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The world's first Humanist/Freethought musical Read more

Portland, OR World Music
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The world's first Humanist/Freethought musical

Portland, OR World Music
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Fred Strong

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About this project

In December 2012 CFI-Portland funded a non professional production of BANG!, the world's first Humanist/Freethought musical. We would now like to be able to showcase the musical numbers with professional singers and full instrumentation on a professionally produced CD. To view the show please go to this youtube link:

Risks and challenges

While I believe I have taken into account all cost factors and probabilities there is always the possibility that more time could be needed for production, studio rentals, etc. which could then create some cost overuns. However I am good at organizing and working within budgets and deadlines and there is no video involved so I believe the likelyhood of going over budget to be slim.

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