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Translating Moby Dick into Japanese Emoji Icons using Amazon's Mechanical Turk.
Created by

Fred Benenson

83 backers pledged $3,676 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Avery Brooks on July 10, 2010

      Congrats again Fred. I'm excited to see this project reach completion, print copies and all!

    2. Creator rmagahiz on October 18, 2009

      Let me add my congratulations as well. Way to keep us in suspense!

    3. Creator Andy Baio on October 17, 2009


    4. Creator Ken Y-N on October 13, 2009

      I decided to do my bit for promoting the idea by translating the Japanese National Anthem!

    5. Creator Pablo Duboue on September 25, 2009

      Are you going to include the names of the translators in the printed version?

    6. Creator CommunistPrime on September 20, 2009

      I like the idea.

      I wish I could properly read it... D:

    7. Creator Ian Samuel on September 20, 2009

      It's crazy how good this idea is.

    8. Creator MR. DREAM on September 19, 2009

      this must be what our parents felt like when we talked about the konami code