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An action/comedy series about surviving high school, fitting in, and landing that perfect head shot.
An action/comedy series about surviving high school, fitting in, and landing that perfect head shot.
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VGHS Christmas Update

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Hello everyone,

Wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, and give a bit of an update with where VGHS is at the moment!

First off - we still haven't sent ALL the surveys out yet, so if you haven't received yours yet, don't worry - it's coming. We did the lower-tiered surveys first in order to get an idea of some of the volume we're looking to be dealing with in regards to fulfillment.

As for VGHS: We wrapped shooting just before Thanksgiving, and we're now knee deep in post-production. Everything is looking really good so far, and we're very excited to get it finished! The first thing up on the plate for post-production is editing, and then after that we delve into sound and visual effects, and we're jumping right back into it when everyone gets back from holiday.

Some of you may have caught my appearance on Chuck a few weeks ago - you should know that we're returning the favor - Zachary Levi will be appearing in VGHS as one of the members of the faculty, so look forward to that!

We're still a little bit early in terms of predicting a release, but right now, our goal is to have the show start sometime mid-March, with pledge fulfillment happening right around that time. We will, of course, keep you updated throughout the post production process should anything change.

Thank you again for supporting this project - together I think we're redefining how webseries can be made, and I'm looking forward to getting the show in your hands!


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    1. Hector Enriquez on March 15, 2012

      Hurry up with and update....

    2. Alex Evans on March 15, 2012

      we're halfway through march! any updates...?

    3. Gideon Austin Villarete Pechangco on February 23, 2012

      Anyone know when there going to deliver the DVD's? I'm moving soon and don't know if I should change my delivery address now or when I'm fully done moving.

    4. Henry Pham on February 23, 2012

      i donated $25 and waiting for my feb 2012 delivery for digital downloads :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Wes Lydon on February 13, 2012

      Will I be able to pay the $5 difference for the BluRay? The option wasn't there when I donated!

    6. Decu Las Vegas on February 4, 2012

      Still waiting for survey.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Willcocks on January 26, 2012

      I imagine they plan on selling DVDs and digital downloads when the series is finished for the people who didn't donate enough to get those in the first place. Just my guess, though.

    8. Joseph Hansen on January 7, 2012

      I only donated $5 so how do I get hold of the episodes when they come out?

    9. Missing avatar

      MonkeyZerg on December 31, 2011

      getting more and more excited!

    10. Patrick Weaver on December 27, 2011

      Hey thanks for the update. I am excited to see this series!

    11. Missing avatar

      Matakor on December 27, 2011

      I like Sanh's idea!

    12. Missing avatar

      Shen Li on December 26, 2011

      Yea!! Those behind the scenes vids are just as awesome as the actual releases. =D

      Also, I feel like all the backers should also get their own VGHS ID card :D or Card Sleeve. .. Or both!? 8D

    13. Patrick Foster on December 26, 2011

      Hey fw will there be an extensive behind the scenes showing all the editing and sound and fx? Those are my favorite parts

    14. Missing avatar

      fishpoindexta on December 26, 2011

      Yeah what do we do if we move address before the release

    15. David Novak on December 26, 2011

      Wow I just saw you on Chuck. I loved the show already, but Freddie being on Chuck made it like a thousand times better to me! Looking forward to seeing Zachary Levi in VGHS!

    16. Missing avatar

      Victor Ostlund on December 26, 2011

      fw i have movied how do i change where i live so you can send it to my new address?