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Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!
18,209 backers pledged $872,133 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jonathan Thanh Nguyen on

      I assume the Paypal campaign is going to add onto the kickstarter? So if they get $80k through Paypal, that's one more episode?

    2. Replica on

      I would love to see constant updates. It makes me feel like a part of the project. I especially want to know how much money we now have total with paypal.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary Daniel Dunkerley on

      Updates are (thumbs up). Now, forgive me for being an annoying ignorant butt, but when do we fill out the necessary shipping information to receive all of our goodies?

    4. Missing avatar

      Peiti Ying on

      Sorry, forgot to mention. 4 notices = 1 at start of preproduction, 1 at end of preproduction and going into production, 1 at end of production and into post. 1 at the end of post.

    5. Missing avatar

      Peiti Ying on

      I personally like updates on starts and finish of each pre-production, production and post production. Not that it has to be that way, but I've always liked that when it happened. I'm not sure how quickly 1 episode will be produced, but I personally think 4 per episode would be nice. I think Gracie Films did 1 episode a month? (They work really fast) so 4 updates (at most) a month wouldn't be bad, I think. That way, there will be actual info/news in the updates as well as having a good balance of a regular update so we know things are still going on. ^^/

      Question: Is it possible/not too much trouble to get a copy of the character design pack (do they still call them design bibles?). It doesn't have to be soon or even after the first episode is released. I've always liked collecting those. ^^

    6. Michael Gooding on

      Just read Iris Steth's comment below, what a great post.

      Wish I could give you + internetz!

    7. Ryan Bell on

      Twice a month seems good for updates to me. I hate when kickstarters go dark for 90 days at a time and then when they post there is no real information and the comments sections get neglected. I would say keep it to twice a month and monitor and respond to the comments thread actively would be really nice.

    8. Michael Gooding on

      How often would I like updates like this?
      Maybe once a week, more if there's extra news.
      Such as: new hires, raqequits... or wild puppycat sightings! (?)

    9. Maya Kathleen Hess on

      Weekly updates of actual news, plus whenever a sketch or a behind-the-scenes photo could be taken? Maybe via a tumblr with a ~secret backer password~~ if that seems like it'd machine gun people's inboxes.

    10. Julio Jua on

      Don't misunderstand me, I don't mind the promotion of other KS projects, but I do mind them taking over space on B&PC KS update emails. You can promote them all you want on YouTube videos and such, just the way others promoted your KS that way.

    11. Rhiannon McGuiness on

      I just want to say that I enjoy seeing other kickstarters being plugged. It's not invasive and it's a great way to show your support to other people in the industry/trying to get into the industry.
      I also think that... people need to just calm down a little when it comes to what merch we are getting with this kickstarter as opposed to what people can get from outside funding ... you backed this project for the end animation, not for the sticker sheet and postcard... ! You obviously enjoy what Natasha and Frederator can do... so just sit back and be happy with what you have. You're not entitled to tell them how to run things just because you gave them a bit of money.
      That said, I'm looking forward to nice meaty updates on what's going on with the project every few weeks to a month (often enough to not seem sparse, but not so often that it's all i see in my inbox).
      Anyway, I'd kind of prefer to not see people on the attack here towards Frederator/Natasha over something like merch only days after her kickstarter has ended. It just feels a little greedy and it makes me uncomfortable.

    12. Missing avatar

      Veronica Brodsky on

      Personally, I'd love to be updated as much as possible, but that's because I'm interested in the whole process of making a cartoon (and I'm very excited for this). So, whatever you guys feel is the best is fine with me!

    13. Crystal Moore on

      updates on a weekly basis would be fine. if they were more often than that i would probably just read them all at once on a weekly basis. do whatever seems right to you guys. i think the paypal is great, get everything we can to make as much awesomeness as we can -- and i appreciate hearing about other projects, even if i don't end up backing any of them.

      no offense to some of y'all but you're kind of control freaks. stop trying to dictate exactly how everything needs to be for your personal satisfaction, learn to tune out what doesn't interest you and pay attention to what does. it's a valuable life skill! ;)

    14. Nathan on

      Oh, and I have no problem with you mentioning other awesome campaigns (;
      (I <3 filmCow and S.Sweetmilk)

    15. Nathan on

      I think the problem with media outside kickstarter is that it's hard to make them backer-only, right?
      I would read these updates daily, but if it's not possible I wouldn't mind at all sharing some of the information I should recieve as a backer with the public via twitter/tumblr/facebook/ecc.
      Thank you again!

    16. Hanna Yang on

      It's a shame we can't see the progress on the PayPal campaign as we did with kickstarter, I think it would motivate people to donate more if they could see the progress they are making. Just a thought. I don't mind frequent updates :)

    17. Erik J. Olofsson on

      Just going to add that I totally concur with what Iris Steth said, so, listen to that poor student!

    18. Crystal on

      I actually think it's really cool that you promoted Dead Meat. :) Glad to see he's reached his goal.

    19. Iris Steth on

      I disagree with several other posters from before. I do not mind you posting ads for other kickstarters at all because several of them promoted Bee and Puppycat while it was still going on. Its only fair and considering that they are at the bottom of the post people can easily ignore them.

      Anyway I'd personally suggest you have three different ways to update people. A twitter account for daily shenanigans if you have time for that, a weekly post on tumblr, and a monthly/ need-to-know update email or blog page. That way backers can choose whatever they want.

      I'll touch briefly on the paypal stuff for anyone whom bothers to read it: I think its a good idea. Why should we be so exclusive to kickstarter when we could get so much else out of bee and puppycat? I'd love a full series. I'd love it to be on for multiple seasons, so if a paypal extension can do that then by all means, go for it. If you're in it just for the rewards then I think you're missing out on the point of kickstarters. Its not the rewards that should drive you to help fund a project, its the concept of what the funding goes into. The rewards are thank-you gifts or goodie-bags that entice people to donate more for extra sweet treats, but ultimately the thing that brings us all together is a love for this show's potential. Be happy we've gotten what we have, and trust the creators to deliver what they've promised.

      Poor college student OUT.

    20. Julio Jua on

      Or promote them outside of this KS updates.

    21. Julio Jua on

      Also I agree with others that I do not wish to see ads for other projects on these updates. Sorry, I understand they are Frederator's friends, but I didn't sign on to hear about them. You'd have to think about it: you weren't going to promote other projects while this one was going on because then it would mean you could potentially compromise reaching your goal, and shouldn't promote them now considering that some like myself gave this project as much as we were able to afford because we believed in this project. At least wait until the product promised in this KS is completed before moving on to advertising other ones.

    22. Matt Payte on

      Updates are great! I love updates! Lots of updates! Even if it's a brief sketch or snippet, I think that the connection that backers feel to projects is enhanced with more updates.

      Supplemental Paypal funding is extremely commonplace in Kickstarters, and it's a way of allowing people to slip in as the door is closing, so to speak. It typically raises very little money in comparison to the Kickstarter, but it certainly is possible that enough would be donated through Paypal to fund additional episodes. Paypal funding is not open for forever, as eventually you have to commit to the scope of what you're doing with what you've got right then and there. More backers means more Bee and Puppycat love for all. :)

    23. Peter Jacob on

      Disagree with any paypal naysayers. Forcing a project into a 30 day all or nothing rush is bad enough. The internet is a big place and lots of nice things don't have a loud voice. I've seen several closed KS's that I regretted not being able to sign up for simply because I had not heard of it in that 30 day window. Post KS paypal options remedy that tragedy and provides more for creators and backers alike, even serving as a potential disaster buffer too.

    24. FemmeFox on

      I'm as confused as others about this PAYPAL funding. If the Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards are also available to those outside Kickstarter it's a slight kick in the teeth isn't it? And as you're receiving funding outside of Kickstarter then the true value of any goals are muddied. Will we get more episodes because of it? Will the missed stretch goals become available? I really struggled to give the funding I offered up because of the deadline. And I had to find an alternative to help with international postage which would have been unnecessary has I known about PAYPAL funding and a later deadline.

    25. Missing avatar

      DriveblindFan on

      As many Bee and Puppycat updates as possible...but no spam for other projects/shows.

    26. Missing avatar

      Silverforests on

      I would be OK with monthly updates on the bee and puppycat blog. More if it's something big.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael A Fingers on

      Problem 1 is that I gave money to the Bee and Puppycat project to support it....not to be bombarded with ads for other shows.

      Problem 2 is that I don't know what kind of information will be in these updates, who will be giving them...will they just be reposted tweets? Will they be more ads for other shows?

    28. Jan Arrah on

      I am down for monthly (at worse)/as-needed updates. Letting people know what is going on, what has gone out, what still needs to be worked on is the most important aspect. I think monthly (at the least) lets people know you are still involved and working on it, but as I said, as you get news or something big happens, let us know. Communication is the KEY to a good kickstarter.
      Also as rewards start going out, keeping a general tally of what has been fulfilled and what hasn't, will prob save you guys a LOT of headaches and answering questions from the 18,000 of us.

    29. LeeLooLaguna on

      I wouldn't get tired of the updates. Bring em on however much you can. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Guest on

      I'd like to see an update once every week or two even if it's just something small.

    31. Emma Cummings on

      Twice monthly would be a good amount for updates, or just condense a few of them into a newsletter style email.

    32. Ri Zoldak on

      Every 2-3 weeks. More than that feels like inbox spam. If the backer blog is regularly updated anytime fun things happen, the Kickstarter updates could be monthly.

    33. Suzanna Dowdy on

      @Duotrigesimal, it's still campaign exclusive merch, it's simply that they have extended the campaign a bit and made it available to donate through paypal for those who don't or can't have an amazon account. Once the campaign is over it still won't be available for sale anywhere else. A few kickstarters have done this kind of thing before to try and hit stretch goals and include everyone.

    34. Missing avatar

      Samantha Falley on

      There weren't any more $100 pledges available and I was really wanting a t-shirt and a signed print. I only ended up pledging $75 since $150 was the next step up and that would mean no gas in my tank until the next paycheck. :( But now that the PayPal fund is open, it seems like anyone can donate $100 now. Is there a way I can donate $25 to the PayPal fund and let it bump me into the $100 KS category?

    35. Julio Jua on

      I also think every two weeks would be good, if that's too much, once a month is fine. How about a big announcement every month and a little one in between. My question would ve what ways can you guys interact with us other than an illustration and text, can anyone do a google hangout, or livestream? Is it possible or legal to have a webcam in the studios? I just want something that's easy on you and interesting to all.

    36. Nic Mercado

      I could do weekly or bi weekly. At least monthly

    37. Duotrigesimal on

      I have a question about the PayPal campaign. How can something be "Kickstarter exclusive" content if you are giving it to people outside of Kickstarter? I understand trying to get more funding for your show, but it seems dishonest to offer a "Kickstarter exclusive" when there's actually nothing exclusive about it.

    38. Destinee on

      Perhaps as often as the Bravest Warriors trainee transmissions (about every 2-3 weeks). Also when will the Backer Blog be going up? :)

    39. Abdul J on

      yeah every 2 weeks would probably be optimal, although i'd be cool with weekly all the way to monthly

    40. Ruby Zindler on

      Monthly is pretty good for me and it's an easy schedule to keep. Often enough so that everyone is on the same page and spaced out enough so that updates can be substantive.
      Any more frequently and you all might end up getting tuned out or have trouble coming up with something interesting to pass on. Any less than bi-monthly is when I might worry that you've forgotten me lol

    41. Rhiannon McGuiness on

      I would only tune the updates out if they don't have much new info in them, you know what I mean? Bimonthly/monthly are cool : ) Congratulations and good luck with everything! I couldn't be happier about backing such a wonderful project created by a lovely person.

    42. Missing avatar

      zenmei on

      weekly or bi-weekly updates with pics! i want to watch everything develop!

    43. Nick Lutz on

      If there's news, an update every 1-4 weeks is good. More often that, it does become noise.

      Looking forward to it!

    44. PKFC on

      So I guess I don't get how you're launching another funding drive.. I guess it's a year away so the two weeks don't matter if it is a delay, but yeah it seems... dishonest I guess. But assuming you generate more funds, will the other stretch goals be available to all backers no matter how many times you list this project?

      And C&H did pretty good for updates in that they got their blog up fairly quickly and sent out logins which would be a better way to engage backers than via Kickstarter I'd think

    45. Sedinam Gadzekpo on

      I personally plan on donating more money through PayPal. Does that mean I get double rewards or that would be added to my Kickstarter pledge?

    46. Char Reed on

      Every other week (bi-weekly) would be good for me! Just often enough that I don't forget about the project and am excited to see updates!

    47. Elyse Sopa on

      Personally whenever you guys have new stuff in the works it would be cool to see the process

    48. Sedinam Gadzekpo on

      Bi monthly posts would be good. I still follow updates from old Kickstarters.