • Potion of Strength is now +2 damage on next melee attack this turn instead of +1 
  • Potion of Accuracy is now +2 damage on next ranged attack this turn instead of +1 
  • Scroll of Arcane Blast now does 5 damage instead of 3 in Blast 2 instead of 1 and costs 2 Ticks instead of 1 
  • Scroll of Lightning Bolt now does 6 damage instead of 3 
  • Scroll of Chain Lightning now does 6 damage per target instead of 3 
  • Scroll of Protection now gives 2 Armor instead of 1 and costs 2 Ticks instead of 1 
  • Scroll of Stasis now adds 3 Ticks instead of 2 
  • Scroll of Firebreathing now does 5 damage instead of 4 in Cone 7 instead of 4 
  • Scroll of Restoration now restores 7 Health to each friendly character instead of 2 and removes 2 Ticks from each instead of 1, but costs 2 Ticks instead of 1


The art team created more card art; modeled All Matter Golem; skinned Faydin; worked on Mayan dragon concept; and created idle animation for Faydin.

The audio team created map music triggers; looked for missing audio; and worked on music for Landing and Map.

The design team worked on scenario art; plus worked on balance and keyword revisions.

The engineering team worked on bug fixes and the back button from battle.


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