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Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!
18,209 backers pledged $872,133 to help bring this project to life.

Bee and PuppyCat Series is Coming

Posted by Frederator / Cartoon Hangover (Creator)

Thank you so much for supporting an awesome cartoon. Thanks to you we are all going to get to see many more Bee and PuppyCat adventures. We at Frederator, including, Natasha Allegri are honored with your support.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Elle Moore on

      SO flippen excited hahahaha

    2. Robert "HealyHQ" Healy III on

      Fantastic news! So utterly fantastic! I'm so happy right now I can't even

    3. Vince Vazquez



    4. Rin Revell on

      I could almost cry, I'm so happy! Ahhh! I wish I could afford to back for more, but I DID increase my pledge a few days ago! My dream is EIGHT EPISODES. More would be so amazing! But let's go for EIGHT, MINIMUM! Let's give it our best, everyone!

    5. Lindsay M. Pearce on

      I'm so glad!! Can't wait! You guys are amazing.

    6. Phillip Bortner on


    7. Missing avatar

      Pamela Thompson on

      so excited! Hope you are able to get the B&P adventures on a network! It is genius!

    8. Conclavidor

      ALL the excite!

    9. Ana Hobbs on

      Im sad i cant pledge $400 and i wanted that squishable

    10. Ana Hobbs on

      Im sad i cant pledge $400 and i wanted that squishable

    11. Joseph Yaeger on

      If I had feelings I'd be happy right now. Oh wait I do have feelings! Yay!!!

    12. Meghann Smith on

      Yaaaaaaaay! :D :D :D!

    13. Missing avatar

      Stefan Mueller on

      Oh yea! congratulation to Natasha and the hole team!

    14. Missing avatar

      D'Vaughn McCrae on

      Yaaaayyyy! Success! Our donations will not be on vain! Now for those bonus stretch goals!

    15. Alice on

      I'm so glad this has been funded! This cartoon is too much gold to be left as a pilot. :)

    16. John Salinas on

      We did it everyboddddyyy yayy
      Now lets get some stretch goals

    17. Missing avatar

      David Smith on

      I was so worried that this might not get funded. Now I'm just super excited to see the series!

    18. Missing avatar


      And... it started. This is the beggining of a love story

    19. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      Crotch Ice for everyone!

    20. Ben Burbank on


    21. GF on


    22. Missing avatar

      John-Michael Callaghy on

      Congratulations Natasha, Fred and crew! I am so happy for you guys, and for myself. Bee and PuppyCat!

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Samson on

      YAY!!! Now hit us up with some stretch goals - we're there for you too :)

    24. Celicia Soria on

      I am super excited for this to be happening!!! Can't wait till the next episode!!!!! <3

    25. Hannele Kormano on

      How awesome? So awesome!

    26. KaliumMusic on



    27. Joshua E Loomis on

      Fantastic! I'm so glad this is going to happen.

    28. Ben Clayton on

      Yes! Congratulations to everyone at Frederator who has been working so hard for this - it was clear that Bee and PuppyCat was a cartoon with so much more to offer than a short. A big thanks to everyone who has helped fund this Kickstarter, as now this potential can be realised!

    29. Kate on

      We did it! Wahoo!! ♪┏( ^ v ^)┛♪

    30. Bastian Ganze on

      More Bee and PuppyCat! \o/

    31. theALMs on

      I'm so glad it's getting funded!

    32. Missing avatar

      Marshall Conover on

      Glad to hear it! I'm looking forward to the second airing of the first new episode :D. Hopefully you'll keep us updated through the long and grueling creation process you guys have between now and then :P

    33. Shikigami3k on

      *get jiggy with it* XD

    34. Dave Gallacher on

      Woohoooooooooo! Mo' Bee and Puppycat, I just TOTALLY lost my marbles, heh

    35. michi isolde (ismichi) on

      congrat congrat congrat so excite

    36. Missing avatar

      Tyler Scott on

      w00t w00t! first donation to kickstarter is a success!

    37. Missing avatar

      tinyflowercrown on

      We made it! I'm so happy right now ^-^

    38. Zeruss on

      Congratulations!! :D

    39. Missing avatar

      r00x on

      2014 will be a good year after all!

    40. Missing avatar

      Nancy Ramos on

      So so so happy we made goal!!!!

    41. Steven Yuan on

      NIIIIIIIIIIIICE. totally losing my marbles right about now.

    42. MekaNeko on

      you guys did it! I'm so happy!!!!!!! congratulations!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      Congratulations on your successful funding! I am really looking forward to see the creative direction you can take this show over a full season. Also, my wife cannot wait to get a t-shirt from our pledge, she loves PuppyCat so much, so make sure you start cranking those out immediately (kidding, we can wait) lol.