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Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!
18,209 backers pledged $872,133 to help bring this project to life.

Bee and PuppyCat the Series is 61% Funded with 2 weeks to go / Finalized Squishable design / Please support Maxwell Atoms Dead Meat Kickstarter

Posted by Frederator / Cartoon Hangover (Creator)

You have all been awesome. The Bee and PuppyCat the Series Kickstarter is 61% funded and we still have more than two weeks to go. Hopefully we reach the goal and then some so we can all have as much Bee and PuppyCat as possible. There is no plateau just upward progress. I think we would all love a faster rate so let's get the word out so we can get more episodes. 

Bee and PuppyCat the Series Kickstarter Progress
Bee and PuppyCat the Series Kickstarter Progress

Natasha Allegri and Squishables have finalized the design for the Kickstarter exclusive signature edition of the PuppyCat Squishable. The signature design will only be available to backers at the $400 level and above. There will be only a few hundred produced ever. 

Kickstarter exclusive Signature PuppyCat 15" Squishable
Kickstarter exclusive Signature PuppyCat 15" Squishable

Also, Maxwell Atoms, creator of "Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", is doing a kickstarter for his Dead Meat puppet show. Please consider supporting it to get more Maxwell Atoms brilliance into the world. 

We are very conscious that we are asking for a lot of money to do this series and so we appreciate Maxwell Atom's comments in this recent AMA on reddit -

Support the Dead Meat Kickstarter here-

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    1. Jacqland on

      I'm at the $15 pledge. Adding a tier with a keychain-sized puppycat and I would up to $50 easy (before international shipping). Considering squishables in the micro size retail for $6, it would make quite a bit of profit.

    2. Denise B. on

      I can see that it's probably not fair to people at the $400 pledge level if the 15" squishable was offered as an add-on, but what about having a smaller one at a lower level? I would be all over a $150 level with a 7" (or even a 3"?) Puppycat.

    3. Alexander Dean Raven on

      I'd love for a line about

      "You took too long...
      Now your Candy's Gone...
      THAT's what happened O^O"

      to be on the front of our Physical Membership Cards =P.
      And then, on the back it says,

      Official Member of the Bee
      and Puppy Cat Fan Club ;3"

      =D Only instead of emoticons it could be Miss Natasha Allegri's animation =3 and appropriate sparkles, candy. and dark rainbow colors :3 (in order for it to be unisex, but at the same time, of course, sparkly \=3). I think Puppycat looking grumpy could go in the place of the winking cat face on the back xD. But I don't know :P. I just know I would freakin LOVE that line on my membership card. It's definitely the most memorable awesome one liner from the series without doubt :3 ^_^

    4. Noah Shelton on

      My girlfriend and I love Puppycat (and Bee)! I've shown all my friends! Looking forward to more of this great cast and story! ^_^

    5. Lauren Sohaney on

      While of course the point of this is to *fund raise* and expect that we're not being met point-for-point, I don't think it's unreasonable for many people to point out that they cannot feasibly afford a 300+ dollar price jump to be able to get the Squishable. (Anecdotal evidence? I can afford 200-250. I cannot rationalize 400.) There seems to be some kind of implication that people are somehow being greedy or misdirected in their concerns. Here is my take on the situation.

      Regular squishables cost 40-50 dollars. Many of us have indicated that 100 dollars for an add on is not above our means; I would even add 150 dollars to what I've already pledged. That would mean the project would make a profit of 60-110 dollars per squishable sold. If everyone who has currently pledged less than 100 dollars were to simply up their pledges to the 100 dollar level (never mind if they added 100 additional dollars), not only would we make the first target goal, but we'd actually end up meeting the second stretch goal, netting us 8 episodes (not to mention the other little goodies). Currently there is simply just not enough incentive to make people dig a bit deeper into their wallets, not when the 150 and 175 levels are all gone, most people won't be able to attend the 200 level showing, and the 300 level is only an additional sig/sketch on the front cover of the comic.

      Currently there are over 7000 backers to this project. That is more than enough people for this to be a success if people had a bit more incentive to be a little more generous (and YES, 100-150 dollars for a stuffed animal is still QUITE generous, thank you!), and from the noise people have been making, the squishable at a lower tier or offered as an add-on would dramatically change that. I am sure that a number of projects have used add-ons to great success; Hyper Light Drifter comes to mind immediately. Although that project had a much more modest goal, by offering more add ons and goodies to backers especially at lower levels, that project managed to gain 23 times what they were originally asking for. (And even if B&P only managed to gain exactly what they did, we'd still have enough to back 6 episodes.)

    6. Rebecca Fiala on

      The thing about what hamster428 makes sense but it also may be good to consider that a lot of people want that specific reward, and so they could potentially make more money off of it by asking for more than what they normally would charge for it. It could help get a lot more money for the series. People usually go into the kickstarter and choose a specific pledge level for the reward, so you can't simply refer to it as a donation, imo.

    7. Crystal Moore on

      what hamster428 said

    8. Missing avatar

      hamster428 on

      This is a donation fundraiser. We are getting perks for our donations, not merchandises for our payments. The product you are giving money to make is the animation itself, not the manufacturing of these extra gifts. Imagine if they have to make thousands of squishables because now everyone can "buy one" at marginal costs. With that said, I'm sure once we have an actual show, plushies deals will be negotiated and then everyone can go buy one separate from this Kickstarter.

    9. Sonia St-Germain on

      I'd LOVE a squishable Puppycat... I just haven't got the 365 $ to change my pledge ;_;

    10. Jevgen Sedakov on

      That curve leads to ~$570 000 T____T
      And I've already told everybody I know.

    11. Nina de Faria on

      But I'm poor, that's not fair. I think I'll have to do my own Puppycat plush. ;_____;

    12. Robert Bass on

      I agree with these other comments re: squishable as an add-on. Additionally, when you say here that this design is generated in limited supply, do you mean puppycat squishables in general, or just this specific version?

    13. Missing avatar

      Tina Laponte on

      I would definitely add $100 to my pledge to get the 15" Squishable, or like $50 for a smaller version add-on. I bet a lot of others would up their pledges as well. $400, though, is too much as a total pledge to get it for me.

    14. Pink-Pummy

      Hnnnngghhh must have squishable puppycat! However I imagine 400$ are too much for most people's plushy wallets :( (including mine)

    15. Nate Bear on

      Hmmm. I'll stock to my current sweepstakes that are up my nose.

    16. ceratopian on

      Definitely interested in the squishable as a an add-on! Please let this happen!

    17. vislade on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    18. Rebecca Fiala on

      I definitely would like a Puppycat squishable. I love the one that you have shown here, but I think I would appreciate any Puppycat you could make as an add-on if you wanted to make this one only available to $400 level backers.

    19. bagheadinc on

      How about a non-limited version of the Squishable available as an add-on? I know a lot of people would definitely add that on.