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Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
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First Firmware Update!

Posted by Freedrum (Creator)

 It's been two weeks since we started to ship Freedrum out to all of you and we already have our first firmware update available! All you need to do is update your Sensorware app in the App Store or Google Play Store and look for the "Check for Sensorware Update" button.

Once all your sensors have been updated you will need to restart the Sensorware application for the sensors to reconnect.

This update includes a calibration fix that allows you to use Freedrum without needing to lay it on a flat surface every time you use it. We still recommend that you lay it on a flat surface every now and then to be sure.

More updates are coming in the next couple of weeks!


August, Fredrik, Fred & Philip


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    1. Missing avatar

      james on

      How do you stop the drifting of the kit?

    2. Javier Calderon Fonseca on

      Hello team, so far me and my friends love this gadget... I am working with Android in a Sony Xperia Z5 and no issues.I would like to ask for a couple of software names for Windows, since I want to practice not only by using my phone, but using my laptop. Thank you in advance.

    3. Amanda Roer Duling on

      I just got the notification that DHL delivered mine in Fairfax, Vermont, USA today. Looking forward to getting set up this weekend!

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau

      According to DHL, I should be receiving mine sometime tomorrow by end of day cannot wait to receive them and quick too since they left MALMOE - SWEDEN on the 3rd of Sep, Cleared Customs in NEW YORK CITY GATEWAY, NY - USA this morning and will be heading to Boston Mass USA tonight for delivery to Manchester NH tomorrow
      Best shipping time from DHL 5 Days for an International Kick-Starter Project Shipment

    5. Missing avatar


      I resolved DFU INVALID and the RED problem by
      1. Turn Off phone bluetooth.
      2. Turn on phone bluetooth again.
      3. doing instructions in

      All of my 4 sensor are v3 now. However, I can't use it.
      My phone is Samsung S7 Edge
      G-STOMPER only recognise 2 sensor
      I can't map the sensor to certain drum it sound like it all over the place

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Mahony on

      Hi guys. I tried again with the redled suggestion. Getting DFU invalid response message. I'll wait for next firmware update and see if it resolves. Keep up the good work.

    7. Freedrum Creator on

      And Peter, to resolve the red LED problem, read here:

    8. Freedrum Creator on

      @Peter Hey! Yes, Android is a mess at the moment and we are working hard to resolve these issues and come with a much more stable app next week. Sorry for the extra delay with this - I understand it's gotta be frustrating. We're doing everything we can to fix ASAP. Do you perhaps have a mac or ipad to use this with for the moment?

    9. Missing avatar

      Peter Mahony on

      Hi Guys. I've received my sensors. Attempting update firmware on Android. On trying to update first of four sensors got error messages. Did not complete and sensor is now a solid red. Cannot turn off. Battery on sensor dissipated and on recharge I pressed to power on. Still solid red. Cannot seem to get it off this setting. On setting up on GStomper only two midi can be used at any one time. I've 4 sensors. On using Android app it does not calibrate the sensors properly. Drums seem to be all over the place and the audio when a drum is hit is all distorted. Using S7 Samsung and tried Bluetooth headset and headphone jack headphones. Same audio issues.

    10. Christian Renner on

      My son is currently out of town with his mother until Tuesday so it should be fine plus it is a holiday here in US on Monday in any case. It was very strange. I got an email from DHL last Monday saying it would be delivered on Wednesday and then on Wednesday I get an email saying it was being sent back. Thank you for taking care of this. It is greatly appreciated.

    11. Ramsey Clark on

      I got to hand it to you guys, you've made an amazing product and exceeded my expectations. The responsiveness is incredible, it's only gonna get better, this is a new technology and you guys are leading the way, congratulations!

    12. Freedrum Creator on

      @Christian Renner: Hi Christian. Firstly, I am really sorry for this issue and I can understand your frustration. I was only made aware of this issue late on Friday when the package was returned back to us and so I haven't had a chance to get to resolving this yet. I don't know why DHL didn't flag this sooner - they usually have done so for other conditions in the past. I will personally package and send the shipment on Monday morning. The package should arrive on Tuesday. I know this is one day late for you - sorry about that but, I know it's not much compensation, I will send you PM with a birthday card for your son.

    13. Missing avatar

      Randall Denson on

      Hey Guys! Just finally had a chance to open my units and put them on charger to fully charge them... first time turning them on and one of my 4 units won't turn on � Please advise what I must do!!!!

      Randall Denson

    14. Christian Renner on

      Somebody want to give me an answer to my previous question?? I have asked on two different updates as well as sent an email to the link for customer service on your website and not one response. My kids birthday is Monday so it's pretty obvious it's not getting back here before then. This is beyond frustrating as the damn thing was here but DHL refused to deliver it. If there was a company policy that there was no delivery to PO Box how did it even ship in the first place???

    15. STEPHANIE on

      Hey we are on September, what's going on with my kit? :( it was for my husband birthday on August

    16. Missing avatar

      Héctor Jonathan Flores Freeman on

      Hi there! Today I've received my double Freedrum Kit and they look awesome! I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you but it seems that isn't allowed here. Anyway, I'm downloading the app to give a try. Than you so much!

    17. Missing avatar

      Sonya Ahern Junkkari on

      Hi - I received my package and am giving it to my Swedish born Australian husband who loves to air drum. I pledged for 2 sets and have only received 1. Please advise. Thank you Sonya

    18. Christian Renner on

      Who do I need to contact from you guys. According to DHL customer service my package was not delivered because DHL company policy is to not deliver to a PO Box so the package is now headed back to Sweden. Apparently another DHL company policy is to not hire any customer service reps that speak understandable English. Took me close to an hour to find out the package was being returned to you guys. This is insanely frustrating. This was a gift for my son who's birthday is on September 4th

    19. Alex Mitsch on

      I mentioned it below the other update already, but did make a mistake, so...

      On iPhone 4S with latest possible iOS version (which is 9.3.5, not 6.x as falsely stated before) there's no "Check for Sensorware Update" available.
      I THINK, it is theoretically, but not within reach as also some other texts seem to go beyond the display.

      Could be an issue with the app's and phone's resolution, maybe it's not fitting.

      So right now there's no way to update the actual sensors on an iPhone 4S, even though the sensorware app is updated itself ;)

    20. Matthew Jonat on

      Hey guys! I got my kit yesterday and am loving it!

      I was wondering if there was going to be a way to add mp3 tracks to play along with or if there is already a way to do this?

      I am playing with garageband on IOS (phone and pad) but have never used garageband before getting this...

      Also great news about the firmware update! Keep em comin!