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Play both adventurer and dungeon master in an immersive 3D world!
Play both adventurer and dungeon master in an immersive 3D world!
Play both adventurer and dungeon master in an immersive 3D world!
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New Year's Game Update


Build Update Notes

At long last the update is released! We did a major overhaul of Labyrinth. Plus, we have added Mac support!

Fixed Rewards and Replays. We believe we have fixed all of the frustrating bugs which where blocking notifications, rewards, and replays from getting through. We have had a couple dozen people testing, but that isn't at the scale of the entire player population, so if you encounter any of these problems, let us know and we will work to patch what we missed.

New Servers. Before, the game ran on local servers which contacted a remote database. Now Labyrinth runs on remote authoritative servers. One of the benefits of this is that you will now be able to resume encounters that are in progress, even if you get disconnected due to poor internet. It makes it less likely that things will get out of sync if you play the game on multiple devices in the future. This also makes any future cheating much more difficult to do, helping to ensure a fair playing field for all players.

New Content. This is a major content update that brings the game much closer to full release. Almost every key feature that will be included in the official launch has been implemented. There will be more content added in the future We've been placing particular focus on the new player's experience, improving the first 5 hours of the game.

Among the many changes are the following features:

Expanded and Improved Introduction: We've added the Defense (Boss) tutorial, which is a short narrative that teaches you how to build Boss decks, how defense and replays work, and some of the strategies you will encounter. This tutorial unlocks when your first Hero reaches level 5. We've also reworked and improved the appearance of the Defense screen.

Defense Screen
Defense Screen

New Boss and New Boss Trait: Maessna, the Dawn Queen is a Caster / Celestial Boss, and introduces Celestial cards to the game. Celestial cards channel the power of the gods. Cast devastating spells, manipulate time, and protect your Lair with giant minions that summon other minions.


Major Balance / Refinement Pass: The entire card set has seen more thorough testing and has been rebalanced to bring costs and effects more into line. Some cards have been cut and others added, effects changed, and rarities shifted around. There is still plenty of tuning and balance work to do, which we look forward to tackling as we collect feedback and data from a larger pool of players.

Improved Visuals: More cards now have the appropriate card illustrations, and new visual and sound FX have been added to many cards. In addition, we have added new models and animations to a number of minions and structures.

Better Matchmaking: We have a new algorithm that takes into account more factors, particularly a player's activity. We responded to feedback from many players that they were unsatisfied with the number of raids that they were receiving. From now on, the more you go on raids, the more likely it is that you will be raided. There are several other factors that play a role in matchmaking, and we will continue to tune this as we go.

Quests: We've implemented our first pass at the daily Quest system. You receive one Quest a day, and can have a maximum of three at time. Quests give you a great way to earn some extra gold by logging in every day. We have plans to refine this feature over the next several months, but we felt it was important to get at least a simple form into the game now.

Quest System
Quest System

Store Updates: We've added code redemption, and made some improvements to get everything in place before we turn on purchasing with real-world currency and start distributing backer rewards. We've also made great visual improvements to the pack-opening process.

Known Issues

  • Ranked mode is turned off. We are reworking it and will patch in the future.
  • All bosses are granted level 5 after the Defense tutorial completes.
  • Practice mode does not turn on until you have equipped a boss.
  • Friends list in Practice mode may not update correctly.
  • Encounter could reset to an earlier tick in the middle of raiding.


  • The more you raid, the more you will get raided.
  • If matched against a high level boss, try to survive as long as possible, you will get more XP.

Account Reset

We reset all Gold, Stardust, Levels, XP, game state, and Card Collection inventory to the "new account starting state" and then refunding Gold and Stardust equivalent to what you earned previously by playing and building your collections. As we mentioned in a previous progress report, when you log in, your gold will be equal to:

Gold = (Card packs purchased * 100) + (Gold balance)

For stardust it will be equal to:

Stardust = (Logins since 9/23 * 5) + (Boss wins since 9/23 * 10) + (Stardust balance before 9/23)

Due to inconsistencies with our Stardust data and bugs in the rewards system, we cannot come up with a Stardust formula as accurate as our Gold formula. However, the method shown above overstates the Stardust we are returning to players because we have more accurate Boss wins data than you would expect, since you did not always get notifications of Boss wins due to the bugs.


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    1. Free Range Games Creator on January 5, 2017

      We plan to reset when we exit Early Access because we will make many balancing changes and will add more content for which balance needs to be taken into account.

      There will be refunds, like we just did for this recent update. We may or may not use a similar method to calculate refunds. We are gathering data now, and we'll announce that beforehand.

      At some point between now and exiting Early Access, we will turn on the real money store so that we can make sure that is tested before going free to play. That will also figure into how we do refunds when we wipe.

      There are several reasons to actively play now: 1) to have fun! 2) to gain experience playing the game so that you are more competitive later if that's your inkling, and 3) help with debugging and feedback -- that's part of the purpose of Early Access and we really appreciate hearing from everyone.

      Consider this time period a sandbox and try out different things that you might not normally do because you will get a fresh start later.

    2. J.R. Riedel on January 5, 2017

      Sounds like good progress.
      Should we expect another reset in the future?
      It makes a difference in how aggressively we buy/convert cards.

    3. Joshua Johnson
      on January 5, 2017

      Well know I know why I'm not getting raided hardly at all, I stopped attacking other people's dungeons a couple months ago to wait for the next update and noticed that I was only getting attacked once every couple of days now, was worried the player population had dropped.