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Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
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Android and macOS Tutorials!

Posted by Freedrum (Creator)

In our FAQ you can now find tutorials to help you get connected and playing with Android & macOS!

G Stomper on Android
G Stomper on Android


If you are an Android user and looking to get connected, follow these steps:

If you would like to try Freedrum out with your Mac, then follow these steps:

GarageBand on Mac
GarageBand on Mac


We have published our own Beta version of the Freedrum App on the Google Play Store and so it should be live in the next day or two.

Windows tutorial is coming soon!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Batten on

      Update: Figured it out :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Batten on

      Got my package yesterday. Charged the devices, updated the firmware and connected them. At this point, I went through the given steps to key mapping in G Stomper. This is where my road ends, I can not get anything but fuzzy, static like sound. I have followed all your steps multiple times, and still can not use my new freedrums. I am extremely frustrated, please advise.

    3. Murat Argun on

      could not access the MAC tutorial on your website. Will you also be providing tutorials in downloadable pdf format?

    4. Daniel on

      Just to clarify, the Android app I'm talking about is the official freedrum app which was released yesterday, no the alternative.

    5. Daniel on

      Android app working good so far, already updated my drumsticks to be.

      Initially the drum synth sound bank was weird, but now it's ok, playing though my Google pixel.

      Question about the app, at you planning to bring additional drum sound banks to the app?


    6. Cedric Laboube on

      how play with foot on garage band ?

    7. Freedrum Creator on

      @Glenn We're working on it! And we're confident it will be the best drumming app in the Android market place. We are looking for a September release

    8. Glenn Dobbins on

      This app you suggest for android is junk. Come on guys. We need this android compatible.

    9. Freedrum Creator on

      @michael yup! You can also grab our app for iPad that will allow you to connect and configure…

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Wills on

      Can this be used with iPad using these directions?…

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      They are in the process of shipping out. I just received my tracking number yesterday.

    12. Missing avatar

      Janet Baird on

      Have they been sent out now then? If so, we haven't received ours.

    13. Matthew Jonat on

      So have they all been sent out now?