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Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!
18,209 backers pledged $872,133 to help bring this project to life.

Less Than 20 Hours To Go - Natasha Allegri Thanks All Backers

Posted by Frederator / Cartoon Hangover (Creator)
Natasha Thanks You and Reveals New Characters?
Natasha Thanks You and Reveals New Characters?

 Natasha Allegri, creator of Bee and PuppyCat has a message of gratitude for all backers  -

In other news, Natasha has been moving forward on more episodes and had brought on some people to help:

The success of this is humbling and amazing. Thanks so much. This ends abruptly on Thursday Nov 14 at 2:49pm EST. 

(As an aside, If we can get more than $809,000 before the end, the Bee and PuppyCat Series Kickstarter will be the fourth largest Film and Video Kickstarter project.)

On the way to $840,000 and 9 Episodes
On the way to $840,000 and 9 Episodes
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike Comley on

      Maybe they can keep the drive going post-kickstarter with a paypal site or something. I'd totally donate again later if it would help give us another episode.

    2. Michael McLaughlin on

      Hopefully, if this picks up steam after the kickstarter is finished. Maybe we will see a season 2 kickstarter? That would be nice.

    3. Jonathan Francilo on

      They should extend this at least 1 day to make the last bit they need for 10 episodes so my OCD doesnt mess with me about their being an odd number of episodes lol

    4. Michael Gooding on

      New characters?? What is this blasphemy?! :<
      (I kid, I kid)

      Although I do wonder what Nata's obsession with white hair is about...

    5. Cat Coule on

      oh man oh man I WANT that button set.

    6. Giusseppe Gonzales- on

      Congrats on how this is coming along~! Glad that this is getting a lot of attention and stuff. Such an awesome soon-to-be show! ouo
      Oh, and congrats on being " fourth largest Film and Video Kickstarter project" since it's past $809,000 ^o^

    7. Julio Jua on

      I just hope the success of Bee and Puppycat can be recognized beyond KS and some major company can see the risk/benefit ratio is too good to pass up and then we either get more 6 minute episodes funded by that company or maybe even -dare I dream- 30 minute ones! Of course, if Natasha is ok with that idea... Say you are please :)

    8. Oxenkses on

      Come on! Let's blow past $840,000! If we're lucky we can hit 920!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike Comley on

      Literally love you and the show. I hope this thing explodes these final hours. Also, yes, plush add-on would bring in serious add-ons.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hannah Ruby on

      They should totally have extra rewards for adding onto our original donation during the last 5 hours.
      I also agree with Dai, if you added a Puppycat Plush purchase option I'd snatch that shit up in no time XD CAUSE I WANT THAT PLUSH but I'm to poor to get it ;3;

    11. Kevin James on

      Been pushing people who haven't donated yet to do so, but I think we can make the next stretch goal.

    12. al3xtec on

      Whoops I can't match we still need about 50K before we get to 9 wps ~_~. :D We can do it!

    13. Dai on

      More more more!

      Make an add-on for Puppycat plushie purchase option and you'd smash $1million in no time.

    14. al3xtec on

      I am so excited, I have plastered this Kickstarter all over the internet (multiple times) the moment it was live. I have backed it and my friends have backed it. I cant wait for the new episodes and I hope we can extend their length to ~12 min. Love the work and update that stretch goal pic we got to 9 Eps!!!!