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Freaker USA is a NC based company that will change the relationship between you and your beverages… forever!

FReaKer USA is a North Carolina based company that is on the forefront of keeping your bottles cool and your hands more comfortable! We are pursuing our american dream of preventing all moist handshakes with our patent pending product the “Freaker”.

Suggested: $5-10

If you're international (or just feeling frisky!), please chip in a few extra dollars for shipping! 

  • For the first package, chip in an extra $3

  • $25 & $55 package, add an extra $8. 

  • $70=an extra $13.  

  • $125 =  $20  

  • $200 & $300 = $30  

  • $500 package = $40 added.

Freakers! We're including a Special Edition Kickstarter Freaker.

Organic cotton James Brown Mugshot on your chest. (Models not included.)

Personalized swing top glass water bottle(Never buy another plastic Nestle bottle!)

Choice of one of four posters. Each poster will be printed on French (a Michigan based paper mill) True White Speckletone and be printed with archivial fine art ink. The poster will be hand signed and numbered by the artist or model.

Grilled Cheese Parties! For you and your town! (Yum!)

We're coming to you in our boxtruck house throughout the land of the Freak, home of the brave starting late this summer! Complete with a surrounding deck, french doors, and a lawn chair extravaganza, this is the boxtruck of your dreams. You are cordially invited to get in on this fun!

Q: Can the Freaker really fit on everything?

A: One size fits all, baby! Our family friends use them for toddler bottles! Our healthy friends use them for sports bottles! Our generous friends use them for gifts of wine! And our debaucherous friends have them on 40 oz of bum wine! 

Q: Why do you need this much money?

A: Yarns are expensive and we need multiple colors to make our designs reach their maximum level of wonderful.  There is also a minimum cap on how many Freakers we have to make during each run of production (which is also a pricy process)! 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Sure do! This is the estimate for extra shipping:  For the $25 & $55 package, they added an extra $8.  For the $70, they added an extra $13.  For the $125,it will be around an extra $20  And for the $200 extra $30  For the double everything $500 package - it will be $40 added.

This is how much it will cost us, but whatever happens is fine!! Thanks so much for your freakin' interest!! 

Q: When will I get my Freakergoodies?

A: As soon as they freakin can. This summer, you will be prepared and ready to keep your liquids cold in style. Promise. 

Q: Will you really throw us a grilled cheese party in a converted box-truck house?

A: Oh, you betcha. If this is your question, you probably haven't met us yet. Let's change this!


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    Everybody deserves food, water, shelter... and a Freaker. Give what you can, everybody gets at least 1. We want more than anything for you to join our Freaker team! And if you don't have a dollar, send us your address. We love you! Really!

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    664 backers

    Hooray! 4 Assorted Freakers! (Retail Value: $36)

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    8 Choosen Freakers, 1 Special Edition Kickstarter Freaker, James Brown Sticker, Love Note! (Retail: $81)

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    Organic cotton Freaker T-Shirt, 8 Choosen Freakers,1 Special Edition, Stickers, Love Note! (Retail: $106)

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    15 Freakers (Half of the line!) Freaker Shirt, Customized Freaker Water Bottle (your name and more!), Poster (Signed by the SuperFr3ak herself!), & everything listed above! (Retail: $204)

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    Christmas Shopping? Done. The entire line of 30 Freakers, Your name on our website as a heartfelt thank-you & everything listed above! (Retail: $329)

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    Official Freak! Your name and picture on the website & everything listed above!

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    RETAIL/SPECIAL EVENT PACKAGE! 100 Freakers & Video Integrated TV Display (7” TV for retail space only! It makes Freakers sell like hotcakes!) Contact us for international shipping rates!

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    Wind Beneath Our Wings! Double everything! (60 Freakers, 2 shirts, ect...) plus name & picture on the website!

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    RETAIL/SPECIAL EVENT PACKAGE! 200 Freakers & Video Integrated TV Display! (7” TV for retail space only! It makes Freakers sell like hotcakes!) Contact us for possibilities of custom Freaker designs and international shipping rates!

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    Party Freak! BBQ Party for you and your friends in the boxtruck house, plus everything in the $300 package! (**Or if a town collectively pledges $3,000 – Grilled Cheese PARTY!) (USA only) .................................. <-- VIDEO OF BOXTRUCK TO THE LEFT! Hooray!

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    Oh Dang! We love you! Design the next Freaker! Plus everything listed above and special pitter-patters in our hearts dedicated to you!

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    Gracious Freakin' Giver! Gold-dipped cement-bottle trophy with your name and a thank you for your happy givings! Plus everything listed above! Yay!

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