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A game about making ridiculous, creative pitches for objectively bad startup ideas.
Pitch Deck is a game about convincing your friends to invest in the most ridiculous startups imaginable.
Pitch Deck is a game about convincing your friends to invest in the most ridiculous startups imaginable.
1,889 backers pledged $60,410 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on April 19

      @Geist – Wow, it looks like it got dropped in the mail but never arrived. We'll get to the bottom of it and get a new one on its way to you soon. Thanks for your patience!

    2. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on April 19

      I still haven't gotten mine either.

    3. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on March 14

      @Sascha – Sorry to hear that, it looks like your Blackbox survey never got filled out. I've resent the email that will contain a link to fill out your address. If you (or anyone else!) has any trouble, please drop Blackbox a line at

    4. Sascha Lechner on March 14

      I didn‘t receive anything so far

    5. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on January 30

      @xav: Sorry about that! You can email and they'll take care of you

    6. Missing avatar

      Xav de Matos
      on January 30

      I have not received the game yet. Who do I contact?

    7. Tom Jeffery on January 20

      Amazing fun and gorgeous presentation, thanks so much to everyone involved!

    8. Andrew S Ma on January 17

      Something nice for an expansion or such:
      Blank Cards, as playing through, I could just imagine so many things to pitch about.
      (Juicero, Raw Water, etc.)

    9. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on January 14

      @Eduard, I resent the survey, please message me if you haven't received it.

    10. Eduard Ilie
      on January 13

      Hmm looks like I have never received a survey from you guys. Can you look into it? Thanks.

    11. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on January 12

      Amazing, glad you had fun and thanks for the kind feedback Luke!

    12. Luke Palmgren
      on January 12

      Played the game the other day and was the best fun we've had in a long time, would definitely pay for an expansion pack if you guys make one

    13. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on January 11

      @trystan: Wow this made our day! That's a great note for a 2p variant—you've inspired us to cook one up. We'll let you know what we come up with.

      If anyone has ideas for it, let us know! Our gut is that it could be fun to guess the order in which your partner rated each pitch…

    14. Trystan Vel
      on January 11

      Thanks for this!!! My wife and i suffer from chronic pain and the delivery of my Pitch Deck was completely unexpected and we played it for hours just her and I:) it kept our minds off of our pain and was the most amazing bonding experience, she’s really great at pitching! She sold S@& T&Ys to the Amish at Rumspringa, rofl! My question is this though @Creator, do you know of an amount of cards or perhaps different rules where just two people can play?

    15. Louis L. on January 10

      Recieved mine last week, tried it on Saturday as a group of 3. We kinda went round robin until one of us ran out of funds lol… then we played the proper way once through.

    16. Matthew Romanada on January 5

      Got mine in Toronto on Thursday. Box and components look great.

    17. Missing avatar

      Robin Powell on January 5

      @Fred Benenson: What set her off initially was pitching for The Catholic Church. I proposed a new Catholic Church, with the Pope replaced by My Junk. Apparently she started picturing her boyfriend's junk wearing a little pope hat.

      She was still giggling about that when we started the next round ended up pitching for the next ISIS. I said, "These new kids don't know what they're doing, don't have enough flair, what we need for a new ISIS is to go back to some of the old masters", and played German. She lost the ability to breathe for a bit :)

    18. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on January 4

      Quick followup for EVERYONE with damaged goods (not the metaphysical kind, the Pitch Deck kind): please drop a line to and they will get you a new unit on its way.

    19. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on January 4

      @Robin! That's what we like to hear. Can you share the card combo with us? We're SO curious to hear what is resonating with folks the best.

      @Nick / @Aaron So sorry to hear about these – we're going to be speaking with our manufacturer soon and come up with a plan to help out backers with damaged contents. You'd think this kind of thing would be a solved problem by now!

    20. Missing avatar

      Robin Powell on January 4

      Managed to get a game last night, and initial impressions are that it's an absolute blast. One lady in the group was laughing so hard at one point she had to leave the room to calm down.

    21. Nick Maniatis on January 3

      Mine arrived in Australia today! Box and insert all fine. Art is amazing.
      Although, I think I have a production issue in mine. :(
      5 of the 8 'Uniformity' funding tiles are damaged along their right-hand edge in a way that if you know where to look, it is totally possible to determine the funding level.
      What's the best way to follow up on this? Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Aaron Tsarfati on January 3

      Canadian here, in Kitchener, just got mine today! Excited to look through it, although my box was damaged in transit :(

    23. Hayley Yip on January 3

      Was caught by total surprise when my parcel arrived today! I haven't had the chance to go through the cards individually yet but the investment tiles look nice and hefty. From a cursory glance, the cards are thinner than I'd like/expected--nice colours, though!

    24. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on January 2

      @Gersh – sent you a message re: your backer survey. Please fill it out and your copy will be on its way.

      @Matthew and Patrice in Canada – unfortunately we are in the same boat as well, our international shippers don't have tracking numbers. My guess is that since it's making its way from the UK during the holidays it's taking a little more time than backers in Europe and Asia.

    25. Patrice St Pierre-Plamondon on January 2

      So, is there a way to get actual tracking information? What's being given is just a "on transit" icon. It's cute but it offers no details.

      I'm in Canada, by the way.

    26. Gersh Zebovitz
      on December 30

      i haven't gotten mine here n pittsburgh

    27. Matthew Romanada on December 29

      Has anyone from Canada got the game yet? I'm still waiting for mine.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ericc Whetstone on December 29

      I hope there are expansions. This game is great.

    29. Andy Lim on December 29

      Received it in Singapore today but oh my god this box is 4 times the size of what I expected

    30. Missing avatar

      Robin Powell on December 27

      Just got my copy here in the UK, and it all looks great apart from the Unicode issue (which doesn't really have much impact) and the unnecessarily large box. Sorry, but that's one of my bugbears, it'll be going straight in the recycling to be replaced with something that doesn't take up 3 times the shelf space it actually needs.

      Looking forward to introducing it to my weekly gaming night next week when we get together after the Christmas break.

    31. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on December 23

      Ahhhhhh thanks so much for the kind words everybody!!!! Really glad we were able to get a decent chunk delivered around the holiday.

      Also: all international orders are out as of Dec 22!!

      For anyone with delivery or tray issues, (1) ugh sorry that sucks, and (2) shoot an email to and they get info/replacements to you! Might be a tad slower than usual with the break, but they’ll get those turned around.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jessica Engle on December 23

      I still haven’t received my tracking information and I’m in the US. I’ve also sent an e-mail and haven’t gotten a response about things. I was hoping I would get my copy before Christmas like a lot of other people have. I was looking forward to a new game to play with family and friends this holiday season. Just wish I could get a response about things.

    33. Missing avatar

      inkey on December 22

      Any idea how many cards are affected by the error [?] - be good to know how many

    34. Antony Atkinson
      on December 22

      Arrived a couple of days ago. A long time coming, but definitely looks worth the wait. Wonderful quality. Can't wait to play! Thanks guys!

    35. Brett Fricke on December 22

      I received my copy 2 days ago but it appears to be damaged, the entire plastic shell inside is smashed. I have not yet taken a closer look at the cards to make sure they are alright.

    36. Amanda Helstrom-White on December 21

      I received my copy of the game and it looks AMAZING! Super excited to play it with some friends. I'm hoping to be able to setup a game night for NYE. Thank you for all of your hard work. I look forward to your next project. You have a backer for whatever you do for sure.

    37. Skeletortilla on December 20

      My copy came today. Very happy with the way everything looks. The Unicode issue doesn’t look like it will really affect the game. I’m really psyched for an opportunity to try it out.

    38. Peter Natale on December 20

      Got mine today. Much bigger box than I expected, but I'm looking forward to playing!

    39. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on December 19

      Thanks Brandon! Yes, us too re: those cards. We're going to check with our printer in 2018 to see what is feasible. In the meantime, know that your edition with the Äô's is now a Certified Limited Edition copy because we sure as heck are going to fix that if we ever do another run!

    40. Brandon A.
      on December 19

      Awesome quality, there's something really satisfying about the smooth edges on the investment tiles, I'm so used to the little bit like tears from punchboard pieces. A pleasant surprise.

      I'll love you forever if you give us a reasonable cost method of replacing those erroneous cards. You know, once everything settles down.


    41. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on December 19

      @Martin Our non-US inventory has been successfully unloaded at the Blackbox warehouse in the UK and they will begin shipping soon. Once we have confirmation on those dates we'll send an update to backers more precise dates. Thanks for your patience!

    42. Missing avatar

      on December 19

      So, what's going on with the outside-US shipping?

    43. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on December 18

      @Luis: thank you for your kind words! We are so glad you appreciate it. Please tell us what you think once you get the chance to play.

    44. Luis on December 18

      Just received my copy today! Wow! I'm really impressed by the quality of this game. Looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it.

    45. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on December 15

      Mike! Yep - of course of all people who make this mistake it's the guy who wrote a book in emoji and spent a year dealing with Unicode errors in 2009... Hope you get a chance to play the game with friends soon!

    46. Mike Masnick
      on December 15

      Was just coming to note the Unicode issue as well. Not a big deal, but definitely noticeable on those cards. Game looks great though.

    47. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on December 14

      Andrew! Aw – shucks those are some unicode errors introduced by the ole curly quote Unicode problem:

      We're super bummed we didn't catch them until now. Sorry about that, hope you still enjoy the game – Alex and I will think on whether we can get these fixed :)

    48. Andrew S Ma on December 14

      Got my copy today!

      There does seem to be some exciting typos that slipped through, (Ask Jeeves, Roomba, La Croix, Farmers Only from the Company Cards so far) but doesn't really affect playability (much once you decipher them).

    49. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on December 3

      @Daragh – it looks like the EXPRESS ATHENS just made it through the strait of Gibraltar and is on its way to the GB with an ETA of December 6th.

      @Nguyen – If you've filled out your Blackbox survey you'll be getting a shipping notification once it sends out.

    50. Missing avatar

      Daragh Murphy on December 3

      Any further update for those of us in the UK?

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