Bee and PuppyCat: The Series

by Frederator / Cartoon Hangover

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    1. Slashblast on



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      Greg Samson on

      NEVER too soon to attack the stretch goals!!! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO

    3. Giusseppe Gonzales- on

      YES~! congrats guise. Keep on going everyone~!! YEAHH

    4. Kate on

      We can do this aw yeah! :3

    5. Tim Cummings on

      Use your credit card like a credit card!

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      Louis London on

      If anything, I'd say it's too late. Even the full combined force of Tumblr won't have the collective willpower to raise $80,000 in less than a week.

    7. Manky Salad on

      Are you kidding?? we got $80,000 in the last 2 days. About £30 extra from each backer will get us to the £1,000,000 mark!!

    8. Anthony Smith on

      Now is the time to push for them. A lot of kickstarters can struggle to hit their target quickly but once they have the stretch goals start being blasted away. If I remember correctly Elite Dangerous didn't hit its initial goal until the last day and then they made another £330,000. There's a lot of people out there that won't back a project until it has hit its target because they want to, at first, be guaranteed the product. Which is dumb cos they wouldn't lose any money if the initial target wasn't hit.

    9. Alex Folck on

      Bee and Puppycat Should get 10 episodes, but I don't know if we can make it!

    10. Manky Salad on

      That's $30 and $1,000,000. Sorry, force of habit :-D

    11. Amit Katz on

      We don't need multiple updates in a day, stop spamming my inbox

    12. Missing avatar

      Sean McClure on

      I appreciate the updates! Keep the momentum going!!

    13. Manky Salad on

      Indeed, the best kickstarters are the ones with plenty of updates and interaction with the project owner. Please keep spamming my inbox!

    14. Fitheach on

      Getting to the top goal might be tough but really its not impossible some kickstarters go crazy after hitting the target. And while the trend on kicktraq is far from a reliable indicator its currently predicting that the 8 episode mark being exceeded.

    15. Rebecca Fiala on

      I'd hardly call two updates in a day "spamming your inbox". I appreciate the updates, and it's not as if the information provided wasn't important. The first one notified that it was successfully funded, and this one shows that the stretch goals have changed. What brought on the change, actually? And I'm not complaining because I'm all for buttons, but why are there two stretch goals for buttons?

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      Stefan Mueller on

      Just doubled (again). Thumbs pressed for more episodes. I want at least 20 seasons of Bee&PuppyCat!

    17. Noelle Marasheski on

      Yay we hit the first goal! Keep sharing and spreading the news for more episodes! There can never enough Bee and Puppycat!

    18. Ultra Magnus

      oh yes! lets band together and smash those stretch goals! lets all make Bee and Fluffycat all it can bee!

    19. P.A.W.S. - Prime Alien Watch Squad on

      So much congratulations are in order, I can't even!
      You are amazing and please please keep spamming our inbox!

    20. Andrew Maizels on

      Buttons and magnets and stickers, oh my!

    21. Brian Kramer on

      So glad funding was accomplished! Surly $760 is reachable with 6 days to go.

    22. Mary Holocher on

      I'm absolutely thrilled. :)

    23. Ryan Bell on

      bluray!!!! i must have you

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      Deborah on

      Have the pledge levels for the stretch bonus rewards (the buttons, magnets, sticker sheets) been altered? I thought they were more varied in the last graphic, more skewed to the $75 level. I'm not complaining to see them all come down to the $35 level; I just want to make sure this was intentional and you're not sending mixed messages. (And congrats for funding! I hope Bee & Puppycat get to blast through to $1M.)

    25. Kofi B. Agyeman on

      anyone else hope this is one of those scenarios where people throw all of their money into it around payday in the last 3-4 days

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      James Small on


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      Merle Blue on

      Happy dance time!