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Bee and PuppyCat is a popular cartoon created by Natasha Allegri & Frederator Studios on Cartoon Hangover. We want to make it a series!
18,209 backers pledged $872,133 to help bring this project to life.

Over 50% Funded! Digital Wallpaper downloads for every backer at any level

Posted by Frederator / Cartoon Hangover (Creator)

Thank you so much for supporting Bee and PuppyCat the Series. At over $310,000 pledged, the project is half way to being funded with 24 days left. It is looking good but we still need support to make it AND hopefully get all of the episodes that we can. For every additional $80,000 we raise, Frederator will make another episode. 100 episodes is only $8,500,000 or so away. We could spend so much time in that universe. Consider it.

In response to several inquiries, we will make available downloadable, digital wallpapers for any back at any level, such as at $1.

If you have enough money to back Bee and PuppyCat and another animation project, consider pledging to our friends at Sam Sweetmilk . Their kickstarter closes in less than 24 hours and isn't quite there.

Check out some tremendous Bee and PuppyCat fan art and support and submit your own at


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    1. Alexander Dean Raven on

      I'd love for a line about

      "You took too long...
      Now your Candy's Gone...
      THAT's what happened O^O"

      to be on the front of our Physical Membership Cards =P.

      And then, on the back it says,

      Official Member of the Bee
      and Puppy Cat Fan Club ;3"

      =D Only instead of emoticons it could be your animation =P and appropriate sparkles, candy. and dark rainbow colors :3. I think Puppycat looking grumpy could go in the place of the winking cat face on the back xD. But I don't know :P. I just know I would freakin LOVE that line on my membership card. It's definitely the most memorable awesome one liner from the series without doubt :3 ^_^

    2. Nathan Stewart on

      What happened to Wallace?!

    3. Brian Kramer on

      Do an update with a link to an official Federator twitter post with a link to this ks so that we can retweet it? In any case... more updates, please! 3 updates so far only??????

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick J. on

      Super pleased it's going so well! Have you considered putting on an actual $1 pledge level? That way non-backers know the wallpaper option exists. Handy for those folk who want to make a donation, but perhaps can't spare $15, but wish to get a little something for their help.

    5. Matthew Emmanuel on

      Find some rich guy to donate $8,500,000.00!!!! I know s/he is out there!


    6. Andy Porter on

      Fantastic! :) I will continue to spread the good word. And that wallpaper is beautiful!

    7. James Gaunt on

      Is it possible to ad a second DVD/Bluray as an option?

      Also will the Membership Card and Postcard arrive before the DVD or will everything come together as one package?

    8. Patrick Leo Simonsen on

      I really hope it'll hit some stretch goals!

    9. Madelyn O'Shea on

      So glad were half way there!