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Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!
18,209 backers pledged $872,133 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mathew Gibbons on

      Congratulations on getting funded and 9 episodes too. I look forward to seeing them, but I can wait. I know this will take time and with the combination of talent and out support I know this series is going to be great.

    2. Meghann Smith on

      Woohoo! Best news :) !

    3. Missing avatar

      Kelly Hayes on

      Bring on the puppycat :)

    4. Jeremy Lowrey on

      Very excited for nine episodes! This indie success is so inspiring. Congratulations and I'm going to love the Blu-ray option.

    5. Peter Jacob on

      You could do like some other popular KS's out there and keep a paypal box open for X amount of time. Keeps the backers coming in until whatever production deadline you like. ^_^ More episodes for everyone!

    6. Kevin James on

      Can't wait to see what Natasha and Cartoon Hangover has in store for us. :D

    7. Taylor Skibbe on

      Yay! Maybe the PayPal will bump us up to 10.

    8. Janina Carreras on

      I'm beyond excited for this :)

    9. WastedMeerkat on

      Awesome! Can't believe we made it past 9 episodes, and after that, almost halfway to 10! Also, I noticed that in the images on this post, there's only 18208 backers and $872,098... who was the last guy that contributed $35? Haha!

    10. Angela on

      The show looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen next. I'm just way too excited about this! :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Jen Loring on

      Had shitty day, finding out that we got 9 episodes thinking we got 8 helped my day be less shitty.

    12. Missing avatar

      LeeAnn Thomas on

      I LOVE YOU!!!!! I love Bee And PuppyCat! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

    13. Rhodora on

      I'm so excited for this! It looks AMAZING and it's adorably hilarious!!

    14. Suzanna Dowdy on

      @Branson, there is a Paypal campaign they are running until Nov. 27, you can check it out here:

    15. Ultra Magnus

      you guys should be proud this kickstarter has come so far and raised so much money I hope you guys make Bee and Puppycat all it can be

    16. Matthew Johns on

      Part of what got me to back this series was the short conversation Puppycat had with the Ladybug dude. All those little "fu fu fufu fufufufuufu fu fu!" exclamations just to say "Why not?"were PRICELESS. I was giggling like a goofball. Hope to hear lots more Puppycat-speak in the series!

    17. Missing avatar

      Branson Perreault on

      Hi, I tried to up my backing to $430 last night (30 for shipping to Canada), and I thought I was successful, but I received a confirmation today that my credit card was only charged for $40.00. Any way I can increase this to my desired amount?

    18. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Pinera on

      Super excited to watch the new show! Congrats on funding, can't wait to watch with love!

    19. Mytarev Yurij on

      No, no and no!
      Thank to you for this projact and for this excellent cartoon!

    20. Jordan Ruszkowski on

      And now the wait.... lol totally worth it. Have fun developing and congrats!

    21. Robert Wertz on

      You are very welcome! You earned it with your delightful original cartoon!

    22. GI Joker on

      Awesome! I was starting to lose a little hope there in the middle. Maybe if this season makes enough money through ads and such there can even be a season 2.

    23. Elyse Sopa on

      Congrats you guys! I know it's going to be awesome!

    24. Edwyn Tiong on


    25. Fruits on

      Its amazing because you deserve it, all your cartoons were beyond excellent, well done and its been a pleasure sharing this moment with you (^-^)/

    26. Grayson Maxwell on

      preeeeetty stationary though

    27. LeeLooLaguna on

      I'm at work so I will contain my verbal excitement and enjoy some font celebration!

      Yay hahahahahhaaaaa so frikkin sweeeeeeet!

    28. Rhia on


    29. Dave Gallacher on

      you are triple welcome. And... is that a kitty-dog :o

    30. Missing avatar

      Ayla O'Dwyer on

      It's actually $872,133, geez. :)

    31. Christopher Beaumont on

      Congrats, looking forward to it.

    32. Kimberly Cathleen Banks on

      Hooray! We're awesome!! :D

    33. MekaNeko on


    34. Katelyn McCaigue on

      Congrats! Super excited to see the full series!

    35. Missing avatar

      Stefan Mueller on

      Well deserved! Congratulations!

    36. Racheal on

      Congratulations :)