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Season Two of the critically-acclaimed webseries about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect headshot.
Season Two of the critically-acclaimed webseries about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect headshot.
10,613 backers pledged $808,341 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jesse on December 27, 2015

      Never got anything besies the shirt and a poster, theres a 125$ down the drain, nice

    2. Soma on October 4, 2015

      Still waiting for my reward.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pb Elements on May 6, 2015

      Still haven't got my diploma yet...

    4. Tetsujin on April 3, 2015

      Took about a year and three to four shipping attempts, but I finally received my stuff. The problem was the fulfilment company using my online user name instead of the real one provided in Backerkit and emails. =/

    5. Evan Smith on February 24, 2015

      I emailed them on February 5th and had a brief back and forth and brought up the issue of the Missing ID's and Diploma's ,I'm missing my ID, they said they were looking into it but haven't heard back. Emailing again today to see if I can get an update I copied the first couple comments with the comments about missing items. We'll see what happens.

    6. Dereck Mun-Hin Fok on February 3, 2015

      I don't think anyone has received their personalized items (ID, diploma, etc.) yet. Could we get an update?

    7. Evan Smith on January 27, 2015

      Still no ID misprinted or otherwise

    8. Zyfie on January 25, 2015

      And still nothing but the misprinted ID Card.
      They also ignoring my mails again after they replied once.

    9. Lawrence Liu on December 7, 2014

      never got my blu-ray.....wonder what happen?

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt on November 19, 2014

      Anyone received their Diploma yet?

    11. Evan Smith on October 27, 2014

      Still no ID Card, got everything else just waiting for the ID

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris S. on October 23, 2014

      Received my missing items today. I still haven't received a response to my emails as to what the hold up was but I am just glad to have the items in. Good luck to everyone else with their items.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris S. on October 11, 2014

      It has been over a month since the last email reply in regards to the diploma and signed prop. I was in regular contact with one of the reps and then radio silence all of a sudden. Still sending emails just in case though.

    14. Zoggprime on September 11, 2014

      Still no diploma and no reply to my latest email and a reply which would indicate a follow up in the previous email but nothing.

    15. Tetsujin on September 4, 2014

      Some genius apparently put my Kickstarter handle on the address instead of using my real name (which I obviously provided). They did that *twice*. No wonder nothing ever arrived. No idea where my stuff is now since there's no tracking and customs say they ain't got anything. =/

    16. Zyfie on September 1, 2014

      One month later and still no answer to any mail I've send.
      All rewards except the ID Card are still missing and the name on the ID Card was misprinted.
      Very nice...

    17. Missing avatar

      Pb Elements on September 1, 2014

      Still no diploma.....

    18. Missing avatar

      Matt on September 1, 2014

      ID finally arrived today, now just waiting for Diploma.

    19. Tony Wong on August 28, 2014

      I finally got my ID Card in the mail today!

    20. Tony Wong on August 25, 2014

      Just finished an e-mail correspondence with a Trisha over at RJ. Replacement IDs have been shipped last week. I am now confirming whether or not there is any sort of tracking.

    21. Tetsujin on August 18, 2014

      Still waiting for my items...

    22. Jai'Quan Caesar on August 7, 2014

      i still have not received any items. very disappointing... :(

    23. Missing avatar

      Kazuma on August 2, 2014

      I still dont have my ID... Been waiting for months to receive an email regarding about the ID, still nothing...

    24. Zyfie on August 1, 2014

      Still no rewards... and no response to my email.

    25. Zoggprime on July 23, 2014

      Multiple emails one saying wait 2 weeks and email back , did that and nothing back for my diploma

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt on July 23, 2014

      Almost a month ago I got a response saying they would look into missing ID card and Diploma, haven't heard anything since.

    27. Jackie Yim on July 20, 2014

      Still waiting on signed prop! I send out an email 2 weeks ago still waiting on reply. Jimmy replied to me on twitter- but still waiting for an email!!

    28. Tetsujin on July 17, 2014

      I have a feeling they sent another shipment into the void. They sent another package to me and it's been three weeks since I got the confirmation and still I have nothing. =/

    29. Víctor González Fraile on July 10, 2014

      I got the generic items (Yearbook, BluRays) but not the ID yet. I live in Spain.

    30. Missing avatar

      Kazuma on July 8, 2014

      Still no ID for me!

    31. huhwn on June 29, 2014

      I finally received my package with all items this week. Yay! <3 :D

    32. Missing avatar

      Patrick on June 12, 2014

      I am from Switzerland and I received all my items. Including the ID Card (but separately)!
      So happy.

    33. Tanner Brooks on June 12, 2014

      If you are having problems or still missing items, just send them an email. They helped me a lot and got my rewards here as quick as they could after I started emailing them.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt on June 12, 2014

      Still waiting on ID and Diploma.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kazuma on June 8, 2014

      Still no ID for me! :(

    36. huhwn on June 7, 2014

      @David You should write an e-mail to to clarify what happened to your order. A Jessica helped me really fast and set up a reshipment for my order since it seems that it got lost in transit.
      Good luck. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      David on June 4, 2014

      @huhwn yes I'm from germany and haven't received anything yet (BluRay and Poster)

    38. Scott Tanaka on June 3, 2014

      I just received my signed prop, a red rubber pipe wrench. Can anyone tell me if it's too obscure or did I miss its use in the show. If you know which episode and time mark its seen in, please let me know. I guess I should be glad I finally received it.

    39. Tony Wong on June 2, 2014

      I've been in correspondence with a Trisha from Rocketjump and we have settled my missing ID situation. If you guys have any missing items or non-signed items let them know. It takes a while for them to get back to you but Trisha was very helpful.

    40. Missing avatar

      Domenico Commisso
      on May 31, 2014

      I received the DVD, T-Shirt and Poster today (in addition to the Calendar and sticker that arrived months ago). Had to pay $13 duty fees (Canada) when I went to pick it up. Like others, my poster also was not signed. Everything else looked good though.

    41. Yemaya A. on May 28, 2014

      Got my ID, signed poster & DVD, and T-shirt a couple weeks ago; ID card looks fantastic by the way.

      Hope everyone else gets their stuff soon without a hassle.

    42. huhwn on May 28, 2014

      I'm quite happy that I'm not the only one waiting for stuff. xD
      Didn't received anything but the really cool ID card, weeks ago.
      Still missing the Hoddie, DVD, T-Shirt, Yearbook ...
      Is there someone from Germany with the same problem?

    43. Matt Buchholtz on May 27, 2014

      Finally got my prop and diploma.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kazuma on May 26, 2014

      I still dont have my ID too!

    45. Eric Dunbar on May 25, 2014

      Am I the only one who didn't get an ID card yet

    46. Jack Reneau on May 21, 2014

      I have still not received even an email confirmation for my signed prop, i got everything else weeks ago

    47. Abdulaziz on May 20, 2014

      the ID card looks AMAZING
      Thanks guys

    48. Tanner Brooks on May 20, 2014

      I have received my items and they are pretty cool. I have just one problem. I got an unsigned poster when I was supposed to get a signed poster. Hopefully I will get this problem fixed.

    49. Zoggprime on May 17, 2014

      No Diploma yet any indication on that?

    50. Tony Wong on May 17, 2014

      Anyone in Canada got their ID cards yet?

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