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Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
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Production Start

Posted by Freedrum (Creator)

5000 Circuit Boards Assembled. 15000 To Go...

We have begun our assembly of Freedrum. This is a surprisingly quick process. Assembly began on Saturday and we have already seen 5000 PCB's go through the mounting machine.

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 Each Freedrum sensor has 43 individual electronic components. This machine selects each on and places it on our printed circuit board (PCB). That's a total of 215 000 individual components so far and 645 000 to go :)

PCB's waiting to go through the SMT machine
PCB's waiting to go through the SMT machine

 Each of the above panels has 10 Freedrum sensors. 500 of these panels have been sent through the SMT machine and another 1500 panels will go through next week. Each of these panels is photographed to make sure all components are mounted correctly.

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Living in a sea of Freedrum production


There are a couple of issues we have seen.

The printing on our drumsticks has not been great. (There is something about printing in this project that just does not agree with us). We are working with the supplier now to find a solution but there is not much we can do if we want to stay on production schedule.

Some drumstick printing is not great :(
Some drumstick printing is not great :(

Another annoyance is that (due to transit safety reasons) we will be shipping the Freedrum sensors on quite a low battery charge. Legally we are not allowed to ship them with a charge above 26%. Thank Samsung for that :) And so unfortunately you will probably need to charge your sensors before you can play. The good news is the beefy 200mAh battery will get you 14 hours of continuous use. So charging is not a frequent occurrence after that :)

I hope you all find these updates interesting. It's crazy the amount of stuff happening right now so please excuse the few days it takes to reply to some messages!

The wait is almost over!


Fredrik, Fred, August & Philip


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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve Cramer on

      This is a gift for my son who is turning 16 at the beginning of Sept. Hoping to get them in time. Kept this secret from him for over a year! Anyway I can track the shipment? ~Steve

    2. Wojtek Piotrowski on

      Well, printing looks really bad. Guys, it's all because of wood texture. I would suggest to not putting any branding on sticks. Cheers!

    3. Freedrum Creator on

      Hey Luis!

      Yes then you should be shipping in the 1st day too. Depending on your country it can take 1-3 days delivery time :)

      We're working on solving some shipping formalities that may cause a 2 day delay but if all goes to plan we'll be firing yours off on Monday, if not then Wednesday latest!

    4. Missing avatar

      Luis Shinin on

      Amazing work guys! Stick print looks fine to me! If shipping from backer 1 on Monday, I'm assuming being backer 53 will mean mine will ship on Monday as well? Also, what is the turn around time for delivery?

    5. Freedrum Creator on

      Thanks for all the support everyone!

      I was personally at the factory today assembling Freedrum units by hand and checking that all the electronics are working properly.

      Unfortunately there is not much we can do about the sticks that have already been printed. If we don't use them then they need to be thrown away. That's a huge waste of trees and it will also increase delays :( So we will continue to use all the sticks and the only thing we can do is to adjust the print in the future so the quality is much better.

      We are staring to ship this Monday from backer #1 going up! Within the next 4 weeks we aim to have all KS backer shipments sent out and if there is anything we can do to make that time shorter, we will do it in a heartbeat.

      The wait is almost over!


    6. Max on

      Thanks for the constant and thoughtful updates! I too misread, and hoped for shipping in beginning of Aug - glad to hear and see that things are coming along well. I for one think the stick printing doesn't matter too terribly much. Your logo is clear, and most important that we get to play! Battery charge is no major concern either - it's still standard procedure to charge new electronics (probably for the same reason).

      Honestly, the best kickstarter I've backed in communication and updates. Really looking forward to final product.

    7. Missing avatar

      graham on

      Hi-looking good. Excellent, honest updates, guys. I'd be totally happy to have mine when the printing issues have been sorted - would like to see the whole package at it's best. I believe in you!
      Let me know if I can be bumped into second shipment or whenever you're totally happy with the product.
      Best of luck

    8. Graham Johnston

      Great update. Keep up the hard work. This is going to be fantastic !

    9. Missing avatar

      Fred M. on

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait to get my stick too :) No matter about the printing. If it needs some more few days, it's ok :) It seems you manage all the issues the best way you can so keep going on.

    10. Julia Flint

      Great update! Exciting news! Can't wait to get my sticks (and I agree not to worry about the printing, we'll just pretend they're well-worn from all the playing we'll be doing ;) ).

      (Also, thanks for the explanation about the battery issue. Very interesting. It explains why any new electronic item I get doesn't have even a half charge on it anymore…)


    11. Missing avatar

      peter v on

      Thanks for the updates. I think don't worry about any delays. It is really great to know you are committed to supplying us with a high quality product - if that means an unexpected delay, that's ok!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Dave Jones on

      Thanks for all the updates. Somehow I overlooked the international date format and thought this was shipping early August. So, end of September the first round will be in Transit? Thanks for making sure it's a quality product going out.

    13. Scott Sharon on

      I wouldn't worry too much about the stick printing. Just go with the antique look.

    14. Missing avatar

      michael beachum on

      you guys still going to post a vid of some serious drumming ;)

    15. Jon Williams on

      Great update, very transparent communication-wise. Much thanks, and excited for the progress.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Vidal on

      I am very looking forward to receiving and testing. ;)

    17. Amanda Roer Duling on

      Great work, and loving the updates!

    18. Emi Smith on

      Hi guys, quick question! I've moved since I decided to back this AWESOME project. I can't find anywhere on my KS profile to change my shipping address. Is there a way to send it directly to you? Thanks for all you're hard work!