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It's a Kids' Game! It's a Drinking Game! Just not a Kids' Drinking Game.
It's a Kids' Game! It's a Drinking Game! Just not a Kids' Drinking Game.
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POOP Remixes and the Final Two Weeks!

Posted by Feels Right Design (Creator)

The POOP Expansion Deck is 85% funded and thanks to you we are very close to making the POOP Expansion a reality! Today is the busiest social media day of the week and the perfect time to share this game with friends and family! Word-of-mouth is a huge part of POOP's success so far.

Today we are releasing our final two POOP Remixes! Flusher's Delight and The Interceptor are our favorite ways to play POOP and we are seriously considering making one of them a part of POOP's standard rules. But we first wanted to get your opinion: which remix, if either, should be a part of the main game? Hopefully you've had the opportunity to play the free print-and-play version of POOP too. So let us know what you think by commenting on this update. (We've also included the previous remixes below to keep them all in one happy location.)

In Other News...

POOP will be available at these great gaming stores! This is awesome coverage in the US midwest and we would love to add international and other regions to the list! Make sure POOP is available in your city by mentioning the DROP A BRICK reward, which receives 12 decks for only $80, to your favorite gaming shop.

Universe Games (Minneapolis, MN)

Grinning Goblin Comics & Games (Batesville, IN)

Wanderer's Refuge (Chicago, IL)

Toy de Jour (Chicago, IL)

Game developer Blaise Sewell stopped by Just OK Gamers' for another episode of Worth the Wait to talk about POOP and other projects.

And as a reminder, ONLY SIX HUNDRED PENNIES gets you the Expansion Deck! So if you're feeling particularly ambitious, feel free to add that amount to your reward now and get us even closer to the mark. Add $12 for two Expansion decks and so on. (Though please note that if we don't reach the Stretch Goal the Expansion will not be available.) Keep spreading the POOP! We're almost there!!!

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    1. Feels Right Design 3-time creator on

      Hey Brian, it's a button that says "Manage my Pledge" and should be right next to the video on the main page. Thanks! (Will send a DM to make sure you get this.)

    2. Brian on

      How Do I Add $12 To My Pledge For The Expansion pack?

    3. Feels Right Design 3-time creator on

      Thanks Andrew! We've had a lot of fun with both of these and you make some excellent points.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barton

      I like The Interceptor best. I suspect it would lead to a fun, faster-paced, almost frenetic play style. I would be interested to try out Flusher's Delight, but I suspect the lack of control would annoy me after a while.

    5. Feels Right Design 3-time creator on

      Thanks Carolyn. Interceptor seems to be the fan favorite so far.

    6. Carolyn Hartman on

      I'd go with "the Interceptor" too, mostly because playing so far the kids don't like to flush and will avoid it at all costs so making it a bigger game element wouldn't work for us.

    7. Feels Right Design 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the input dnel!

    8. derek_thesamurai on

      "The Interceptor" is the clear winner over "Flusher's Delight."