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A game about making ridiculous, creative pitches for objectively bad startup ideas.
A game about making ridiculous, creative pitches for objectively bad startup ideas.
A game about making ridiculous, creative pitches for objectively bad startup ideas.
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    1. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on May 18

      @Quincy: Yes, the cards are done being designed. They are not ready to ship and will require some proofing from the factory. We will be putting in a very large order to make sure they are all printed at (and shipped!) at once, but that also means we want to be super careful and make sure the quality is up to our standards.

      The other art, including the rules and packaging are also done being designed, but have been undergoing final tweaks in terms of formatting and polish and color. We are obsessed with making Pitch Deck a great high quality game that looks unlike anything else you have on your shelf, which is part of the reason we are a bit behind schedule.

      And yes, an official update with all of these details and a sneak peek of the final product is coming very soon.

      Thanks for your patience, and believe me we are more anxious about shipping this than you are!

    2. Missing avatar

      Quincy Acklen on May 18

      I hate to say it... but,it makes me sad when you say things like, "cards are _done_" and then, "sending the art files this week". Is it that you meant that you were 'done' _designing_ the cards, not that you had them and they were ready to ship? Or is it that the cards are done and ready to ship (hurray!) but it's the packaging and rules art files they you were sending this week?

      I do love that you respond to comments, but something (about _this_ project) on the update page would be nice too.

    3. Nick Mudry on May 11

      Excited about this. Looking forward to the update next week! :)

    4. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on May 11

      Update coming next week! Short version is that we're sending the art files this week—so a bit behind schedule, but not terribly and we were able to put a TON of polish and improvements onto everything…

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Sill on May 11

      It's May, any chance you could provide an update to the best of your current knowledge? They're free and helpful to backers.

    6. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on April 14

      @Jackson: yes! Cards are done, and we're just getting the rules and packaging nailed down.

    7. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on March 4

      @Joshua: Nope, we're gonna hold off until right before we ship, so we have everyone's most accurate mailing address!

    8. Missing avatar

      Joshua Quek on March 4

      Hi there! Would like to ask, will you be collecting shipping addresses any time soon?

    9. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on February 26

      @Andy we'll be sending surveys out closer to our ship date. Thanks for backing!

    10. Andy on February 26

      So, are surveys being sent out?

    11. Missing avatar

      Dylan Berg on February 17

      I have your in at MeUndies.

    12. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on February 16

      @Petey: pitch us :)

      @Zack: Thanks for your support!

      @Mom: Thanks Mom :)

    13. Donna Mileti Benenson on February 16

      Congrats Fred and Alex! Look forward to playing the parents card for laughs. Cheers & love, Mom

    14. Zackary Rhodes on February 16


    15. Peteyandycreek on February 15

      Are there an Aussie references woven in at all, for those of us down plunder?

    16. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on February 11

      @Martin: ohhhhh that totally makes sense. And yep, we are EU FRIENDLY! Blackbox bakes the import fees and such into their quote to us, so you just pay shipping.

    17. Missing avatar

      on February 11

      As far as I know most EU friendly Kickstarters use a shipping company from with-in the EU to avoid the taxes which, as I understand, usually reduces the cost for everybody.

    18. Missing avatar

      on February 11

      EU friendly is pretty much a matter of tax and import fees. So the question is, will we be hit with those when the game is sent to us? Because with a game of this price it can pretty much double the cost of it on our end.

    19. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on February 10

      @Quincy: We tested this a bunch and they're definitely an "advanced" mode that we'll spend a lot of time working on if folks are interested down the road. But the base game definitely already allows for a bit of this without cards—you normally get a few folks chiming in with weird, hilarious additions

      @Gray: We *definitely* have some shady-as-hell companies in the set—so good

      @Buzz: Re stretch goals, we decided not to do them, since we baked everything we needed into the project already—it's a big big amount of cards and stuff. And the component quality is going to be top notch. The cards will be roughly Monikers-level, with big, chunky tiles for the "currency."

      Also I don't think I've ever figured out what EU-friendly is? Just shipping or is it something else??

    20. Buzz175
      on February 9

      Only a week left and feels like it's been very quite here for a long time now and campaign seem to be at a stalemate. Considered component upgrades as stretch goals to spike more peoples interest? Btw what quality can we expect from this product?
      Looking forward to this, is this project EU friendly? I might have missed that

    21. Gray Matters Games on January 29

      Fantastic game idea! Bringing back Enron as a potential start-up biz? :)

    22. Zackary Rhodes on January 26

      I just wanted to stop in and say this looks like a wonderful idea for people tired of the more traditional dice and playing card games. My wife is always on the lookout for games requiring more group interaction and creativity, so this looks right up her alley.

    23. Missing avatar

      Quincy Acklen on January 26

      What?! No "Pivot" cards? How do I stop a superior pitch without playing my pivot card? Surly that can be in the $50k stretch goal. You only need a one maybe two per player for the whole game (or more).

    24. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on January 26

      @David: We're shipping with ~90 Company cards and ~350 Pitch cards, so replayability is super high. I'll let Fred do the math on that one, but you'll be able to get many many sessions out of it before seeing all the cards.

      @Lewis: So funny, those are DEFINITELY things we've tested and had in the game. And yep, they're sort of what we're circling for potential expansions if folks are really into the game. Probably not for the Kickstarter since we want to buckle down and get everyone the best possible game we can make, but there's definitely room for that on the horizon!

      @fwirl: we're all set! Basically we had a minimum number of backers we needed to print the best version we could make, and that was ~1250.

    25. Missing avatar

      David on January 26

      Nice concept ! What's the replayability of the game ? (How many cards will be included of each kind?)

    26. Missing avatar

      Lewis Sharpnack on January 25

      Great twist on a concept my group always enjoys. I'm looking forward to the final product.

      Two suggestions:
      I would enjoy an expansion/addon/stretchgoal for a last second twist of some sort. For example, the investor could draw from a second deck of cards that have some last minute design goal that the project need to fulfill. After everyone gives their initial pitch, they have a second shorter pitch about how their project meets the new design goal.

      I would also enjoy an expansion/addon/stretchgoal to set the "personality" of the investor for the round. (caveman, 5 year old, stuffy upper-class twit, person who only listens to 15 words, person who only listens for 15 seconds, etc)

    27. Perry Chen
      on January 20

      so cool to see all the crew at the old office ! godspeed

    28. Missing avatar

      Fwirl on January 19

      Stretchy-wetchy goals?

    29. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on January 19

      @Jonathan: It's just at the bottom of the main campaign page, but here the substance of it:

      Yes! If you'd like 2 copies, just double the base amount of $25 for a total of $50 and add your original shipping cost ($5 for US, etc). For three copies, adjust your pledge to $75 plus shipping, etc.

      We're taking a bit of a loss to keep things simple for you, so feel free to add a little more if you can manage it. But it's definitely not required!

    30. Jonathan McDonnell
      on January 19

      Hey :)

      I can't see that FAQ for some reason, so I'm still lost as to how much I'd need to add for an additional copy.

    31. Fred Benenson 5-time creator
      on January 19

      @Sicorace Indeed! We added an FAQ about it here:

      Thanks for your support!

    32. Sicorace
      on January 19

      can I add 25 for an extra copy? I'd like to share expenses with a friend

    33. Alex Hague Collaborator
      on January 19

      @Martin: "Tinder for Human babies" is TOTALLY a valid card combo

    34. Dan Rollman on January 18

      Love this project. If you're looking for companies to integrate and want to use RecordSetter, please let us know! (Sorry, we don't have $5k to spend for guaranteed inclusion.)

    35. Creativebloch on January 18

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    36. Nick Mudry on January 17

      This has me pretttty excited. Backed!

    37. jamie hodari on January 17

      Yes! You had me at "Alex now has years experience on the manufacturing and fulfillment side of game production."

    38. Ian Phillipchuk on January 17

      "From the makers of Monik-" *throws money at screen*

    39. Jason Hsu on January 17

      It's [Cards Against Humanity] for [Startups].

      On a more serious note, will trademarks be an issue?

    40. Sean Teevan and Alexander Daise
      on January 17

      Seems like a good time. I'm in.

      Also, if you like pitching games, my game Sell Outs is on Kickstarter as well. For those interested:…

    41. Alan Gerding
      on January 17

      I'm in like a sin before dinner.

    42. Tommy Day
      on January 17

      This looks great. The world needs more pitching games :)