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Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!
18,209 backers pledged $872,133 to help bring this project to life.

Reddit AMA tomorrow with Bee and PuppyCat creator Natasha Allegri and Fred Seibert on

Posted by Frederator / Cartoon Hangover (Creator)

To help support the Bee and Puppy series Kickstarter, Creator Natasha Allegri and Executive Producer will do a question and answer session (an "Ask Me Anything" or AMA) on starting at 3PM Pacific Coast Time (6 PM EST). The specific thread for the AMA will be posted here through a backer update, in the comments and through Cartoon Hangover's social media accounts, so stay tuned. We can't link to it much earlier because that is how reddit works. Get your accounts set up (for free, of course) and your questions ready. 

Natasha has worked on Adventure Time the cartoon series from Cartoon Network, where she created the characters Fionna and Cake, and Natasha also wrote and drew the Fionna and Cake comics from BOOM!. 

Fred Seibert has a super long media work history that you should check out -

Here is an interview Fred just did discussing Bee and PuppyCat  -

Also, the Bee and PuppyCat series Kickstarter is almost 80% funded with 10 days to go. We have just over a week to get as many episodes of Bee and PuppyCat as we can raise money for. Thanks so much for all of the support. 

almost 80% funded - 10 days to go
almost 80% funded - 10 days to go
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stewart on

      its done! =O i am so stoked!

    2. icecreamjones on

      It's gonna be funded easily now, Kickstarters always get most of their money in the first and last few days. It'll probably hit several of the stretch goals too. Relax kids!

    3. 15paintedcups on

      If this does not get funded, I'm gonna flip my shit. This ought to be at a cool mil by now, this show is amazing!

    4. Missing avatar

      zenmei on

      if i was a millionaire, i'd give it all to you.

    5. Missing avatar

      kevin rodriguez on

      please! just 125k to go!

    6. Missing avatar

      Aleksi Turunen on

      Yes! This is the best way for publicity I know of. I wouldn't wonder if this would double the goal..

    7. cisthej on

      Always love AMAs

    8. Brian Kramer on

      Looking forward to the AMA! Almost there!