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Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
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The wait is almost over!

Posted by Freedrum (Creator)

Are you practicing your air drumming yet??

You better get started because the wait is almost over!

We are working like crazy at the moment to get everything ready for the shipping to begin in August. Here are some updates on what we are working on:

Our App:

development build of our app
development build of our app

We are working on probably the most amazing drumming app to work with Freedrum. We are building it in the game engine Unity. This means we are going to do some awesome stuff in 3D.

3D Drumkit without any colour or textures... yet :)
3D Drumkit without any colour or textures... yet :)

In this first version of our app you will be able to:

  • Update the software of your Freedrum sensors. So we can add more awesome stuff in the future!
  • Play the drums (duh)
  • Switch the drumkit orientation for left or right handed playing
  • Check the battery level and status of your sensors
  • Switch your sensor to a foot or stick unit
  • Access tutorials to help improve your Freedrumming!

These are just a small batch of features to get started. But we are planning some amazing stuff in the future for the app!


We have now completed two pre-runs of our electronics. The 1st pre-run had some issues with the USB connector being the incorrect part.

But we managed to make changes really fast and we did a second run of the electronics one week later. This one was very successful and everything worked like planned!

Manufacturing Sample
Manufacturing Sample

We will begin final assembly on August 7th and then begin shipping the week after that!


We selected to use DHL as the courier for your Freedrum sensors. We found them to provide the best quality service and ensure your packages are all safely delivered!

We have selected to ship everything from a warehouse very close to our manufacturer in Malmö, Sweden. In this way we will have a close eye on everything to ensure it all goes smoothly. We will be shipping from your backer number. So if you managed to pledge first then you will get your sensors first :)

It's super important to answer the backer survey (if you haven't done so already). We will be sending all addresses this week to DHL!

The wait is almost over!


Fredrik, August, Philip & Fred

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    1. Missing avatar

      graham on

      Hey - suggestion for bear name : TomTom!

      Can't wait to get the units. You guys have been such great communicators. Thanks for that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Mayer on


      Do you plan to have the app ready when freedrum ships? :)


    3. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Menezes Gonçalves on

      You are always a step ahead! You guys rock!!

    4. Freedrum Creator on

      @Gustavo there is a gear VR sitting on my desk right now... What do you think that means? ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Menezes Gonçalves on

      I imagine myself playing Freedrum with GearVR or some other kind of virtual reality glasses, seeing a virtual drum in front of me and the sticks moving around. How cool would that be?!

    6. Freedrum Creator on

      The app will be for mobiles devices like phones and tablets in the beginning. We are using Unity to create it which allows us to expand to other platforms fairly easily in the future.

      Yes, it should be able to run in the background allowing you to play along to music from other apps. We haven't quite gotten there yet but that is an important feature for us. The tricky thing to optimising this experience is being able to adjust the volume levels of the different apps. We are looking into it though.

      Yes, this does kind of fall into the same category as above. We want to make it possible to play while other apps are open or if you've plugged it into an amp and are doing a live performance you will probably lock your phone.

    7. Freedrum Creator on

      @Michael Thank you! We are doing our best to keep everyone in the loop!

      @Jean Really? That's unfortunate to hear... We chose them because we've been very impressed with their service. Well, the have a chance now to change your opinion! :)

      @Alistair Absolutely :) Also, we are creating tutorial videos to highlight some of the more important aspects. Will post these in the "Updates" as soon as they are ready.

    8. Missing avatar

      francisco on

      -the app will be able for a mac or pc? or it will only be for phones?
      -the app will be compatible with spotify or other music apps?
      -the app will remain "active" if the device is on "sleep mode"?

    9. Alistair Hepburn on

      Would we be able to get a sneaky peak at the user manual before we receive the kit itself?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jean-Francois Bouffard on

      DHL... damn, didn't had good experience with them in the past...

    11. Missing avatar

      michael beachum on

      way to go guys! You should be the model for others "starting to kick." The entire project has been very professional.

    12. Freedrum Creator on

      @Michelle Yes we have your info :) Something went wrong when sending the message off today. Apologies for the disturbance!

      @Crishvia en unos meses vamos a poner el app en idiomas diferentes. Desculpa las molestas!

      @Todd :) App will be ready on when we ship! At least that is the plan... ;)

    13. Missing avatar


      Very cool that the wait is almost over. Any idea when the app will be ready

    14. Missing avatar

      Crishvia Cyntia Ramírez Pérez on

      Espero con ansias la llegada pero me preocupa el idioma si trae instrucción para aprender.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michelle Cowit on

      I received an email from you telling me you are almost ready to ship & i should fill out a shipping survey. I believe i did, but am not sure! Can u advise if if i have to give you any further info before it is shipped? Thanx!

    16. Freedrum Creator on

      @Hubert we are working on that feature. It will probably be done by twisting the stick when you hit the snare. Should work pretty well!

      @Chae the user manual will be online to save paper. It's a good idea to have it translated but you might need to use Google Translate in the beginning. Shipping to Korea will take 3 days once it leaves our warehouse.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chae seongseok on

      How long is the shipping time in Korea when delivery starts?

    18. Missing avatar

      Chae seongseok on

      Do you include the manual?
      If possible, I would like to be produced in the language of each country.

    19. Missing avatar

      Hubert Yong on

      How do we play a rimshot sound? Do we do the action like how it is normally played and Freedrum knows that it is a rimshot?

    20. Freedrum Creator on

      Hi Claus,

      Check your inbox/spam folder for an email from the 6th of July. Unfortunately we cannot re-send this because it is handled by Kickstarter :(

    21. Missing avatar

      Arne Pieters on

      Can't wait. No rush though! Looks great.

    22. Claus Sørensen on

      I am unable to find the backer survey link. Would it be possible to resend that?

    23. Missing avatar

      Barry Carson on

      Awesome guys. Nice job. Waiting with anticipation.....