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Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
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Packaging Issues

Posted by Freedrum (Creator)

We managed to find a solution!

Yesterday we heard from our packaging supplier that the boxes will be delivered in 4 weeks (early September). We can't let the project be delayed because of some cardboard! We negotiated to keep the project on schedule but unfortunately this comes with a few compromises :(

The first 2000 backers will receive their Freedrums safely packaged without any printing. This really sucks because we worked with a local tattoo artist to design the packaging print.

Lotte Thorød's Packaging Print
Lotte Thorød's Packaging Print

Nothing says Freedrum more than a polar bear train surfing through the city and nature while jamming away. You can see more of Lotte's work here:

Your first impression of the product means a lot to us and so we would like to apologise for this. The good news is that our material is 70% recycled and 100% recyclable. We are not using any plastic in our packaging to minimise waste.

Packaging without print
Packaging without print


Here are a couple of images of what the box will look like without the print.

Inside the packaging
Inside the packaging

Our sincere apologies again for this mess up :( If you have any questions or concerns over the next few weeks while we are in production, don't be shy to reach out! We are also planning weekly live streams starting soon so we can answer questions and show progress.

The wait is almost over!


Philip, Fredrik, Fred & August


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    1. Freedrum Creator on

      @Taylor sorry for the late reply! Yup, I will make a note to delay yours :) Yeah, having a poster is a great idea and I'll see what can be done!

    2. Missing avatar

      Taylor Ecker on

      Hi there - I know this has been asked a lot, but is it possible to be in the later shipment to receive the box art work? I'm backer #862. This is a Christmas gift as well for my tattooed musician husband and I know he would LOVE the artwork. If this is not possible that's quite alright - no harm in asking. I also believe the suggestion from "The One" below is a great idea (having a small poster added to the first 2000 that will not receive art work), but I understand this is an added cost to you all. Either way - I know he will love them and maybe I'll even be able to try them out :)


    3. Missing avatar

      Gloria Smelko on

      Thank you!! So EXCITED!!!

    4. The One on

      I'd love to have a poster of the art work. Maybe you guys could send the first 2000 a poster. Might be wishful thinking but I just had to ask. Thanks for keeping us updated. Your communication has been incredible!

    5. Freedrum Creator on

      @Gabriele Our apologies for that :( you can update your shipping details by following these steps:

      @Alex It's no problem for me to make a note to try ship your units before. There have been some backers asking for it to be delayed, so there is room. If for whatever reason your shipment doesn't go through again we can try to ship to where ever you are going in the nature

    6. Alex Mitsch on

      I appreciate your efforts to keep the schedule :)

      I've got a similar "problem" with going on vacation in very late August and I feel uncomfortable to ask, but...

      Any chances to put my units into the first batch to be sent out? :/
      I'm backer number 2446 and normally I would totally don't mind if small delays happen, but I'm actually going away for some time and planned to have some time to practice drums ... Freedrum would be great, sitting outside in the nature !

      If not possible, its fine.. I understand that this shouldn't become a constant a request by too many people.

    7. Missing avatar

      Wolf Burnus on

      Thank you so much!

    8. Gabriele Provinciali on

      Thanks for your effort! I need to change the destination address due to the delay... how do I do that?

    9. Freedrum Creator on

      @Gloria @Cheyne @Bruno @Nik @Kenia I have made a note to ensure your packages are printed!

      @Wolf I have made a note to make sure your package is sent before you leave! Good luck with the China preparations :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Wolf Burnus on

      Hi! I know I ask you a lot but it's really important to me to get my package in August: I backed this project for my girlfriend and it was her graduating gift.
      She already waited quite long (as she graduated in April) and since we are leaving for China in September and we will stay there one year if freedrum doesn't arrive in August she will have to wait so much longer. Please make it happen : she can't wait to play with freedrum since she saw your first presentation video.
      Thank you in advance

    11. Missing avatar

      Kenia Sáenz on

      Hope had that bear in my package is really cool!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Nik Halton on

      Hi team, backer 540 here. Mine are purchased as a Christmas gift so I'd far rather wait for the art packaging, please.
      I hope that's OK for you.
      Be well

    13. Missing avatar

      Bruno TRESARRIEU

      Great news from Freedrum.... as usual.

      I'm backer #2391.
      Does it mean that I'm beyond the 2000 first backers?
      If not, as it's a Christmas gift for my son, I'd prefer to wait for the print edition. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Cheyne Kohl on

      I would like to wait for the art box please. I don't know if I'm in the first 2000, but if I am, I don't mind the extra wait. Appreciate the update!


    15. Missing avatar

      Gloria Smelko on

      Purchased Freedrum as a surprise for my son and only recently let him know (in June). He was Extremely Excited to say the least! I was bursting for so long to tell him!! I mentioned this latest issue and he would like to wait for the printing. The product is unique and so is the art.... he has a passion for both so if you can add me to the wait list for the printed packaging...even though I have an early backer number... we would like that! Still.... can't wait even if its a bit longer! Thanks

    16. Freedrum Creator on

      @JP I just saw & replied to your message!

      @Mariana Sure, that's no problem. I will make a note!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mariana Pamela Lechuga Villalobos on

      Hi Freedrum Team

      I prefer to wait for the printed packaging
      And how can i get my tracking number?

      Thanks a lot.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jp Langevin on

      Hi guys i was wondering if there is a way to know what is my backer number , if i am in the first 2000. Thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      Ian Tullberg

      I hope this does not hurt any feelings, but I like that there will not be printing on the first ones. Your product is a one of kind brilliant idea and the artwork chosen, although great in its own way, does not show the sophistication of what we'll be receiving.

    20. Freedrum Creator on

      @Danilo @Oussema @Guillaume thanks for being understanding!

      @Mert Yes, then the backers after that will receive with the packaging with the print. We will try our best to get as many KS backer shipments out of our warehouse in August and then its 3 days max shipping time. I'm sorry that's not a definite answer but if there is anything we can do to minimise delays, we will do it in a heartbeat.

      @Nail if you would like to wait, could you send me a PM just to confirm? I can add a note to delay it.

      @Gloria I love the idea of a poster :) lets see what can be done. Stickers for sure, though! If you choose to wait, it could only arrive in early September. As I said above, we will do anything we can to get these out in time. Would you prefer to wait?

      @Chae we'll send a notification to you as soon as it leaves our warehouse floor. If we can negotiate even further with our packaging supplier then we might be able to send it last week of August. If not, then early September. Really sorry for this delay!

    21. Missing avatar

      Chae seongseok on

      When will it be delivered?
      I have a sponsor number of 3491. When can I get it?

    22. Missing avatar

      Gloria Smelko on

      How much longer would the first backers have to wait..... if we could choose to wait for the printed packaging?

    23. Missing avatar

      Gloria Smelko on

      Great to hear Freedrum's are on their way soon! Love the look/shape of the packaging too! Would if be possible to send a print of the art, poster, or t-shirt with signatures!!?? Or,... I am a package designer... would it be possible to send out the printed box (empty or semi-full... if you choose :) ) to the kickstarter supporters afterwards once the boxes are printed and the initial rush is met?

    24. Niall Baron on

      I'll be happy to wait for printed packaging

    25. Missing avatar

      Mert Tacir on

      It says: "The first 2000 backers will receive their Freedrums safely packaged without any printing.", what about the other 2000 backers? Does this mean they would get packages WITH printing? And will there be delay for the other 2000 backers?

    26. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Meister on

      np as long as we can order T-shirts with the bear print on it !

    27. Missing avatar

      Oussema Ghrayri on

      It's no big deal for me. Thank you for prioritizing the schedule.
      Good luck

    28. Missing avatar

      Danilo Garcia Brandao on

      This is definitely the way to go, thanks for prioritizing the schedule.
      On another hand, yes, it would be awesome to have Thorød's art. Maybe a complimentary poster? ;)