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Easily turn your lettering into usable, colorful fonts, and sell or share them right within Photoshop & Illustrator.
Easily turn your lettering into usable, colorful fonts, and sell or share them right within Photoshop & Illustrator.
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Students, get Fontself for FREE

Posted by Franz Hoffman (Creator)

Dear font lovers,
Due to the unexpected success of the campaign and popular demand, Fontself is now going to be even more accessible to students:

  • All students can now get a free access to both Fontself extensions when their school pledges for a CLASSROOM PACK or SCHOOL PACK reward. 
  • You already backed Fontself as a student? No worries. First, check with your teachers and school dean whether they can get one of these school pledges. If so, you can either pick another reward to show your support to the project (like one our FAN plans with awesome letterpress cards) or you simply cancel your pledge. No hurt feelings =)
  • And if you really cannot convince your school dean to get Fontself for you & your friends at school, well, I just re-uped the number of available student rewards.

This way, students who couldn't afford Fontself before can now also get access to the joy of creative typography.

Please keep sharing the love,


PS: so what about non-student backers? Well, stay tuned, I've got more stuff for you in upcoming days ;-) Oh, and should you know teachers or anyone else in a creative school, tell them about these special school pledges. Just remember how - as a student - you loved when school gave you access to so many great people and resources...

PS1: I am not sure how this move is going to impact the campaign, whether it will make some people grumpy or - worst - whether everyone will cancel their pledge. But anyways, I really look forward to see a whole new generation of digital natives embrace font creation. This will be a wild thing for sure, #typocalypse for some, #typolution for the others.

PS2: ... mhhh.... doesn't sound right. Something is wrong in the sentence above.... Not sure... nope, not this. What about that?...   Not yet. Hm.... Oh, yes, #typolution !!! Wanted to contract #typography with something big, like, you know, #revolution, but #typolution sounds a lot like #typollution, right? So.... what else? #typoboom, #typonaissance, #typocracy? I like the last one, but... 

What do you think guys? How should we call this thing? Please comment below so we can find a proper name =)


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    1. Franz Hoffman Creator on

      #notsureyet #anyotheropinion #WDYT?

    2. Missing avatar

      da Silva on

      #typogression ? #typopen ? #typollaborate ? #typorising ? #typoon ? #typobang ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mat972 on

      #Revolufonts #typoexpanded #typonism choose the one you like the most ^^
      Et super nouvelle!