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Translating Moby Dick into Japanese Emoji Icons using Amazon's Mechanical Turk.
Translating Moby Dick into Japanese Emoji Icons using Amazon's Mechanical Turk.
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Emoji Dick is Officially Art & Acquired by the Library of Congress

Posted by Fred Benenson (Creator)

Ok folks, so its been a while since you’ve heard from me on Emoji Dick. I hope you’re still enjoying your copies -- thanks again for believing in this crazy project.

I’ve got some updates from the world of emoji.

First, Emoji Dick was selected as part of a gallery show at the Chelsea art institution Printed Matter. This is kind of a big deal because I think it means Emoji Dick can now be considered a work of art. 

The show was called HELP/LESS and was put on by Chris Habib. Emoji Dick was one of many works on display:

Thanks to my brother Alexander for snapping the above picture of Emoji Dick on display, and Chris for curating it and buying a color copy for himself!

Second, and just as exciting, I recently heard from the Library of Congress and that they wanted to acquire Emoji Dick as the first emoji book in their collection. So as of very recently, Emoji Dick is now officially part of the Library of Congress' catalog:

Here’s the permalink to the official catalog record:

You may also remember that while I was working on Emoji Dick, I did a version of the New Yorker’s famous “Eustace Tilley” cover in Emoji. I didn’t actually submit it to the cover contest that year, but this year I did:

While Eustace Emoji didn’t win the cover spot, it did get selected as one of 2013’s winners, and got a nice write up on the New Yorker’s blog, as well as coverage on ABC news, and Gizmodo. You can checkout the full version of Eustace Emoji here.

And finally, last month, I wrote a piece for Esquire’s blog on how to properly use emoji. Here’s an excerpt:

Ok, thats it for now, thanks again for being part of this project!



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